July, 2017

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Dr Jennifer Walden Aesthetic Surgery Practice

Dr Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon based in Austin, Texas who is certified by the American Board of Aesthetic plastic surgery. She graduated from the University of Texas with an undergraduate in Biology and later applied to medical at the University of Texas Medical Branch where she was the salutatorian for her graduating class. Dr. Sherrell Aston led Dr. Jennifer at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital in obtaining her Fellowship in cosmetic surgery.

In December 2011 Dr Jennifer Walden moved back to Texas for her sons can be raised near the family, this was after working for seven and a half years in New York Upper East Side. She later opened up Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC & Walden Cosmetic Surgery And Laser Center in Westlake Hills,Texas in May 2012. It is a laser center with advanced laser specialist, a team of aestheticians, cosmetic injectors and a fully accredited Office operating facility. She has specialized in face-lifts, nose jobs, breast augmentation,liposuction ,eyelid lifts, injecting botox and soft tissue fillers. She has presented on this topics nationally and internationally and learn more about Jennifer.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is as a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and is the Vice Commissioner of the American Society for aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Board of directors. She is also the spokesperson for both American Society of Plastic surgeons as well as the American Society for aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. She has received numerous awards and has various society memberships.

Dr Walden was recognized by America Way as the best plastic surgeon in America. In her practice she uses advanced technologies and is known for using 3-D imaging technology which visualizes a patients look before surgery, radio frequency systems for vaginal tightening and the Thermiva. She has also developed instruments used for breast surgery and is a consultant for aesthetic companies and more information click here.

Agora Financial Making Financial Management Easier

After spending the better part of the middle life years working, a time comes for one to retire. The life after retirement is solely dependent on the decisions we made when we were working. For this reason, most people approaching their retirement choose to invest in areas that can give them enough money to last them through the golden years. Most of this people lack sufficient knowledge on predicting the financial bubbles or even analyzing the market trends. As much as the investors would wish to have total control of their finances, the lack of knowledge on when, where and how to invest, make them vulnerable to both brokers and opportunists who always want to reap where they did not sow.

At this time also, the investor is faced with confronting information regarding investment. Agora Financial comes in handy to protect the investor from the many wealth snatchers eying on his savings. Agora Financial has been in existence for more than ten years and has provided its clients with wealth securities and has helped them grow their wealth. Through its online publications, free newsletters, books and documentaries, more than one million readers have benefited from the distinctive and practical financial approach in creating and expanding their wealth. Agora Financial has also organized seminars in which these valuable knowledge has been passed.

Every subscriber is provided with more than 20 publications which have relevant information about the market. The books may help you in identifying the market that has a rapid growth, get you the secrets of generating income as well as relevant strategies that ensure your investment stays intact in case there is an economic crisis. All the information contained in the publications is fully researched on and is impartial. Agora Financial does its research independently and does not accept bribes to cover a company. Agora Financial is on an entirely different level with the traditional finance in which analysts stay in offices all day. In Agora, the analysts go from place to place seeking the perfect opportunities for its clients.

For more information on Agora Financial follow them on Facebook and check out their YouTube channel.

Televisa CFO Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Work in the Mexican Media Industry

     Over the past twenty or so years, the Mexican media industry has seen a lot of changes regarding improvements. This can be attributed to the establishment of new media outlets during this period. The magazine front of Mexican media is particularly interesting given its dynamic nature. Proceso and Nexos have taken a huge chunk of the market. The Letras Libres is also moving with pace though its main focus is purely on cultural matters.

There are only two major TV stations in Mexico. Others are institution-run primarily disseminating cultural content. The two major players are Televisa and TV Azteca. TV Azteca’s channels with the most views are Azteca 7 and 13. Televisa’s, on the other hand, has Canal Cinco and Canal des Estrellas. Great executive leadership within these two giants is their recipe for success. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is one of these leaders within Televisa’s ranks.

About Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

     Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is Televisa’s current CFO, a position he has been in since 2015. He is also part of Televisa Group SAB Board of Directors. Before Televisa, Salvi served as both CEO and CFO at Comercio MAS SA de CV. He also Vice Chaired the Mexican National Banking and Securities Commission. Salvi joined the Televisa Group in 2002 where he has since established himself as an invaluable member of the executive.

As it has been seen, Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has held numerous high-ranking positions. The experience he has garnered in the various posts has been key in shaping him into what he is today. He has since become one of the best executives in Mexico. Salvi’s efforts haven’t gone unrecognized. Mundoejectivo.com recently recognized him as one of the top 25 outstanding CFOs in the country. At Televisa, his primary role is to strategize on how to yield maximum profits from its products. It can be easily seen that Salvi has performed his role as required.

How Does White Shark Media Ensure Brilliant Customer Care?

White Shark Media has spent quite a long time ensuring that their clients are pleased with the services they receive, and this article shows that the company has gone to great lengths to help each customer enjoy better care. There are many different people who come to their site to see what White Shark is capable of, and they will find that this company offers a way to communicate and comment on their work that is quite helpful.

#1: Why Use A Blog?

The blog that has been created by White Shark Media is there to ensure that people may talk to the company and read in a safe environment. It is much easier for the company to share information when someone is on their blog, and they have made it quite simple for customers to read news, send questions and find answers. The company posts to the blog often, and they will answer questions directly.

#2: The Comment Section

The comment section is a place where someone may come to have a look at the different things that customers say about the company. White Shark Media is quite open about customer comments, and they want to ensure that they take all this into account. Someone who is searching for a better way to build their website may learn from the comments that White Shark Media is the only place for them.

#3: Questions

White Shark Media takes customer questions online, and they ensure that the company helps clients learn what they need to know about their particular needs. Customers may ask about the specifics of their cases, or they may ask the company how they would handle a particular situation. Communication allows everyone to have a better result when they work with this firm.

There are many different people who will find that White Shark Media gives them all the information they need to build better websites or content. The company offers quite a lot of help, and they have a free comments section where someone may look into what the company offers. Every client has freedom to learn and interact with the company.

Andrew Rocklage

Andrew Rocklage is a great businessmen unlike any other. He has a high drive to succeed while making others happy. Andrew is currently located in Boston, Massachusetts and takes his educational background in business and law and uses it to own and operate a company called Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Sky Zone is an extremely popular indoor trampoline park that is suitable for all ages.

Andrew went to the University of Massachusetts at Armherst – Isenberg School of Management, a top accredited business school in 2005 and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelors in Sports Management, Economics.

The University recognizes Andrew to have achieved this degree with great honors, cum laude, showing he is an over achiever. He then went to law school, Suffolk University of Law School and received his Juris Doctor, graduating in 2013. Read more: Andrew Rocklage | Angel

While receiving his education, Andrew interned at several places. For four months he interned at MLL (Major League Lacrosse) as a public relations intern, he then interned as a legal department intern for three months for the Boston Red Sox and was also interned as a legal summer intern for three months at Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

Andrew has known what he has always wanted and worked for it. After graduating he went right into work and has worked for several different types of companies that have made him a force to be reckoned with. He has a strong interest in business and has been able to combine his experience in the technology sector with his legal expertise to create his business strategy.

Andrew previously worked as a law clerk for Avery, Dooley and Noone, LLP, a general law practice that was founded in 1921.

He then went on to work for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company, as a legal consultant. EPIRUS focuses on being able to make cost effective medicines accessible to patients in need every where.

Now being his own business owner and operator, Andrew is putting all his knowledge together and making a big change in how business can be done.

Though most of his career he has been located in Boston, MA, he has a love for travel and interest and willingness to meet new people and see new places, which means anything is possible.

Andrew is still only in the beginning of his career and is making a grand name for himself. With those he chooses as employees and colleagues, he finds talent and helps them develop their potential into greatness.

