Professionals Committed to Assist the Society- Avaaz

Avaaz is the most powerful and largest online activist organization based in the US. It started in 2007 and it promotes issues related to climate change, human and animals rights, corruption, poverty, and conflicts among others. The title comes from Persian word Avaz which means Voice or Song. Members of Avaaz are committed to promoting good governance, virtues, and democracy. It works hand in hand with MoveOn.Org which is an American based non-profit advocacy group.

Avaaz founders are Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda, Tom Perriolle, Eli Pariser David Madden, Jeremy Helmand, and Andrea Woodhouse. Ricken Patel is the President and Executive Director of the group. He has studied politics, philosophy, and economics at Balliol College of the Oxford University. He also has a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University. Mr Patel managed to bring conflicting forces to negotiations, followed up elections, restored public faith, and spotted foreign troops control during his time at the International Crisis Group.

Avaaz never accepts payments from any group, cooperation or foundation. It only depends on generosity that has earned them a lot of money to pay employees and run other activities of the Organization. It has a team in more than 30 countries including UK, Lebanon and Brazil. They communicate through Emails as well as petitions and videos.

Suggestions for campaigns come from members with the help of specialist team members. Avaaz believes in united practical idealists around the world. It supports and considers progression in the form of calling for global action on climate change and building greater support for refugees.

Avaaz also supported civil uprising preceding in the Syrian Civil war by organizing the evacuation of wounded photographer from Homs. It is a movement that assists in eradicating evils done to the human kind, and it is a successful initiative that should be supported by all nations in the world.

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