Desiree Perez Makes Her Mark At Tidal

Desiree Perez is showing people how a music streaming service should run. She has always been part of the circle of influence that Jay-Z had around him, but now she is flexing her skills as a person that is helping him revamp Tidal. It has become the company that has seen ups and downs, and many people counted Jay-Z out.  Check for additional article

When it came to Tidal it was so late in the game after Spotify and Pandora that it seemed impossible for a streaming service, a premium music streaming service no doubt, to become something that people would take interest in. It only took a small time frame for someone like Desiree Perez to come in and show consumers that Tidal has something to offer that Spotify and Pandora could not bring to the table. This was the company that was looking out for a position at the top.

In order to do this Desiree Perez knew that Tidal would have to present something that was better than good. This company would have to bring a level of excellency in order to get people to pay for music streaming. In order to do this Tidal had to stand alone as a company that presented exclusive content that could not be found anywhere else. This would be the thing that would get the buzz going about Tidal. This would be the thing that will get Sprint to consider what this music streaming company was doing. It would also be the thing that would change the way that people looked at the overall concept of music streaming. Related news on

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Desiree Perez was in place to bring Tidal to the top, and people must give her her accolades for helping Jay-Z turn this company around. It was is a much better streaming service thanks to Perez.  For more of Dez, visit

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