December, 2016

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Reliable Business Litigation In Brazil

If you are considering hiring the services of a business or corporate litigation lawyer in Brazil, it’s imperative that you get in touch with Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Mr Ricardo Tosto has a great reputation in the legal field and comes highly recommended.

There are reliable resources available to help you find an attorney that fits your needs. One of the most reliable ways to find an attorney is through word of mouth and recommendations. Recommendations from friends, family and colleagues are an awesome way to find quality legal advisor or law firm. You can also check with professionals like your accountant or physician to find out if they can recommend a good lawyer or law firm in Brazil.

The nature of your legal situation will determine the type of lawyer you will want to look for. Most lawyers focus their practice in a few legal specializations such as personal injury law, criminal law, employment law, family law, bankruptcy or civil litigation. For that reason, it is essential to select a lawyer with proficiency and experience in the practice area for which you require his or her services.

As a competent litigator, Ricardo Tosto has a good understanding of many of the business dynamics and other issues that can trigger an increased risk of litigation. He works with clients to assess business decisions, review contracts, determine appropriate legal structures, review customer, vendor, joint-venture and financial agreements, and delve into a broad range of other legal and business issues, all with an aim toward proactively detecting and preventing circumstances that may trigger future disputes.

Ricardo Tosto has represented clients in disputes involving, breach of fiduciary duty, general employment matters, including breach of contract, discrimination claims, contracts, fraud, partnerships, consumer fraud, restrictive covenants trade secrets, unfair competition, business dissolution, professional licensing, real estate, shareholder disputes, probate and trusts and product liability defense.

As a trial attorney and skilled negotiator, Ricardo Tosto focuses on the efficient prevention, management and resolution of disputes for individuals, businesses and organizations. Ricardo Tosto’s primary objective is to help clients identify their goals, and to advise them on devising business and personal solutions to achieve those goals.

Lovaganza And Their Art Showcase For The Ages


Lovaganza is the cultural event of the century. The event is scheduled to take off in 2020, and it is releasing its earliest artwork for promotional purposes. The festival is a collection of everything good about culture around the world, and it collects art from around the globe that makes people think about their place among each culture. This article explains what Lovaganza is doing to create a better festival atmosphere, and there is a look at how they plan to promote themselves.


#1: Artwork From Around The World In All Its Glory


Every culture has its own approach to art, and each culture has been represented in new art from the festival. Lovaganza wishes to have a sweeping campaign that takes them from one end of the Earth to the other, and it is quite important for everyone interested to look over the new marketing. These wonderful pieces of marketing were made for the festival, and they are lovely to behold.


#2: Why Is The Festival Advertising Four Years In Advance?


Lovaganza has moved their premiere to 2020 where they make their debut to the world through advanced technology. They have moved to ensure interactive video shown online, to schedule new acts and to bring visitors to different places around the world. It is quite important that everyone interested in the festival may collect the artwork over the next fours years before the festival begins.


#3: International Locations


There are quite a few international locations for Lovaganza that offer lovely places for guests to visit. Traveling to a new location for each leg of the festival will be exciting for travelers, and they will take in an infusion of culture that will change their perspective on the world. Each international location informs a travel plan for the visitor, and they may collect posters from the festival just as they would at something like the World’s Fair.


#4: Filming Performances


Lovaganza wishes to create some beautiful films for their festival, and each of the films will play a part in advertising their event. Lovaganza was create for the people of the world, and each of them may watch the films as a taste of what will happen when the festival begins. New films may be coming in the future, and it is quite helpful to see what the festival will do in every new location. There is a pastoral and loving quality that comes through in each film.


#5: Why Is Lovaganza Important?


Lovaganza is quite important as it educates the public on world culture. There are several different cultural events scheduled for Lovaganza, and interested visitors will find something different every day of the festival. Their traveling show will bring culture to citizens around the world, and Internet viewing allows fans from around the world to enjoy the event.


Everyone who loves culture and countries of the world will learn quite a lot while watching Lovaganza. They may view the festival online, visit the festival or watch the traveling show.


