Honey Birdette Set For Expansion In The UK And USA

Honey Birdette is an Australian lingerie brand that has been taking the market by storm. The brand initially started out as just one store and today sells to not just people coming from within the country of Australia, but from around the world. The company has a growing audience in most major online marketplaces and has their products traveling to different parts of the globe. A good quantity of the audiences that come to the site to purchase their products come from parts of America and the United Kingdom, which is why when the company decided to embark on a mission for international expansion, these were the two locations that they focused on.

By analyzing the trends that their customers seem to exhibit, Honey Birdette saw it fit to release a website solely for their American audiences. By shifting their inventories to bases in the United States, they are now providing these customers with the lingerie that they want, without having to wait weeks for it to reach them from Australia. This is naturally a lot faster, thus giving their customers an incentive to buy their products more. Since the launch of their United States site, the brand has seen a lot of success, with their clients from the United States increasing immensely.

When it comes to the UK, the brand had a different idea in mind. Since their clients in the UK prefer a more personalized shopping experience, they saw it fit to open up stores in prime locations in the UK. Last year, the brand opened up their first store in Covent Garden, and two more stores within two months. The stores were a huge success since the locations of the stores were in the midst of prime shopping destinations in the country. Honey Birdette aims to open up at least forty more stores by the end of 2018 in different parts of the UK.

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