Andrew Rocklage is a man of great success, that has never taken a break and he wants to see others succeed as well.

Learn more about Andrew Rocklage: https://vimeo.com/user57298650

Talos Energy – Opening New Horizons with the First Successful Private Sector Oil Discovery in Mexico

On July 12, 2017, the first private sector, offshore oil well was drilled in the history of Mexico. This exploratory venture between primary operator Talos Energy, LLC and three other joint partners, announced that oil has been discovered from the efforts of their project, Zama-1. This historic well is situated in an ocean depth of 546 feet, sitting approximately 40 miles off the coastline of Port of Dos Bocas.


What makes this discovery even more encouraging is the joint efforts between Mexico and the United States. The President and Chief Executive Officer for Talos, Tim Duncan asserts this was a unified effort between his company and the two venture partners, Sierra Oil and Gas and Premier Oil.


This successful effort to find oil off the coast of Mexico was enhanced by the landmark 2014 energy reforms. The execution of these two production sharing contracts was the first such contract awarded by the Consortium in Mexico’s vast oil and natural gas reserves in nearly a century.


In May of this year, the well spud using the Ensco 8503. The Ensco 8503 is floating rig that is moored in place. There is currently a liner in place to secure the current reservoirs pending additional exploration.


There are potentially a vast number of future prospects in this region off the Mexican coast. These recent successful operations from a private sector entity will certainly spawn further exploration and enhance collaboration.
Talos will continue to employ their motivated efforts to seek new oil reserves by drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. An expansion in shallow water drilling off the coast of Mexico will only improve their prospects for more successful drills in the future. As North American countries strive to meet future energy needs, this is a welcome step in unlocking the vast reserves from Mexico.

EOS Lip Balm | Everything you want and Nothing you Don’t

Eos Lip Balm comes in a wide variety of flavors and 2 magnificent containers to suite your individual taste and needs. Packed tight in a sphere of flavor and smoothness or whipped into a wand of wet and wonderful, Eos is a healthy choice for those who take care in what’s in their health and beauty aids.


Eos Products

Eos takes natural very seriously and has left out the chemicals and additives that even the most well-established lip balm companies haven’t. Eos is made with Shea butter, jojoba and enriched with vitamin E. They have zero petroleum or paraben. This product is hypoallergenic and approved by dermatologists; what more can you ask for? Try clicking this link for more cool stories, blogwebpedia.com.


Organic Smooth Spheres

There are 6 delightfully smooth flavors that come in that attractive and easy to carry and use sphere.

  • Passion Fruit
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Blueberry Acai
  • Pomegranate Raspberry
  • Sweet Mint
  • Summer Fruite
  • Honeysuckle Honeydew


Each delicious flavor can match each of the seasons so you can mix and match all year long.


Organic Smooth Sticks

If you prefer the old-school style feel of a stick, then Eos has just what you want with the same of what you don’t want. Organic sticks come in 3 flavors: Pomegranate Raspberry; Vanilla Bean; and Sweet Mint, buy now!


Spheres with style

Visibly soft spheres come with a silky smooth look in the delicious flavors of Vanilla Mint and Blackberry Nectar.

Want a bit of stylish shimmer with a touch of color in your lip balm? Then try shimmering spheres: comes in pink or white no flavor.


Eos has something to fit every taste, in fact, their lip balm is only their best product; lotions and more available. Go to ebay.com and shop EOS’ products.


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s Committent to Grupo Helps Clients

     While Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is currently based out of Mexico with the Grupo company, that has not always been the case. Before that, he worked in New York City and was even an attorney. The law aspect of his career is how he got involved with Grupo and it was something that gave him a chance to do more with the options that he had. He was working for the current CEO of Grupo and that gave him a chance to help him secure the business. They worked well as partners and he was offered a permanent position at Grupo. Since that time, he has worked to make sure that the company is financially sound and that they are going to be able to continue working hard on the different things that go on with the company and with the media coverage that the company has been a part of.

For Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega, there are many things that he can do to ensure that he will be able to maintain the financial structure of the company. He is a professional financial advisor and has made many decisions at running the company. All of this has given him the chance to try new things and make Grupo better than it has ever been. He wants people to know about the different options that they have when they are working with the companies and he wants everyone to be able to see what is going on with the media.

As the Grupo company continues to get better and is restored back to its glory days, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega works with the CEO to make sure that they are making all of the right moves. He wants to see major change during the time that he is working with the company and that includes the changes that come along with the experiences that he has. He is hoping that Grupo will continue to get better and that they will be able to make even more money than what they had chosen to do in the past with their experiences.

How ClassDojo Improves Classroom Performance and Behavior


Helping teachers realize their longings for a classroom of motivated students with minimal behavioral issues and involved parents, California-based, ClassDojo is bringing a software solution that is helping to actualize these educators’ aspirations.

The software, which is also named ClassDojo, is returning valuable instruction time to teachers by reducing the amount of the school day that is lost to performing pupil monitoring and discipline-related tasks.

ClassDojo is used by millions of teachers with installations in more than 90 percent of grade school classrooms and in over 180 countries. Some of the key features of the software such as emailing reports to parents, instant messaging and connectivity with virtually any type of device supporting wi-fi including tablet pc’s, laptops, cell phones and digital white boards.

Teachers report time-savings from the ease with which ClassDojo allows them to log and monitor student conduct. By displaying a series of icons, capturing behavior frequency is as easy as clicking a button. A report can be sent to the parents’ email accounts to encourage reinforcement at the students’ homes. Having a tool that summarizes these icon clicks and generates a report automatically helps instructors, parents and students be on the same page when formulating strategies to reduce pupil conduct issues.

Providing support for events that require immediate parental involvement, ClassDojo implements instant messaging functionality.

Parents appreciate receiving up-to-date reports on their students’ activities at school and having a dialogue starter with their student at the end of the school day.

Students like being able to personalize their avatar in ClassDojo and watching themselves in the classroom videos, which the software also enables.

Consistently receiving strong support and approval from K-8 educators, ClassDojo continues to assist teachers with restoring order to their classrooms, getting parents involved in their students’ school performance and behaviors and increasing their students’ engagement in classroom instruction.


General Information about Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutic is a biopharmaceutical company. This organization was founded in 2002 and it works to combat orphan and rare diseases. Amicus was founded by different venture capital firms who combined their resources. These firms include Radius Ventures, Canaan Partners and New Enterprise Associates. The company is led by three key people which include CEO John Crowley, COO Bradley Campbell and the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Willian Baird.

Amicus Therapeutics is a leading research and treatment facility in the fight against rare diseases. An orphan disease is a condition that is experienced by 200,000 people or fewer within a large population of people. A rare disease is defined by its ability to affect a small percentage of a population. Most rare diseases are genetic and the same is also true for orphan diseases.

The founders of Amicus realize that rare diseases can still negatively impact various ethnic groups and populations from around the world. Diseases such as cystic fibrosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Hamburger disease and Tourette’s syndrome falls into the rare and orphan diseases categories. Other diseases such as gigantism and job syndrome are also treated by this medical organization.

Various pharmaceutical treatment options consist of the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy or CHART. This is a proven enzyme replacement therapy that the founders use to treat people. CHART is the company’s leading treatment drug. It is used for various patients with unique conditions. This company has been helping the medical community to find viable solutions with their efforts in eliminating specific diseases.

Amicus Therapeutics opened up another facility in San Diego, California in 2008. Their original location is in Cranbury, New Jersey. This organization has also acquired Callidus Biopharma and Scioderm. These acquisitions helped Amicus Therapeutics expand its research and treatment options to combat unusual diseases such as Pompe. Amicus Therapeutics brings in a revenue of $18 million per year and is growing in a positive direction.

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