Talos Energy – Leading Crude Oil Company

Talos Energy LLC and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas companies began drilling on an oil well in the Mexican waters on May 21st. For the first time in almost 80 years, the private company sunk a new offshore oil well, which is the first offshore exploration well that has launched by anyone other than Mexico’s natives since the country’s oil industry in 1938. One of the wells that they’ve been drilling is called the Zama-1 well. It’s located in the Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco. It is estimated to hold around 100 million to 500 million barrels of oil. The drilling process is expected to take around 90 days to complete and will cost approximately $16 million.

Talos Energy is an independent oil and gas company that was founded in 2012. The company is led by a talented management team that exhibits many years of experience in offshore drilling and production. Talos Energy and its executives are experts at obtaining operated shelf and deepwater production in the Gulf of Mexico. They are responsible for exploring, exploiting and fulfilling assets using their innovative techniques. They use the most advanced cutting-edge technology to obtain specific and accurate results.

Talos Energy and their group of engineers have worked together for over a decade. They are well-known as having a positive record of results with their line of work. Before Talos Energy was formed, they successfully constructed and sold two of their Gulf of Mexico oil and gas companies. The two companies they sold were Phoenix Exploration Company and Gryphon Exploration Company which has delivered excellent returns for the companies that have invested in them. The company has been outperforming for years and will continue to provide excellent crude oil jobs in the future. They have a solid foundation for rapidly growing and have continued to build a strong company with a commitment to safety. They focus much of their efforts to ensure that each procedure is environmentally compliant with all operations. Their competitive edge and nature to constantly strive enables their work efforts to solidify and investigate better ways to operate.

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