June, 2017

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Equities First Holdings shifts their Services to the New Offices

Equities First Holdings (EFH) firm, an Australian leading-loaning organization has moved its Melbourne workplace to a more advantageous and available area. Equities First organization new workplaces are presently situated in a place which is considered to be a home of Melbourne. The principle purpose for the migration of EFH offices is not just restricted to the organization’s main goal which involves offering quality administrations to the customers yet it is additionally in light of the fact that the new area has enough space for development equities business. The address for Equities First Holdings workplaces is Equities First Holdings Pty Limited, Level 2,287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000.

Equities First Holdings is a global organization which furnishes its customers with best budgetary arrangements. The global organization for equities offers cash-flow to customers who have enthusiasm for stock exchanging hence empowering them to accomplish their own objectives. The organization gives solid money against shares traded on open exchanges which are transacted universally. As of late, Equities First Holdings finished more than 700 trades worth $1.4 billion by offering customers high progress to-regard at low settled credit expenses. Moreover, the company has three workplaces in Australia, to be specific Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. The offices help the company to connect with numerous clients. Other EFH workplaces are situated in Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.

What does Equities First Holdings specialize in?

Equities First Holding spends its significant time in making powerful and effective financial solutions for associations and people with high aggregate resources who are searching for non-reason capital. The organization arrives at the base of these money related solutions by assessing potential dangers and future exhibitions of treasuries, stocks and securities.

Examination of current monetary scales and dangers to the business is a part of the everyday operation of the company. Along these lines, this analysis places the firm on a more secure side in circumstances where there is a potential hazard which may impede the growth of the company. Basically, Equities First Holdings works towards changing the lifestyle of its customers.

Troy McQuagge Brings Gold to USHEALTH

One Planet Awards holds a coveted prize for business leaders, but that honor’s been passed on to Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHEALTH Group. McQuagge was announced as the recipient of the CEO of the Year Award. This comes after being considered against a list of business leaders across industries in the U.S. and abroad

McQuagge was brought on the USHEALTH team to take part in a restructuring effort more than six years ago. This required a top-down assessment of USHEALTH Advisors, a distribution agency, to start down the new direction the group had to take in a changing healthcare market. McQuagge’s success with USHEALTH Advisors made him an attractive candidate to continue his leadership as the group’s President and CEO. Having held these positions over the last two years has given McQuagge the opportunity to take USHEALTH Group to new levels of success. This translates to an expanded company and boosted profitability while the competition continues to struggle with the dynamic nature of insurance markets across the country.

When he learned of his win, McQuagge was pleased. Many businesses and their leaders look to the One Planet Awards as a metric for not just a company’s profitability but also their reputation across industries. For McQuagge, it wasn’t just a personal victory but the recognition of the hard work that’s continually put in by the men and women at every level of USHEALTH Group, working to make sure customers get access to coverage and medication they need. This team, McQuagge went on to point out, is integral in making sure USHEALTH Group maintains its commitment to do their part in keeping health insurance markets equitable where they can, providing coverage that meets the needs of policy holders.

About Troy McQuagge:

Troy McQuagge is an American businessman and health insurance expert. After leaving the University of Central Florida in 1983, McQuagge began a career in health insurance with Allstate Insurance. Displaying a keen understanding of the demands of the insurance industry, McQuagge collected accolades and awards along the way to a position with USHEALTH Group.

McQuagge was recruited to increase USHEALTH Group’s profitability and reorganize its many agencies to better deal with changes in health insurance. Today, McQuagge serves as President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors.

Omar Boraie: One of the Best Entrepreneurs in New Jersey Real Estate

Omar Boraie, an Egyptian immigrant, relocated to New Brunswick four decades ago, according to an article on Central Jersey Working Moms. Although Mr. Boraie came to the country to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemistry, he got into the real estate business. No matter how tough it got, he kept at it. In 1975, he began purchasing plots and abandoned construction sites along Albany Street.

Humble Beginnings and Development

According to Fundacity, in 1988, Mr. Boraie put up his first tower and began offering offices to residents. By 2001 he had opened the second office tower and a condominium in quick succession. The condominium has 120 apartments of a variety of sizes (one, two, and three bedroomed). All the apartments have large windows and full balconies. Most of them, which are two bedrooms, have different designs and a price range of $400,000 to $500,000. Boraie Development LLC is now focused on buying underutilized plots and structures and converting them into attractive properties with adequate living and office space.

