January, 2017

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Maggie Gill: She Represents Leadership that Knows How to Get to the Heart of the Matter:

Memorial Health CEO Maggie Gill Is Recognized By Prominent National Healthcare Publication–


The Becker’s Hospital Review has recognized Memorial Health’s CEO and President—Maggie Gill as “135 Non-Profit Hospital and Health System CEOs to Know”. The list is published, on an annual basis. The most current list was published on November 9th of 2016. The prominent list contains leadership of some of the nation’s most successful and largest not-for-profit healthcare institutions. Gill, in addition, was on Becker’s list for 2016 of “130 Women Hospital and Health System Leaders to Know”. The latter list was published on November 22nd.


Maggie came on board at Memorial in 2004. She initially was the healthcare provider’s Vice President of Finance and Managed Care. She, next, was promoted to the health institution’s COO in 2005. Maggie, during her tenure as COO, was instrumental in developing innovative Centers of Excellence, led by the healthcare provider’s physicians. She expanded clinical services; and provided leadership with regard to the building of modern facilities.


Maggie, further expanded upon the capabilities of the healthcare provider: In 2006 she became the interim CFO of the organization. In Ms. Gill’s role as interim CFO, she increased her level of responsibility, accordingly.


She was able to initiate a financial turnaround, for the healthcare organization, in the way of substantial cost-savings. The savings amounted to an impressive sum of $30 million, per annum. Maggie was named Memorial’s President and CEO in 2011.


Ms. Gill is a member of the American Hospital Association Governing Council. She was appointed to the Georgia Rural Health Stabilization Committee in 2014. She serves on the State Medicaid Subcommittee on Medicaid Expansion; the Board of Trustees of Mercer University; the Board of Governors for the Mercer University School of Medicine in Savannah, Georgia. Ms. Gill also serves on the Georgia Hospital Association Board of Trustees.


It is apparent to see, that Maggie, is willing to “step up to the plate,” and serve in many capacities, with healthcare quality for the Savannah, Georgia as her focus. This is a CEO with “smarts and heart.” She makes it her challenge to assure that quality healthcare is provided at an affordable price for the community she serves; and assures the quality of that care remains second-to-none. It is easy enough to see why Maggie, makes the type of prominent lists as mentioned above. Her continual dedication to quality healthcare service is exceptional.

Ricardo Tosto: Business Litigation In Brazil

Are you in need of competent legal representation or guidance? Looking for a powerful lawyer to handle your business or corporate litigation matter in Brazil? Choosing an experienced lawyer will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your case will be handled appropriately.

While starting a new enterprise can seem exciting, you should pay attention to the various legal and financial requirements of opening the company in order to succeed. Having someone who understands the potential concerns facing new firm owners can prove invaluable. A knowledgeable attorney can provide the advice and guidance you need to operate legally.

With so many questions to be answered when you’re launching your new firm, someone who knows the landscape can become an essential component of your overall strategy. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a competent business and corporate lawyer in Brazil.

Before you ultimately choose a lawyer or law firm, find out if the lawyer has handled cases similar to yours. While there are an abundance of legal counsels to choose from in each state, choosing the right legal counsel is extremely important as it can make the difference between a good outcome or undesirable outcome in your case. Having the right lawyer will improve your chances of getting a great outcome.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an experienced and competent business attorney in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto has been rendering outstanding legal representation for a long time and he has a good understanding of what businesses and organizations need to comply with applicable laws.

Ricardo Tosto has great expertise in business and corporate litigation and has numerous clients from a wide variety of industries. He handles both complex and simple business legal issues. Regardless of the size of the scenario you are dealing with, you can rest assured that Mr Ricardo Tosto will zealously fight for you.

