October, 2016

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Andy Wirth is the New Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation

A press release, which originated, the first of the year, (January 12th 2016), mentioned the appointment of Andy Wirth, as the new Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation. The following text, serves, to provide highlights, of that particular press release.

Andy Wirth was elected Chairman and President of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation, also referred to by the acronym of RASC, on January 12th of 2016. Mr. Wirth is the CEO and President of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The preceding company’s parent organization is Squaw Valley—Alpine Meadows Resorts. Andy Wirth, as well, serves as the Chairman of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees.

The preceding stated, RASC, Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation, promotes air service into the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. It, as well, is continually looking to identify potential prospects for added air-flights. The Board is made up of Hotel and Casino properties, within the area, as well as other venues, where tourists, tend to flock, including South Lake Tahoe, Reno, and North Lake Tahoe.

Mr. Wirth, with regard to his appointment with Regional Air Service Corporation, made it clear, he was happily honored, with respect to his new position. He mentioned that he was quite motivated in serving in his role at RASC. Mr. Wirth, further, made note that he believes there is a great deal of business opportunity inside the greater Reno-Sparks area, as well as all of beautiful Lake Tahoe. Mr. Wirth, added, that he believed, air transportation, into the popular region, would be one of the centralized factors, relative to maintaining an economy which continues to thrive and grow.

Persons who know Andy Wirth, know that Mr. Wirth has been instrumental in the way of development of airports and air transportation and service for primary resorts and communities, ranging from North American areas, such as Colorado, to that of Quebec, Canada. He most, recently, brought JetBlue service, on board. The service operates from the JFK Airport location. Mr. Wirth assured that it now flies into the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. He additionally, placed Alaska Airlines, into service, at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, too. Alaska Airlines flies out of John Wayne Airport as well as other well-known airport locations.

The RASC was created in order to partner public and private organizations. It provides marketing money and expert advice, in order to better position the Reno-Sparks, Lake Tahoe-Northern Nevada region, as a travel destination. The RASC, further, identifies markets, on a national basis, and global basis. Its intent, in so doing, is to increase the overall quality of air service, not only to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport; but, also from Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The corporation, further, recognizes standard issues with regard to tourism and that of the business traveler. Relative to response of such concerns: it acts, accordingly, providing an approach that is co-operative.

The RASC, continually, is at the forefront of air service. It recently has been engaged in working with Alaska Airlines, in way of promotion of direct flights to and from Orange County, California, and Boise, Idaho. The RASC, further, will be working with Southwest Airlines, regarding service to and from Oakland, California.

The RASC, (Regional Air Service Committee) was established in June of 2001. Its purpose is to assist the Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RTIA), in the provision of added incentives. The additional incentives are needed in order to maintain air service and the growth of air service. Further, incentives are required, in order to positively promote the Reno-Tahoe area as a travel destination that is ideal, for the business or recreational traveler, on a basis, that is year round.

The committee, in 2014, voted to become a nonprofit corporation. The Nevada incorporation was necessary in order that RASC could fulfill its responsibilities, from a legal standpoint, in way of assisting the Airport, in the maintenance and growth of air service. Additionally, legalized incorporation was essential, in order to fully promote the Reno-Tahoe area, as an ideal recreational travel and business-travel destination. The official incorporation, occurred for RASC, in February 2015.

Notes Regarding Andy Wirth and Squaw Valley Ski:

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Mr. Wirth, has worked, determinedly, in order to assure the ski area is one of the major tourist destinations, world-wide. His tireless determination has paid off; as he has generated a great amount of motivation and popularity with regard to the area. Andy, has many positive sides. He is a primary contributor to community service organizations and to environmental organizations; located in the area of Lake Tahoe. His focus has been and continues to be on improvement of the area, relative to a wide and diverse demographic. Andy, too, earlier, was involved in an almost fatal, sky-diving accident. As a result of the accident, he co-founded an iron-man team, referred to as “Wounded Warrior Support”. The team’s objective is to raise funding for the Navy SEAL Foundation. The organization is supportive of special operation team members and their, respective, familial members, once those members, return home to domestic soil.

Many positive changes began to occur, after Andy Wirth was appointed to run Squaw Valley. Once Andy took charge, he began a successful development upgrade plan, in the ballpark of $70 million. The upgrade was funded by KSL Capital Partners. The areas requiring improvement ranged from that of design to culinary specialties. Once the upgrades were complete, the customer-satisfaction ratio shot up, enormously. Today, beautiful Squaw Valley ranks, easily, as one of the finest ski resorts, the world over.

How Does Thor Halvorssen Approach Human Rights Abuses Around The World?

Thor Halvorssen has an approach to human rights abuses around the world that is vastly different from others. He runs the nonprofit the Human Rights Foundation from New York, but he is more available to the media than most.

According to The Atlantic, Thor Halvorssen wants to be front and center so that people can put a name with a face when they are trying to learn about human rights, and he will go anywhere to talk about what he believes is most important. His interests are varied because he is working in different places to make a change.

The changes that people are looking for are the same changes that Thor Halvorssen wants to see. He believes that he has a way of helping people that is far beyond what is normal because he wants to add the storytelling element to his advocacy. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwYmcbRYi1w

Thor wants to teach the world about the things that are happening around the world by talking about them, and telling these stories makes it so that people will connect with what is going on and get invested in it on a new level. The people that suffer the most around the world have to be given a chance to be hard.

Thor Halvorssen’s work with the Human Rights Foundation has been lauded the world over because he is willing to put his money where his mouth is. He wants to be the face of stories that people cannot tell themselves, and he wants to be sure that people are given a chance to say what they have been feeling that has been oppressed.