In The Footsteps of His Father

Mr. Boraie’s son, Wasseem Boraie, is following his father’s footsteps. As the vice president of Boraie Development LLC, Waseem has come up with ways of turning demolition sites into decent living spaces. An area next to Richard Stockon College is a good example of what he can do. The area was practically a dumpsite when it was bought from previous owners, Showboat Atlantic City. This did not deter Waseem. Within no time, he had repaired the condos and put them back in the market. He also renovated students’ living quarters that accommodate more than 400 students.

About Boraie Realty

Boraie Development LLC provides a variety of services that cover urban real estate. This includes real estate development, managing property, and marketing/sales. The team is committed to building impressive properties and providing unmatched services to customers. Omar Boraie Development LLC has made this possible by working with reputable financial institutions, contractors, and architects that keep deadlines to make sure the properties are completed on time.

The real estate department has served Middlesex county and surrounding areas for over 30 years. They specialize in residential and commercial properties, national referral systems, corporate relocation, home warranties, towns, and condos among other areas. With an excellent reputation and longstanding reputation among brokers, the organization is the best neighborhood broker in today’s economy. The president, Mr. Boraie, is proud of the achievement of the real estate company over the years.



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ClassDojo is a reinvented classroom that brings teachers students and their parents close together so that they can help build the behavioral traits of students. The constant communication has enabled parents to monitor their kids, their experience and how they are behaving while in school.


The co-founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, formed the company to provide a communication platform where teachers to encourage students and get parents engaged too.


In the company’s reports, ClassDojo is actively used in 85,000 in the United States. They do face competition from other education tech companies like Remind, Nearpod, and Kickboard that connect students, parents, and schools


Teachers use this app daily to make schedules of activities that parents know of. Parents, on the other hand, monitor the kids through photos and videos of recent participation in an activity taken and sent to them by their teachers


The driving force of the company is the needs of the parents and teachers and what they require to enhance the chance of their kid’s success in life. According to Sam Chaudhary, the idea is to build good behavior, improve, and develop learning of students at school.


This company has been able to raise $21 million in the round B series for venture funding for tech that connects educators to students’ parents. General Catalyst led the company’s Series B round. The new investors included GSV, Reach Capital, and SignalFire.


The San Francisco-based startup to date has raised $31 million in venture funding. It has moved from education tech accelerator, Imagine K12, now a part of Y Combinator.


In the early days, the app was used as a tool to help shape behavior, but now it is used collaboration between parents, teachers, and students for collaboration. General Catalyst Managing Director, Hemant Taneja, sees the ClassDojo’s user growth as analogous to a social network and messaging platform like Facebook, Snapchat though being an app built for education.


He says that the main aim of the company is not monetization, but the provision of parents and teachers needs to make their kid’s life successful. ClassDojo has contents like custom yearbooks, videos, discussion guides, and lessons that could be used at home by parents and their kids. Transactional features could also be included to enable parents to pay schools for field trips, lunches, or supplies via phone instead of checks and cash that could be misplaced by kids in their backpacks.

Ensuring a Better Quality of Life with Dr. Andrew Manganaro & Life Line Screening

Dr. Andrew Manganaro was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He attended college and graduated with honors after studying Philosophy and Biology. He went on to attend New York University School of Medicine, where he received his Doctorate. Dr. Manganaro did his residency at New York University/Bellevue Hospital Medical Center and UCLA School of Medicine, respectively. He spent the next 35 years as a surgeon, and once he retired he accepted the position of Chief Medical Officer at Life Line Screening. He got the idea for Life Line Screening by watching his patients come in with internal bleeding and injuries that were preventable if they had known about them before they became big problems. Dr. Mangarnaro believes in assessing your failures to see what you did wrong and learn from them, keep up with scientific research, so you know what is working and what isn’t working, and never stop looking for answers.

Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a privately owned company that was founded Florida in 1993. Life Line Screening expanded to the Midwest in 1996, and by 1999 they were found throughout the United States. This company has grown to employ over 1,000 staff members, all who are trained in preventative medicine. Life Line Screening advanced in 2007 to offer preventative care in the United Kingdom, and to Austraila in 2012. An initial Life Line Screening exam is done through either ultrasound, finger-stick blood screenings, and electrocardiograph screenings.

Ultrasound Screening. Electrocardiograph.Finger Stick Blood Screenings.

  •  Ultrasound Screening. An ultrasound screening is performed by putting a device that uses sound waves to show pictures of the inside of the body. This procedure helps predict carotid artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, osteoporosis risks, and aneurysms.
  •  Electrocardiograph. An Electrocardiograph screening is performed to help detect issues that may lead to a stroke or heart attack, like an irregular heartbeat.
  •  Finger Stick Blood Screenings. This procedure checks a patient’s blood for risk factors that can contribute to high cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes.