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Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

Christopher Burch is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Burch Creative Capital. According to the company, it has developed an investment strategy and philosophy to aid expansion as one of the most innovative startups in the United States in the industry of fashion and technology. The company also has an entrepreneurial vision to help it develop niches and market strategies for the new opportunities. For this reason, it has remained in active involvement in the application of imagination to have its business setup enhanced through technology and innovation. For the company, they have excelled because of incubation, creativity, scale, and support which lead to the introduction of undisrupted business and brands which have a bigger impact on the lives of the young people in the United States and everyone who does business with them.


For more than four decades, Christopher Burch has remained in the business environment and as an entrepreneur and investor. For this reason, he got the opportunity to be part of the rise of more than 50 companies and firms in the United States. He has worked to combine the consumer and intuitive behaviour with the direct sourcing and international experience. Christopher Burch has also built a track record of connecting impact to innovation.


The Burch Creative Capital Company has a brand portfolio which has the inclusion of the ED recent introductions of Cocoon9, Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, Nihiwatu, to all brands which have been established through his name. For the company, it was made to follow the innovative part of the business which is to follow the development structures which are parts of consumer products. The company also works to develop a formulation which helps its activities to introduce several lifestyle products which range from organic foods, hospitality, and the technology industry.

There are many similarities between the fashion and technology industries. As a matter of fact, the two industries have many things in common. One of the most significant things about them is that they grow together. While they are two different industries, they keep connecting in ways which appear to us as mysterious. Technology has always become fashionable over time. Technology, on the other hand, has become fashionable. However, the two industries have a fascinating story in which all are included. When we look at the past events, we see the reason why they have many similarities. Moreover, we will shed more light on the future events.


Securus Technologies Offers Innovative Software for World Security

Securus Technologies has been working tirelessly to provide correctional facilities and public safety organizations best gadgets for security. On October 21st, 2016, Securus published a report highlighting its progress in providing innovative technology to curb crime and ensure the safety of correctional facilities. In the report were some client comments indicating the success of the software and technology. Included in this article is part of the samples representing the letters and emails from the customers. Some of the comments hail from county officials as well as jail officials across and in the United States. Most of the comments acknowledged the input of Securus Technologies in fighting crime. For security purposes, the administration redacted detailed references to the state, counties as well as prisons names.



Customer Service Comments



This section of the article highlights specific customer comments concerning the quality services. Some clients quoted:



‘We are delighted with your mission and vision. Your current assessment and growth of amazing capabilities will better our investigation and enhance jail security. The evolution of investigative software and gadgets merged with the capabilities offered to match our aggressive mindset hence success. ‘



‘The reporting data software has improved our agency’s timely measures in controlling and deterring contraband in our correctional facility.’



‘I want to appreciate Securus Technologies for the providing us with LBS software. Combining the software with various law implementation resources in the legal department provides security.



About Securus Technologies



Headquartered in Texas, Securus Technologies serves over 3,400 public safety agencies, law enforcement institutions, correctional facilities and institutions across North America. Securus Technologies commits to providing timely response, incident control, investigation, communication and inmate self-service services to correctional facilities. Securus also monitors services and products to provide safety and security to the world. At Securus, what matters is connecting vital information. Securus Technologies commits to making the world a safe and friendly place.

How Does Martin Lustgarten Keep Himself Jovial?

Martin Lustgarten is one of the more active investors in the world today, and he is leading an active lifestyle that helps balance with his work. He keeps an Instagram account that shares his adventures, and he shares how he lives a happy life with his family. He encourages all his clients to be balanced in their lives, and he offers investment services that are geared to a calmer lifestyle. This article explains how Martin keeps himself happy and content as he helps customers.

#1: Martin Shares A Quiet Life With Family

Martin Lustgarten often shares pictures with his family because he wants clients to spend their off-time with family, and he shares images of vacations they take. He wants everyone to get out of the office here and there, and he believes it is possible for an investor to leave the office knowing nothing bad will happen.

#2: Rescue Dogs And Charities

Rescue dogs are a passion of the Lustgarten family, and Martin asks his clients to give as much as they may to charities such as the rescue near his home. The family has rescue dogs they love, and Martin wishes to be a part of the greater community by adopting dogs where he can. The dogs are a fun part of the family, and they help Martin have a calmer life at home when he is not investing.