Hiring A Reliable Business Lawyer In Brazil

Are you in need of legal advice or guidance regarding corporate or business matters? Do you need the services of a highly reputable lawyer in Brazil? If you are facing a business dispute or simply need an experienced business lawyer to assist you with an important issue, look no further than Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

Before choosing your business lawyer, it is always advisable to do online research, using reliable resources. You will be able to discover a lot of information about the lawyer or law firm you are considering. There are many reliable law firms and lawyers that provide the highest level of integrity and dedication. It is also equally essential to know that the lawyer you choose is a trustworthy person in general.

It is important to feel comfortable with your lawyer. If you don’t feel that you’re getting the respect you deserve or that the attorney cares about your case or your situation, it is difficult to have confidence in the lawyer or law firm. Feeling comfortable with your lawyer is equally as important as the lawyer’s industry experience and other essential factors that you are evaluating.

Ricardo Tosto is a leading Brazilian business attorney and expert litigator. He has a renowned Law practice, which is situated in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto has personally worked with companies and individuals for over 22 years. Ricardo Tosto is well recognized as a leading litigation attorneys by the Brazilian legal community.

Ricardo Tosto assists his clients to make sense of legal problem and needs so that he can try to find the most desired approach to resolving the situation. He has been representing clients from a wide variety of industries for many years. His specialty is business litigation and he is good at it. Corporate executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and many other rely on Ricardo Tosto’s expertise to help them.

He has a world wide recognition as one of the most powerful litigation lawyers in the industry. Ricardo Tosto is well-respected throughout the legal community, which means clients can have confidence in his ability to represent them.

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Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Takes Insurance Company to Court over Ferry Settlement

Bruce Levenson may no longer be in control of the team, but his company, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, is headed back to court to hash out what may have been a breach in insurance coverage during the Ferry settlement.

Danny Ferry, the team’s former General Manager, parted ways with Levenson’s company (, leading to a settlement between the two parties. It took place in June of 2015, cutting Ferry’s six-year contract in half for an undisclosed sum of money. That settlement, the company claims, ought to have been covered by their insurance company, as workplace termination, separation and all related torts were part of their policy. As they did not pay out Ferry’s settlement, Levenson’s company has filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of Fulton County, seeking damages for insurance bad faith and breach of contract.

No word as to the total amount Bruce Levenson is seeking, but the lawyers representing them feel their case is pretty solid. Citing a clear breach in policy, Levenson’s representation argues that their insurance provider was liable in the case of Ferry’s separation from the Atlanta Hawks. No word yet as to whether the former General Manager may find himself back in court as this case moves forward.

About Bruce Levenson:

Having started his career in publishing, first as a writer for the Washington Star and later with Oliver Publishing, Bruce Levenson eventually started a career in business. Partnering with Ed Peskowitz, Levenson founded the United Communications Group which he’s led as Partner for over 20 years.

According to, Levenson has continued to keep his ventures diversified, like owning the Atlanta Hawks and rising to the position of Director of Tech Target. Outside of business, Levenson has dedicated a significant portion of his life to work in philanthropy with groups like the I Have a Dream Foundation where he served as President. Read more on Levenson’s philanthropic works on the PR Newswire website.


Maggie Gill Leads Memorial Health to Georgia Medical Society Awards

Maggie Gill has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Health since 2011. She provides leadership and guidance to all executives and physician leaders at MUMC. She is also responsible for orthopedic and neuroscience programs, the Heart and Vascular Center, financial assistance, communications, facility management, trauma services, physician relations, and government relations.

Gill’s background includes earning a Bachelor’s Degree with honors while at Florida State University. She received an MBA from Saint Leo University. She studied strategic thinking and management at Wharton School. She served as Vice President of Finance/Managed Care and COO of Memorial University Medical Center. Before she came to MUMC, Maggie worked as chief financial officer for Tenet South Florida Health system. While there, she worked at Palmetto General Hospital, North Shore Medical Center and Coral Gables Hospital.