Dr. Andrew Manganaro and Life Line Screening know the importance of catching things early before they become life threatening. This company will continue to educate patients on relevant risk factors and help them lead a healthier lifestyle.

To know more visit @ www.lifelinescreening.com/Who-We-Are/Careers

Paul Mampilly Seeks To Help Everyday Investors

Paul Mampilly is a senior editor who specializes in helping mainstream everyday Americans find wealth by growing into investment, technology, small-cap stocks, and special opportunities to help them gain wealth.

Mampilly joins Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 and continues to publish advice to help Americans continue to invest today. Mampilly originally started his career with Wall Street back in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager for the Bankers Trust. Mampilly moved on from Wall Street as an assistant manager to running a company Kinetic Asset Management who recruited him to manage their hedge fund. Under Mampilly’s leadership that stock rose from $6 billion in 2006 to $25 billion causing Barron’s to name it one of the “World’s Best” hedge funds for giving investors a 26% return on their investment all during Mampilly’s tenure as the manager of the hedge fund. However, Mampilly finally tired of making money for the 1% and wanted to dedicate his effort, knowledge, and talent in investing to help more everyday Americans. This is the point where Mampilly sought a way out of Wall Street and into more commercial work which let him join Banyan Hill Publishing.

Paul Mampilly is a graduate of the New York University of Polytechnic School of Engineering where he studied financial engineering where he graduated in 1999. He currently resides in Durham, North Carolina. The goal of Mampilly going into work with the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 is to spread some of his wealth of knowledge about investing to everyday Americans. He also wants to show them how they can use investments to gain wealth as well.

Topics that Paul Mampilly focuses on are things like investing in stocks and other options that will help someone with an average level of wealth invest their money wisely enough for it to help them make the best possible profits on their returns. Mampilly says that each topic he wants to cover today takes him about 30 to 40 hours of research or more to come up with enough adequate information to write about the topic. Then it’s another 20-30 hours on top of that crafting the piece. This is to ensure the information provided to his readers is the best it can be. It has to be quality information that people actually make money out of investing in something he suggests. Go To This Page to learn more.

Learn more about Paul Mampilly: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/profits-unlimited/profits-unlimiteds-7-tech-stock-and-the-strange-industry-is-expected-to-surge-8000/

Dr. Imran Haque A Health Care Giver and a Respected Internist

The Internal medicine physicians are experts who apply both scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to diagnose, treat, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from healthiness to multifaceted illness. These experts spent at least three of their either seven or more years of medical school learning how to prevent, diagnose, treat illnesses that affect adults. The training that they go through permits them to practice internal medicine. There are in most cases referred to as Doctor’s doctor since they are called upon to act as consultants to other physicians so as to solve puzzling diagnostic problems. Other terms that they are referred to is doctors of internal medicine and internists.


Dr. Imran Haque went to the Universidad Iberoamericana where he got his degree. He also trained at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. He has a permit which allows him to practice medicine in North Carolina. He is also a registered in the Maintenance of Certification program for Internal Medicine. Haque offers health care services for people living in Asheboro, Ramseur, and its surroundings. He has been seeing patients for over 15 years providing services like Venus body contouring, 360 resurfacing, examining the body, and laser hair removal. His practice accepts several types of insurance like the BCBS California CaliforniaCare HMO, BCBS Massachusetts Blue Care Elect PPO, BCBS California PowerSelect HMO, Aetna HMO, Aetna Choice POS II, and BCBS Blue Card PPO.


Haque is also a respected internist who has a highly specialized knowledge and can offer an array of various services. Since he is knowledgeable, patients come to him for either specific treatment or to serve as their primary care physician. When giving primary care, Haque can be able to diagnose various common ailments and offers referral to experts when need be. Haque is affiliated with many hospitals like the Randolph Hospital, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, Southeastern Regional Medical Center, and FirstHealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital. He also corporates with other doctors and specialist in medical group Horizon Internal Medicine Pllc. He is also highly equipped with the latest machinery which allows him to offer patients with the treatment that they need right at his office and laboratory results as well as ultrasound services.


Eva Moskowitz Posits That Charter Schools Are Independent

Recently, Eva Moskowitz told Mayor de Blasio that Charter schools are independent. Eva is Success Academy’s founder and CEO. She made these remarks after her recent courtroom victory against the mayor. The advocate for education had gone to the court to block the Mayor’s attempt to oversee the charter schools’ pre-kindergarten classes.

