The Power of Cardiology with Edward Honig in New York City

People end up having to go to a cardiologist at one point in their life time or another. However, it should not take a life-threatening condition to be the reason why they visit one in the first place. When it comes to finding the right cardiologist in New York City, Dr. Edward Honig is simply the best.

What Does a Cardiologist Do?

By definition, a cardiologist is a specific type of doctor who focuses on diagnosing and treating ailments related to the heart, veins, and arteries and so on. More often than not, they treat heart diseases and heart abnormalities above all else.

What Services Do They Provide?

Cardiologists provide many services. First of all, they can see people in an office specifically, or they can work at a hospital. They look at a patient’s medical history and perform an examination based on what information they have already gained. They will check everything from blood pressure to lungs and blood vessels. They might order certain tests to help confirm a diagnosis and path of treatment. Some of these tests include an echocardiogram, which takes a sound wave picture of the heart or an exercise test to measure the heart’s performance under stress. It is important to understand that most cardiologists are not surgeons, though they could do minor procedures in the office or at a hospital. A second specialization is needed to be a cardiac surgeon.

Why is it a Good Idea to Visit a Cardiologist from Time to Time?

As stated previously, most people do not start seeing a cardiologist until something drastic happens to them. For instance, they might have to see a cardiologist for treatment after a heart attack or a stroke. Seeing a cardiologist from time to time throughout earlier points in life can mean preventing these catastrophic life instances. People who have a family history of heart problems should especially see a cardiologist at younger ages instead of waiting for something to happen.

Who is the Best Cardiologist in New York City?

The best cardiologist in all of New York City is Dr. Edward Honing. He is a lead doctor at Glen Cove Hospital, and he studied at the Duke University School of Medicine. He possesses a NY State Medical License since 1952. He has been practicing medicine for over 66 years, which makes him one of the gurus in cardiology.

Many people have studied under Dr. Honing. His office focused on providing quality care for all patients who walked into their waiting room. They provide easy access to a wealth of information and best practices in cardiology. He practices as part of the Glen Cove Hospital, with a private practice integrated right into the hospital proper.


When it comes to cardiologists in New York City, people need to consider going to see Dr. Edward Honig. His practice is proof that preventative measures can be taken against heart disease, so people should see a reputable doctor before a major life instance happens.

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