Securus Technologies Helps To Prevent Crime

Securus Technologies is a national communications company that provides phone service to inmates and their families. They currently serve over 1.2 million inmates and 3,400 correctional institutions, safety organizations and law enforcement agencies all across North America.


The fact that inmates are able to stay in touch with their families and friends means a lot to both parties. It has to do a lot with higher rehabilitation rates once a prisoner is freed from confinement back into society.


On the other hand, such a system can also be a useful tool for gangs, criminals and confidence scammers as a tool to perpetuate their crimes. The importation of alcohol and drugs into prisons can be a real problem if precautions are not taken. Also a robust communications system can also be used to set up criminal activity in and outside of prisons.


In order to protect inmates, prison personnel and families, Securus Technologies has instituted JLG Investigator Pro in order to help prison personnel keep the upper hand in the effort to stay on top of illicit activity.


Voice recognition is one tool used by the system to keep track of things as it has a very deep data gathering and storage capability. These technologies are also used by the US Department of Defense in identifying and tracking people who are attempting to set up and carry out criminal activity.


The JLG technology has the capability to monitor and track any and all communications that are placed in the correctional facility at one time. It tracks suspicious patterns of communications, code words and inflections of speech that people use to communicate plans for illicit means.


Not only can such monitoring stop potential criminal activity in advance, it also provides solid evidence for court situations when criminals are captured. Inmates are aware of the potential difficulties that may face if caught using the phones for the wrong reasons as well, making the system an excellent deterrent to crime.

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