Don Ressler’s Success in the Women’s Sportswear Market

Women are stuck between affordability and fashionable when it comes to choosing athletic wear. Over time, the women’s athletic wear market has developed a gap between functionality and fashionable. With demand for women’s athletic wear on skyscrapping demand, Don Ressler could observe the trends. Considering that active wear consumption wasn’t going to slow down anytime soon, Don Ressler teamed up with Adam Goldenberg to launch Fabletics. Their mission was to create fashionable, affordable, and functional activewear. By joining forces, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg came up with a vision to transform the women’s athletic wear market. Instead of focusing on the current market trends, Fabletics focuses on market demand. Through focus groups and consumer tests, the duo determined that some of the problems that were plaguing the women’s activewear market seem consistent across the board.

Working with Kate Hudson as the brand ambassador steered Don Ressler to success in the sportswear market. Branding in sports fashion industry was relatively ubiquitous, and only a few companies could target women with their brands. Nonetheless, Kate Hudson gives Fabletics’ brand a friendly, appealing, and confident face. With her as the brand ambassador, Hudson will help Fablectics to connect to the masses. Kate Hudson would come in as a co-founder due to her outstanding communication skills and her passion for the world of media. She will be responsible for improving the brand’s online presence.

Working through several hiccups, Don Ressler built an internationally recognized brand. While manufacturers would focus on making sports pants both fashionable and functional, Don Ressler would use his vast experience in women’s sportswear designing to improve the clothing industry. Together with his team at Fabletics, Don Ressler made women’s active wear fashionable and of high quality. A robust online presence and widespread grassroots appeal helped set Fabletics apart from its competitors. Fabletics would use Kate Hudson’s communication skills and charisma to strengthen the brand’s online presence.

Besides online marketing, Fabletics came up with a discount pricing system. You just need to pay a monthly fee of $50 once you sign up for Fabletics VIP. In exchange for signing up for Fabletics VIP, you would receive rewards, free shipping, and discounted clothing. By combining this model with its great online presence, Fabletics stood out of the competition. Extensive online presence combined with the economics of affordability shown that women’s active wear can be affordable, fun, and functional.

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