Omar Yunes Scoops Top Prize at the 2015 Best Franchisee in the World (BFW) Competitions

Ventured into the franchisee business at the age of 21, Omar Yunes now prides himself on being a prominent franchisee of Sushi Itto, a Japanese food chain. In fact, he currently runs 13 Sushi Itto franchise units based in Veracruz, Mexico City and Puebla. Omar’s units represent nearly 10 percent of the total units owned by the brand. Late last year, Omar Yunes scooped the Best Franchisee of the World competition, held in Florence, Italy. The award is owed to his significant contributions to Sushi Itto.

Omar Yunes acknowledged himself as just a representative and said that the prize belonged to all the 400 employees working for the 13 units under his management. The BFW 2015 edition attracted representatives from 34 nations globally including Mexico, Argentina, Hungary, Portugal, France, Brazil and Italy. The competition involved the evaluation of the franchisees in various aspects such as motivation of employees, contributions in terms of knowledge, improvements proposed to the model and influence to the network among others.

Diego Elizarrarras, the BFW Mexico organizer, said that Omar Yunes won the top award for acting as a key change factor in the franchising-franchisee relationship. Other reasons included implementing better control boards to ensure a clearer evaluation of each of the 13 units. Benjamin Cancelmo, Sushi Itto’s CEO, said that the awards ought to be considered as a manifestation of the combined effort to provide unique hospitality, a remarkable flavor and excellent customer service.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a renowned Mexican investor who is associated with representing Sushi Itto. A significant part of his investment interest is in the food business. As such, Omar Yunes has been not only able to market his products but also attain considerable control of the food industry. He operates more than 13 franchises located in various areas such as Puebla, Mexico City and Veracruz. These units have created more than 400 employment opportunities for individuals in those areas. Omar’s accomplishments as a franchisee have allowed him to win several awards, especially in the annually-held Best Franchisee of the World competitions. Additionally, his leadership has helped his brand to develop a working strategy, business network and an effective board in a bid to implement the laid out strategies.

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