David Giertz Gives Insights on the Importance of Saving for Retirement

Planning for retirement is one the most important decisions in a person’s life. According to professional David Giertz, planning is necessary if you want to achieve financial freedom by the time you choose to retire.Tips on how to save for retirement.

Planning for retirement is not dependent on how big a person’s salary is. Given that when you retire, you’ll end up spending more than you earn, it is paramount to save more while you’re still working.

Investing for retirement is a good idea. Having an extra source of income saves one a lot of money. David Giertz encourages individuals planning for retirement to study the market trends to know when to invest.

Before deciding to save for retirement, it is necessary to evaluate whether one has enough money to set aside funds for future use. Additionally, it is important to understand one retirement needs to estimate how much money needs to be saved. The rules that govern saving for retirement dictate that by the time one is 50 years, they need to have saved about six times of their annual income. By the time one is 60 years, they should have saved about ten times of their earnings.

David Giertz emphasizes that people should identify what retirement plan works for them. Consulting a financial expert at this stage is important. Understanding the needs of one’s program can motivate a person to save more.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is an experienced financial expert and the senior vice president of Nationwide Financial Distribution. He also works as the sales executive for the Nationwide Life Insurance Company. David Giertz joined this group company in 2013, and he has since risen above ranks to the top management. This professional’s expertise speaks for itself. He has received recognition from Nationwide Financial Distributors for his contribution and knowledge in finance.

David Giertz also serves as a consultant who works to provide advice to people on how to plan for retirement. His three decades of professional experience is what makes him the top rated executive in the financial industry. David Giertz is a broker, and he has served as the vice president of Bank Channel.

Read more about David Giertz: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-giertz-5aa76051

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