#3: Martin Travels For Business

Martin has completed quite a lot of travel for business, and he understands how to manage a travel schedule that will teach him about the state of world markets. The world markets are changing every day, and people such as Martin must be well-read on what is happening in even geopolitical area.

Martin Lustgarten’s career is marked by a progressive idea investors must take time away from their work. Martin has balanced his life with family, and he has a fine outlook on life because of it. Anyone following him will do well to learn how he spends time outside the office, and they will see a man who is content at work and at home.

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Makari skin Whitening cream

Makari de Suisse is a multicultural extravagance healthy skin mark that celebrates different magnificence and emphasizes the best in you. Makari signifies “excellent” in Swahili. Throughout the previous 10 years, Makari has been changing the lives of individuals over the globe by helping them get wonderful skin. With items made in Switzerland, Makari keeps on holding its notoriety for being a quality brand concentrated on helping our clients accomplish brilliant skin. Your level of self-assurance and the achievement that accompanies this is specifically influenced by how you feel and the way you look.

In the event that your skin is immaculate and brilliant, it is only then when you will conduct yourself with more certainty. Makari.com items lessens dim spots normally without hydroquinone, as it battles indications of nature’s maturing elements for imperishable and immaculate skin. Makari products blur skin inflammation scars viably without hurtful ingredients, and has a clinically propelled, characteristic, demonstrated recipe clinically demonstrated to help your skin. Some of these astonishing items are the whitening exfoliating cleanser and body beautifying whitening milk creams. With respect to the brightening creams, these Light, sleek, ultra-rich, skin adjusting body emulsions are particularly detailed to reestablish skin’s moisture and sparkle. A gentle convergence of the successful and exclusive mix of organic helping ingredients, step by step, diminishes the presence of hyper-pigmentation, stains, and indications of untimely maturing while revealing lighter, attractive skin.


10 Life Hacks You Must Try


How to Make Your Jumper or Sweater Look Fresh Again

According Wengie, To make your favorite jumper look fresh again, simply use a shaver to gently remove lint

and loose fabric.


How to Remove Keys From a Jump Ring Without Damaging Nails

Use a stapler remover to gently pry open the jump ring and twist the jump ring around until the key is removed.


How to Keep From Forgetting Things When You Leave Home


Stack everything on top and under on whatever you tend to forget.


How to Write Over a Message so That No One Can Read it


Scribble random letters and numbers over the written message, making it more difficult to read.


How to Get Your Clothes Folded More Quickly


Place the unfolded clothes on your bed so that you cannot go to sleep until they are folded.


How to Protect Important Items Inside of an Overstuffed Backpack.

Size a piece of cardboard to the opening of a plastic Ziploc bag. Slip in the cardboard into the plastic bag to protect important items.


How to Clean up Messy Spilled Liquids in the Bottom of a Trash Can


Line a few layers of newspaper to the bottom of a garbage can to prevent messy liquid spills in the bottom.


How to Avoid Waiting for Water to Warm up to the Right Temperature

Use a pen to place a mark for your preferred temperature on the handle. Different colors can be used for different people in the household.


How to Keep Cereal in the Bottom of the Box Crunchy

Use a colander to sift out crumbs and leave the larger pieces. The smaller pieces may be used to sprinkle on a scoop of ice cream or for making cookies.


How to Stop Buying Duplicate Groceries


Take a photo of your opened refrigerator so that you can check your phone on your next shopping trip.



Discover The Benefits Of Becoming A Valued Member Of A Leading Financial Institution

How important is your financial privacy and managing your money when you want? You can build your financial future with NexBank by choosing from several different accounts that will help you manage your money and save more than ever before. You don’t have to worry about your money being protected because NexBank offers superior FDIC insured accounts for their customers. They have been named one of the largest growing financial institutions in the industry. Their advanced technological features allow you to check your money from any device at any time. Take back your financial freedom with quality financial services offered through a leading financial institution.