On Tuesday. November 1, 2016 the Memorial Health team under Maggie Gill received seven awards from The Georgia Medical Society, at the 16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards Program. They received awards for health care innovation for The Primary Care Accelerated Track Program, health care education for Teen Drivers Program, community outreach, institution for Infectious Disease Response Team, allied health professionals, and physician lifetime achievement was received by Dr. Carl Boyd, former trauma surgeon and leader of Level I trauma center. Another physician lifetime achievement award was received by Dr. Linda Sacks, a former neonatologist and Level III leader of neonatal ICU at Memorial University Medical Center. Memorial University Medical Center serves a 35-county region in SE Georgia and southern South Carolina.

During her time at the helm, Gill has restructured the organizations leadership team, started the re-engineering of the billing and collection process, renegotiated some managed care contracts and more. She has placed a major emphasis on the relations between team members and physicians as well.

UK Vintners Come From History And The Modern World

There are many different options available to a wine enthusiast that can make them feel as though they may be struggling to make the best choices available in terms of finding varieties and vintages of wine that will be enjoyed or bought as an investment for the future. Wines have been growing in importance as an investment as enthusiasts and collectors from across the world have recently been looking to UK vintners to provide them with an entrance into one of the world’s most important wine markets.

The wine industry for UK vintners has been around since the 13th century when London based merchants would work with government officials to make sure the best possible wines and prices were available. During this period The Worshipful Company of Vintners was established and became one of the original twelve livery companies of the City of London in the 14th century; the company remains in operation and still provides access to the best wines on the market as a future investment or for enjoying at an event. Many of the top UK vintners now look to provide a range of high quality services that include the chance to create a wine cellar that offers the best wines to fit any budget.

Establishing vintners organizations has always been a part of the wine industry in the UK and can be seen in the formation of The Society of Vintners that is now one of the top companies in the country. This group of vintners has been at the height of the industry since two different companies were established in the 1960s and 1970s before coming together in to create The Society of Vintners that now includes 28 members from across the UK, such as The Wine Shop and Regency Wines.

The role of UK vintners has not changed in a major way of the history of the industry as the best wines are still sourced by vintners who often come together with experts in specific varieties and grapes to pour over the different available options. Over recent years an added area of business has been the growing market for wine investments, but UK vintners still provide their services for providing the best in individual bottles and cases of wine for drinking.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Has A Great Career

Some people are lucky enough to find out what they want to do in their lives and then lucky enough to have the talent and determination to make their dreams come true. One such person is Dr. Jennifer Walden. Walden is one of the nation’s finest plastic surgeons. As a specialist in this field, Walden has been at forefront of the ability of the field to push advances forward. She has also been someone who has helped many patients get the look they want. With her assistance, many patients have come away awed at her ability to translate her medical knowledge into real world results that have been to their benefit. She truly cares about what she does and her many patients are grateful for her skills.


Her Intense Training


In order to really see her personal ambitions come to fruition, Dr. Walden knew that the best education possible needed to be hers. She also knew that she needed to learn as much as possible about the world of medicine that she wanted to enter. This is why the Austin, Texas native decided that she wanted to totally focus on the world of academics. She choose to major in biology at the University of Texas. After that, she applied to medical school. Despite being wait listed initially after she applied to the school, she eventually graduated second in her class, confident in the direction her medical career would take even then.


Starting A Practice


After she completed her training in this field in New York City, Walden realized that Texas was her true place in life and where wanted to be on a permanent basis. Walden left New York with her twin sons and returned home to the Austin of her childhood. In doing so, she returned to a welcoming circle of friends and family, pleased to be part of a loving family that could help her raise her children and invite her back home. Her practice now serves many patients each year, allowing them to get the look they want under the direction of her highly skilled surgical team.

Do it yourself holiday tips courtesy of Wengie

Wengie outlines a number of do it yourself holiday ideas in her recent video including creating a snow globe, Santa cup, hot cocoa topping, wrapping small gifts, and creating a Christmas tree. Wengie starts out by providing a group holiday hug to all of her listeners and introduces her version of a snow globe. The globe is created by using a Mason jar, Christmas ornament, glue, and fake snow. The ornament is glued inside of the jar, and snow poured inside of it. The cover is applied and your globe is ready for use. A Santa cup can be constructed with a red Solo cup, glue, a button, and a bit of black ribbon. Simply glue the black button on the ribbon, and then wrap the ribbon around the red cup to create an image of drinking from a Santa cup.