The problem started about 18 months ago. This was after the mayor tried to supervise the school’s operations. This attempt was vehemently fought off by Eva Moskowitz, who maintained that as part of a charter school network, the kindergarten classes enjoy the independence from City Hall’s oversight. The situation escalated further, and Eva refused to sign a contract from the City Hall. Soon after, the city decided to withhold payments to the charter school.

This situation prompted Eva Moskowitz to take the issue to the state’s Supreme Court. After months of hearing, the court finally gave its ruling on the issue. It ruled that Success Academy’s pre-K programs fell under charter school authorizers’ jurisdiction, but not the city’s. The decision showed that Mayor de Blasio was overstepping his mandate in Eva Moskowitz’ amazing charter schools.

Moskowitz accused the Mayor of refusing to embrace the fact that charter schools are independent and do not fall under his jurisdiction. She further urged the Mayor to confirm to the public that he will comply with the law.

Eva Moskowitz is an entrepreneur, author, and advocate for charter schools. She is known for her efforts to provide children from low-income and minority neighborhoods with educational opportunities to help them compete favorably with their counterparts from the wealthy ZIP codes.

She founded the Success Academy Charter Schools in 2006 to serve as an example that public charter schools are the future of education in New York City and across the United States. Previously, Eva rendered her services as the education committee chair in New York City. Eva Moskowitz was also the chair of the faculty seminar in American studies at Columbia University in the City of New York, and the assistant professor of history at the esteemed City University of New York.

See some Q&A from this booming leader in education!


A Day in the Life of Kim Dao

Kim Dao is a beauty guru who takes the viewer on her journeys and experiences through her vlogs. Viewers who find interest in the cute and bright fashion ways of Japan, love her videos. Her video topics include cosplay, kimonos, sushi and traditional street food. The viewer gets a lesson in Japanese culture and traditions thanks to Kim Dao’s expertise. Viewers learn landmark’s names and can see popular local sights. Her travels are not limited to Japan. She has also visited, Korea, France and California. Learn more here: https://www.pinterest.com/kimdaoblog


The Australian native studies Japanese and psychology. Kim Dao’s expertise in Japanese culture is evident in her videos. In a recent February 27th video, she puts on a traditional Japanese Kimona with her friend and takes a stroll around Kyoto. Her amicable and relatable disposition gives the viewer a first-hand account of the traditions and culture of Kyota, Japan. In this video, the two friends take a walk around Kyoto, taking pictures and making memories. Kim Dao has made several friends throughout her travels. It is apparent that she travels to her favorite destinations often, not only to experience culture but to meet up with old friends.


At the end of the day, cold from walking among the mountains, Kim Dao and her friend ate at a local restaurant. It is clear that Kim Dao enjoys experiencing Japanese culture in a very first-hand way. Although she states that traveling around Kyoto, Japan in a kimono was not the best way to travel, Kim Dao certainly seemed to appreciate experiencing traditional Japanese culture. Learn more here: http://inspirery.com/kim-dao/


Desiree Perez Plans To Turn Around Tidal

Music streaming is big business. All are well aware of it. This is why Jay-Z had founded Tidal. He was aware that he could make millions of dollars with this business. This did not happen though. Tidal could not manage it though. This is why he has asked Desiree Perez to step in. She has managed things really well. It is clear that she is going all out in order to ensure that Tidal reaches where it should.

The management of Tidal has seen a number of changes since its inception. This is because its executives keep on stepping down. This is not really good for any company as it impacts the image of any company. Besides, it is not good for the morale of the company too. But its founder Jay-Z has always been quite optimistic. He has always been looking for some plan to save his investment in Tidal.  Related article on pagesix.com.

But now things are looking up for Tidal. Jay-Z and Desiree Perez are managing to make Tidal thrive. There are new memberships coming in. This is from the curious music fans. This is exactly what Desiree Perez had been looking for. She knows that she can get more members only when she can get them interested.

Hence Desiree Perez managed to get several multi-million dollar contracts as that is her strong area. She has done this before with the Roc Nation contracts. Now she will be doing it with the Tidal business also.  Take a look on Dez new profile page, check on onmogul.com.

For Dez timeline activities, hit this

This is why Desiree Perez will be the right person for Tidal at this time. Related article on saltylens.com.  She is going to help in the transition from one area to the other one. She is experienced in this. She had managed this for Jay-Z also as he moved from rap to streaming of music. This is not easy, but Desiree Perez is able to make it look really easy. To check on blogs and update, visit Dez linkedin.com page.

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