Fabletics Doesn’t Think Twice About Amazon

Amazon is well known in fashion e-commerce and controls 20% of the market. But Fabletics isn’t letting that stop their $250 million growth in the past three years. Fabletics isn’t like other e-commerce stores. They are subscription based. They believe that the combination of membership and active wear that pushes the boundaries is what has pushed their company forward. Consumers have changed their views on what they consider is a high value brand. It use to stand for high quality and price. But now great customer service, exclusive designs, and recognition of the brand is what determines high value.


Fabletics compares themselves to companies like Apple and Warby Parker because of their business strategy. They are opening 16 more physical stores within the year. They do physical stores differently in three ways. Reverse showrooming, data is the heart but doesn’t determine the company’s success, and growth comes from accessibility, people, and culture.


Reverse showrooming is where the customers that come in Fabletics are typically already members. When they try on clothing in the store, that article of clothing goes into their online shopping cart. It doesn’t matter to Fabletics if consumers purchase their products in the store or online. The people that aren’t members before they go in the store, become members before they leave. The experience is enough to make them want more.


Data is imperative to any company. And knowing what to show online and in the showroom in the physical stores is important so it doesn’t discourage or dismantle the customer’s experience. Fabletics keeps with the trends and knows that styles and trends change and they move with the trend changes. Physical stores are stocked based on consumer demands and preferences.


Fabletics face challenges like all companies do. But their impeccable customer service, positive consumer experience, and educating the consumers on their brands is driving the company in the right direction. The company is always evolving and their growth is 35% every year. The company is aware of the new consumer and is among the growing list of risk positive brands that watch the data to be able to give the consumers what they want.

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