Lime Crime’s “Scandal” Lipstick Is Causing A Stir

When it comes to ingenuity, few companies/brands lack the creativity to be placed under this category. When it comes to cosmetics, having the ability to express yourself is the end goal. This industry is huge as there are thousands of products that come from the hundreds of brands. Honesty, this industry is a bit cluttered and it is full of products that never live up to their own hype, but luckily there’s Lime Crime.


Lime Crime has changed the face of cosmetics, no pun intended. Since it’s inception back in 2008, the brand has steadily grown year by year. Today it is a powerhouse on the scene and it has knocked many of the fan favorites down a notch. “Scandal” is the newest addition to the brand’s extensive collection and it’s literally causing a scandal. If you want to feel sexy, Scandal does it for you. If you want to make a statement, Scandal shows you how. The deep plum colored hue of this lipstick has drama written all over it. This product comes at just the right time also as the color purple is in high demand for the season. Scandal gives you that “punk rock” type of edge and a rebellious nature. After wearing this lipstick, people will certainly remember you and in fine detail. Lime Crime does a great job by introducing this product as it has all of the same qualities as the other popular “Velvetine” lipsticks. The liquid matte finish gives the lips a sleek gloss, which makes Scandal ooze even more sex appeal. It’s long lasting, paraben-free, certified vegan, and is “bad to the bone.”


Founder Doe Deere has done it yet again. Having such a strong social media presence will certainly boost it’s notoriety as the brand’s Instagram account has more than 2.6 Million followers. The sky is the limit for Scandal or should I say that the limit is the sky.

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