Chris Burch: The Importance Of Allowing Mistakes

If there is a common problem in many different aspects of life, it is the aversion of mistakes. Perfectionism is a problem in many different parts of life. For one thing, it is stifling. It is also rigid for people. With perfectionism, people are not only made to feel restricted, but they are also not allowed any room to grow. Then there are other problems that could arise from perfectionism. Chris Burch is aware of these issues that could arise from perfectionism. Chris Burch urges managers to allow mistakes in their companies so that employees will be able to grow and excel.


Chris Burch is aware that the world makes mistakes look like the end of the world. As a matter of fact, people who make mistakes are roasted for days on in. That is provided that there are people that witness the mistakes. There are a few interesting things to take note of. The people that laugh the most are either those that have made the same mistakes and can relate, or those that are doing nothing with their time. One group is not worth considering because mistakes are a part of doing something worthwhile. The other group can be worth getting to know because they have experience and understand that it is important to live and learn.


One thing that Chris Burch has noted is that a lot of the people that have made some innovative inventions have come across a lot of mistakes and failures before they have finally come up with something that is very valuable. However, they have learned from all of their mistakes. This is why it is important for people to be allowed room for mistakes. That way, they could come up with innovative solutions that could change the world for the better. They will also achieve higher levels of growth and success than they would’ve with perfection.

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