Greg Secker’s Brilliant Career as a Speaker

Originally from Norfolk, England, Greg Secker is an entrepreneur and financial trader. He attended the University of Nottingham, where he earned a degree in Agriculture and Food Sciences. However, instead of pursuing agronomy, he embarked on a career in financial services. As an engineer for Thomas Cook Financial Services, he developed electronic systems for foreign exchange trading, creating the first online Forex trading platform called Virtual Trading Desk, which was a tremendous success.


Still only 25 years old, Secker left Thomas Cook Financial for Mellon Financial Corporation in the United States, where he was Vice President, and became a full-fledged trader himself. As he honed his skills as a day-trader, he became increasingly confident of his ability to teach others to trade on the foreign and stock exchanges. In 2003, he became an independent home-based trader and founded a company to mentor novice traders called “Knowledge to Action.”


By 2008, Secker had become a sought-after public speaker, hosting seminars in such far-flung places as Ghana and New Zealand. Through his Knowledge to Action organization, he endeavored to teach others the techniques he had acquired during his time at Mellon and which he used on a daily basis. Over 100,000 people have participated in his trading seminars. As a result of his popularity as a speaker and trainer, he is frequently interviewed on channels such as CNBC and Bloomberg and quoted in financial publications as an expert.


The success of his training courses has also led him to be recognized as a power motivational speaker. In 2010, he was invited to speak at the Ultimate Success Summit, an event held in Sydney, Australia. At this event, Secker shared the stage with such luminaries as Tony Robbins and Richard Branson, and even received a standing ovation from the audience for his riveting speech.

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