Exploring ClassDojo

The educational app ClassDojo is an educational app that gained a lot of popularity around 2013. When you first open the application you are prompted to enter some basic information before beginning such as your name, email, password, etc. The application is a powerful program that uses behavior, attendance, and overall class structure. It is practically the student’s classroom in virtual format. Teachers have began to slowly move away from their traditional grade book style used to track the progress of their students, and elevated to the simple and easier way technology offers.

Once the class is formatted to your desired design, you can begin to use the application accordingly. The application has tons of cool features. If you click on a students’ name it gives the teacher a list of options to choose from geared towards that specific student including positive and negative feedback options. The positive feedback options include bellwork, helping others, staying on task, participating, being persistent, working hard and teamwork. The negative feedback options include bullying, disrespect, not having materials for class, no homework, being off task, talking out of turn, and not being prepared. There is also an option to mark tardiness, and absences by just one click of a button. After saving each input, the data will not disappear and each teacher can keep a hold of everyone’s file each day.

This application makes it easier to successfully track each student in a very distinct way. The application has also been a huge plus for events like parent-teacher conferences where the teacher can provide each parent with a more in depth description of how their child is doing in school. This will also give the teacher an opportunity to know the pattern of their students. A very novel tool for improvement if need be.

Learn more about ClassDojo: http://www.businessinsider.com/ed-tech-startup-classdojo-is-going-viral-2016-7

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