Dr. Edward Honig- New York City Cardiologist with a Heart of Gold

Dr. Edward Honig, MD is a New York City certified cardiologist who specializes in the care of the cardiovascular system. Cardiologist helps in finding, preventing and also treating diseases of blood vessels and heart. Dr. Edward further clarifies that the cardiovascular system includes all the vital parts of your body that are arteries, blood vessels, and heart.

Most people do not visit cardiologists like Dr. Edward unless sent by their primary care physicians. Unfortunately, once the patient is sent to a cardiologist it’s usually something serious has happened. He advises that there are situations a person should visit a cardiologist. Some of the situations include when a person has high cholesterol, a family history with cardiologist’s system problem, high blood pressure if a person is a smoker or have ever smoked and in case you have diabetes. Dr. Edward Honig states that seeing a cardiologist earlier is one way of preventing an existing vital problem and getting a way forward to healthy life.

Whether you see cardiologists in the hospital or private clinic, the cardiologists will perform physical examinations and review your medical history. Dr. Honig of New York states that some of the examinations include checking lungs, weight, blood vessels, blood pressure, weight, and heart. Some problems are easily diagnosed by the symptoms and doctor’s exam. Additional tests a physician include a blood test, x-ray, and ECG. Since each patient has a unique case, the cardiologist might recommend a change of lifestyle.

According to Dr. Edward of Glen Cove Hospital in NYC, you should see cardiologists if you have chest pains, shortness of breath, or dizzy spells or if your general doctor feels you have a heart-related condition. The cardiologist might perform ECG evaluation or heart murmurs to determine the main problem. If you have a heart problem, the doctor will counsel and guide you on how to treat the disease. Importantly cardiologists are directly involved in the treatment of heart failure, heart attacks, and severe heart disturbances, and rhythm says, Honig.

The ECG is done using the echocardiograms that send sound wave pictures of your heart to see its function. Dr. Hogin further explains that abnormal heartbeats are easily detected using the Ambulatory ECG that keeps track of the heart activities, and the Cardiac Catheter is sometimes used to take your heart pictures.

Dr. Edward Honig, MD works at Glen Cove, New York city as a senior cardiologist; he has his office located in a secure access location that makes it easy to seek help. As a cardiologist in a big hospital, Honig has a verified experience in this field. As a cardiologist, Dr, Honig has undergone extensive education that includes attending four years of medical school and three more years in general internal medicine. To specialize as a cardiologist, Dr. Edward went through three more years of specialized training. That means Dr. Edward Hogan has spent more than a decade training in education and clinical preparations. Additionally, he has also passed American Board of Internal Medicine rigorous two day’s exam to become certified.

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