Become A NexBank Account Holder Today


NexBank has over $4.0 billion dollars in assets that has made their investors proud of their growth. You have the convenience and flexibility to manage your money from any device and at any time you choose. You’re checking your account over a secure network that doesn’t require cookies that will store your information. You never have to worry about an unauthorized computer storing your financial account information. Their personal banking services are next to none and are unmatched by other financial institutions in the industry.


NexBank Features


– Online bill pay

Direct deposit

– Free checks

– IRA accounts

– Mortgage accounts

– Commercial accounts

and much more…


NexBank allows you to check your account from anywhere, at any time. You have the option of easily transferring money in between accounts to better manage your account. You can also get your complete financial information with a few clicks of any key on your device. You can easily become a customer and speak to a friendly representative 24/7, with your questions or concerns. You immediately have access to your money upon registration with NexBank.

Doug Levitt Walks With Us Through The Greyhound Diaries

Don’t we all love traveling, watching the beautiful scenery and meeting new people? We all do or at least most of us do. Traveling for most of us is a something we enjoy doing when we are on vacations and holidays which means we don’t struggle financing the travels. However, there are other travelers who move from one place to another, not for luxury but as a necessity. They travel from one country to another in search of jobs, some running away from their corrupt governments and so many other reasons in a series called The Greyhound Diaries, Doug Levitt takes us through the journey of travelers who travel out of necessity.



Levitt America’s songwriter began his 100,000 mile journey to investigate and try to comprehend the challenges that travelers face on their way through the public means. He talked and interacted with the travelers in the Greyhound bus and recorded their stories and messages. He also took pictures of them as they shared their stories which would then be used in the Greyhound Diaries.



His spirit and love for traveling and learning diversity began when he graduated with a master’s degree in international relations from the London School of Economics. After which, he worked as a foreign correspondent. He has worked in Africa in countries such Rwanda, he also worked in Iran and Bosnia. He later quit being a foreign correspondent and began his writing and song writing career in the states.



The Greyhound Diaries has been a great success. It now has a one man show and has a web series together with writings. It gives the people a chance to understand the struggles that other people go through. The experience is also humbling and reminds the public to always be grateful and not to take things for granted. He shares his work and performs at the Kennedy Center, University of Southern California and other places. He has also been a guest speaker on CNN and Reuters where he has spoken about his experiences on the road with people. The Greyhound Diaries continue to touch and change people’s perception on traveling.

Eric Pulier Helps Innovators Change The World

There are quit a few innovators around the world who have come into contact with Eric Pulier, and he is helping them learn how to change the world. He knows that he is capable of doing quite a lot, and he knows he may ask the right questions when he is on the X Prize committee. This article explains how Eric Pulier helps all those he meets when he is on the committee.


#1: What Does The Committee Do?


The X Prize committee has quite a few people on it who are attempting to find the next big discovery. The technology that will take people into outer space will help change the world. Eric asks questions of those coming before the committee often, and they want to know what is means to use their inventions for good.


#2: Eric Helps Kids


Eric has a record for helping kids, and he knows how to help the kids with technology that makes their education better. Kids who are trying to learn must ensure they are using the best tools, and Eric created tools for kids in schools using the People Doing Things name. He helped many children who were looking for a way to graduate, and he brought in as many tools as were necessary to help the kids.


#3: Quizzing The Entrants


Every entrant in the X Prize competition is welcome to hear from the committee, and they will take suggestions that help them improve what they are working on. The improvements that are made to the entries must be made with the good of the world in mind. The world improves when Eric is doing his good, and he believes the committee may push forward the next big piece of technology. He knows that a company or entrant who is learning from the committee will become quite powerful.


His own business is in enterprise technology, and he wishes to show as many people as possible how to make the world better. Everyone who is attempting to do fine work must think before they approach the committee as they may be a lovely discovery.