If thirsty for a cup of cocoa why not get into the holiday spirit and add some marshmallows that have the appearance of a snowman floating in it. One will need five marshmallows, a small piece of carrot, chocolate syrup, and a few small pieces of a sipping straw. Take the marshmallows and use the straw to erect a snowman with a head, arms, and legs. Add the small carrot to create a nose and a bit of the chocolate syrup for the snowman eyes and mouth. Then simply float it into your cocoa for a festive drink. If an inexpensive box is needed, Wengie recommended using an empty toilet paper roll. First, squash down the roll and then fold each edge of the roll to create a seal. Complete it by adding a small gift or some candy into the roll and wrap with a bit of Christmas paper, ribbon, and holiday bow.


Christmas trees can be built by using your choice of twine, a page from a magazine, glue, and decorative stars. First, roll the piece of magazine paper into a cone, cut the top of the cone so that it is even, and seal the cone with glue. Use the twine to wrap around the entire cone and use the glue to hold the twine together. Finally, remove the cone, add the stars, and one has created a decorative tree.

DIY Holiday Tips and Hacks from Wengie

Wengie, an upcoming Youtube star, provides some amazing holiday hacks and DIY projects that will help make your holiday sparkle and shine without breaking the budget. The high energy starlet, with cute hair and perfect make-up, shares 20-holiday tips in this quick and fun to watch Youtube video. From make-up tips to table decorations, this girl covers it all!


She has some super-cute decorating ideas like snow jars, small-artsy trees made with string and hot glue, Christmas tree ornaments, and wreaths made of wire hangers and “bobbles” to hang on the door. The best part about these tips, most of the items you need are probably in your home already. One of the best tips Wengie has is how to make fake snow! All you need is the filling of a clean diaper (or, as she calls them, nappies) and a few drops of water and Poof!!! Instant snow!!!


How about tips to add a little Christmas spirit to your next party? Try making Santa cups! Take your basic red party cup and add a strip of brown cloth (as a belt) and a gold button and TADAA, Santa Cups. So cute!!! Hate how plain and boring your napkins look? Impress your guests and let Wengie show you how to fold them up into Christmas trees. Your guest will be most impressed, indeed!


There are some practical tips for staying tidy as well. Use leftover Christmas paper to create Christmas themed trash bins. Another practical tip, use empty toilet paper tubes to keep wrapping paper in place on the roll. Want one more use for empty toilet paper rolls? Use them as gift boxes! So smart! Wengie will show you how to fold and decorate toilet paper rolls so they can be used to wrap small gifts or gift cards.


Let’s not forget about something Christmas-y to eat and drink! Wengie shows you how to make cute marshmallow snowmen for your hot chocolate and strawberry Santas with homemade whipped cream. Yum!


Be sure to watch the video for all of Wengie’s holiday tips and subscribe to her channel!!!


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Chris Burch: The Importance Of Allowing Mistakes

If there is a common problem in many different aspects of life, it is the aversion of mistakes. Perfectionism is a problem in many different parts of life. For one thing, it is stifling. It is also rigid for people. With perfectionism, people are not only made to feel restricted, but they are also not allowed any room to grow. Then there are other problems that could arise from perfectionism. Chris Burch is aware of these issues that could arise from perfectionism. Chris Burch urges managers to allow mistakes in their companies so that employees will be able to grow and excel.


Chris Burch is aware that the world makes mistakes look like the end of the world. As a matter of fact, people who make mistakes are roasted for days on in. That is provided that there are people that witness the mistakes. There are a few interesting things to take note of. The people that laugh the most are either those that have made the same mistakes and can relate, or those that are doing nothing with their time. One group is not worth considering because mistakes are a part of doing something worthwhile. The other group can be worth getting to know because they have experience and understand that it is important to live and learn.


One thing that Chris Burch has noted is that a lot of the people that have made some innovative inventions have come across a lot of mistakes and failures before they have finally come up with something that is very valuable. However, they have learned from all of their mistakes. This is why it is important for people to be allowed room for mistakes. That way, they could come up with innovative solutions that could change the world for the better. They will also achieve higher levels of growth and success than they would’ve with perfection.