Desiree Perez Makes Waves as Top Executive of Roc Nation

Desiree Perez is gaining her fair share of headlines lately for her high-level work as a leading executive of Roc Nation, the entertainment conglomerate founded by Jay Z in 2008. Many people think of Roc Nation as primarily a recording label, but it has spread its wings in recent years to become an entertainment powerhouse that is involved in concert production, talent scouting, film and television production, touring and music publishing. One of the ways that Roc Nation was able to stake its claim as a leader in the entertainment industry was its impressive $150 million deal with Live Nation about 10 years ago. Now that the deal term is almost over, Jay Z and Perez have been busy strategically positioning Roc Nation for its next move.

So far, Live Nation has gone on record that it is no longer interested in buying up the recording rights and music of artists because Live Nation is not pursuing further growth in the recorded music side of its holdings. Instead, Live Nation has reportedly expressed a strong desire to continue its relationship with Roc Nation and Jay Z for the touring production side of the business, which continues to remain very lucrative for Live Nation. Neither side has openly expressed any animosity toward the other, and it appears that Roc Nation will have its pick of partners to work with if the deal with Live Nation does not continue.

Perez has been the driving force in orchestrating negotiations with Universal Music Group (UMG) to take over Live Nation’s stake in Roc Nation. Most recently, Perez and Jay Z were spotted leaving the offices of UMG after meeting with UMG’S chairman and CEO Sir Lucian Grainge. There is wide speculation that this meeting involved discussions of UMG’s potential partnership with Roc Nation so that Jay Z can devote more resources to developing Tidal, the music streaming service that is already giving Apple a run for its money. More to read on  This should not come as a big surprise because UMG already works in a small capacity with Roc Nation in the distribution aspects of its artists’ music.

Desiree Perez is widely known as the woman who makes everything happen behind the scenes at Roc Nation. She has established a working relationship with Jay Z and his circle of influence for more than two decades. This is one of the reasons that she is trusted with steering the ship for some of the most important deals in the company’s history.  Check for a related article.  She works on an individual basis with some of the most profitable artists represented by Roc Nation and has developed a strong reputation as a fierce negotiator and relentless advocate for her clients. Perez has extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry and is able to use her experience to put high-stakes deals into motion. One of the highlights of Perez’s professional successes so far is her role in the launch of Tidal. She has artfully navigated the tricky waters of dealing with competing services from Apple and all of the legal aspects of streaming artists’ music on this relatively new platform. Additional article on   In addition to overseeing the launch of Tidal, Perez continues to work the financial side of increasing its profitability and making sure that it expands its sphere of influence with artists and attracting new users.

Even though Perez does most of her most remarkable work behind closed doors and away from the spotlight, she has still managed to become a lasting force in the entertainment industry. One of the skills she is most recognized for is her business savvy and ability to maneuver through the numbers side of deals very quickly. She is able to keep her eye on the prize thanks to her diligent focus on increasing the profitability of Roc Nation and its investments. While some executives would be intimidated by the celebrity power of the leaders in the industry with whom Perez interacts, she is known for being able to keep her cool at all times and commands a lot of respect amongst her peers.  Head over to this for a related article.  Since Perez has been responsible for some of the most lucrative deals in the entertainment industry, she is able to remain unfazed by the stressors of succeeding in this field.

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