People escape harsh conditions around the world, and Thor Halvorssen wants them to speak up with his help. He knows that he can make all this possible because of the way that he runs the Human Rights Foundation.

Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Need Home Cleaning, Plumbing, Or Electrical Service? Handy Has an App for That!

Are you like most people: living in a fast-paced city, working long hours, and have no energy to get the little things around the house done at the end of the day? Handy has an app for that.

Launched in 2012 by Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, Handy hit its $1 million a week in bookings just two short years later. Of their almost 100,000 bookings each week, over 80% are from satisfied, repeat customers. And unlike other home cleaning service, Handy pays its employees a healthy wage and lets them pick their own hours. Each employee makes anywhere from $15 to $22 per hour for home cleaning services.

Home cleaning service isn’t all they offer any more, either! In 2015, Handy expanded its branding to include furniture delivery and assembly as well. This lets you choose furniture via the Handy.com website, have it delivered and assembled by professionals, all from the comfort of your own home.

“The aim of the new service is to make customers happy. This about taking something people are doing — buying furniture that needs to get to their homes and be assembled — and making it into a great experience,” Hanrahan said in an interview.

Founders Dua and Hanrahan aren’t looking to become an e-commerce portal however. Their aim is to take the hassle and headache out of buying furniture that you then have to figure out how to assemble yourself. Additionally they want to offer these one-stop options at a more attractive price point as an alternative to when the stores don’t offer any assembly at all, or offer it at an outrageous price.

Currently thefrontrowview.com reveals that Handy is offering furniture by Ikea through its website, but the founders stress that they are not affiliates or partners with Ikea or any other current (or future) retailer. In fact they are hoping to add more retailers and categories of furniture to the mix in the future. The price of the furniture is the same as Ikea is selling it for, plus tax and a nominal delivery and assembly fee.

Handy is currently offering an array of other services as well such as plumbing, electrical, and will even help you move! Often they have next-day availability as well as a mobile app which effectively turns your phone into a “remote control” for your home, letting you manage bookings and make purchases from anywhere you are.

All professionals hired by Handy.com are thoroughly vetted via background checks at the local and state levels, so you can rest assured that you are getting quality service from qualified professionals.

Two Apps To Make Your Life Easier


A New Approach to Streaming


Music streaming has become more and more popular in recent years. These streaming services allow us to have access to music no matter where we are, any time of the day. With this increase in popularity, more companies are coming to the streaming industry. Some of the big names are Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora just to name a few.


A smaller streaming company is Tidal and is owned by Jay-Z as well as 16 other artists to include Kanye West. Tidal has a subscriber base of just over 3 million people. Compared to the rest of the industry, that is a small number but Tidal is taking a new approach to the streaming business. Instead of offering any kind of music from all genres, Tidal wants to focus on the up and coming music and the new music.


Desiree Perez is an executive with Tidal and plays a big role in which artists are featured on Tidal. Des has a reputation of being a strong negotiator and has an impressive record to prove it. She was involved in the negotiations for Beyonce’s stadium tour and in the negations for Rhianna’s deal that was struck with Samsung. Tidal wants to take their service in a certain direction and Desiree Perez will play a large role in that.


Kanye is known for voicing his opinion and has never held back on what he is feeling. Now that he is involved with Tidal, his outspokenness has not changed. Kanye recently went on Twitter and talked about his frustration with the Apple Music dealing with Tidal and that they should resolve and resolve it quickly.


There were reports out earlier this year stating that Apple Music wanted to purchase Tidal. There has been no buzz about this since and Apple has even denied that any deal was even on the table. It is unclear if Kanye was speaking about current events relating to the deal or if he was just frustrated. The frustration is understandable because with artists being exclusive to certain streaming services, it can feel like they are being tied down and not able to get their music out to everyone they want to.


While there has been no movement on any deal between Tidal and Apple Music, it will be interesting to see where Tidal takes their service and if a deal really does come of all of this.

Getting Safety Solutions with Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company enhances criminal and civil justice using technology. The services it provides include management of incidents, emergency response, and communication among many others. The company’s main clients are correctional and law enforcement agencies. Its innovations help these agencies to perform better. In addition, Securus Technologies also help in the monitoring of inmates. In my opinion, its monitoring has been successful.

Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


Recently, the company launched the Investigator Pro 4.0. This software is able to record voices and match them to the owners. If for instance, an inmate calls a person, the software will tell the owners of those voices. This has greatly helped in reducing the number of crimes that originate from prisons. The investigator Pro 4.0 can also follow up on a person who had been called from prison in case they talked about something suspicious. All of us enjoy living in a safe and secure environment. Securus is providing this and so much more.


Securus Technologies has also acquired JPay Inc. I think that such acquisitions are to enhance the company’s service delivery not only in quality but also in quantity. Securus seeks to provide even better services to its clients despite scoring highly in customer satisfaction. The company has the largest in-house customer care center in the industry. In addition to this, the customer care department is quick in responding to calls. On average they answer calls within eleven seconds.


Securus has also been working closely with Building Industry Consulting Service International-BICSI. BICSI is a great supporter of the ICT industry. Eleven field specialists from Securus have recently gotten the certification which is recognized internationally. I believe that this shows just how good the team is at its job. The training the specialists received will go a long way in dealing with the needs and changes in the ICT industry.


Adam Milstein Named One Of The World’s Most Influential Jews

Judaism is a religion that dates back many thousands of years. Jews have lived in many places since the founding of Judaism. Many Jews have decided to move to Israel since the Jewish state was founded in 1948. Others, who do not live in Israel, have decided to help provide services of all kinds to Israel even when they choose to make their own homeland somewhere else. One such Jewish person is Adam Milstein. Milstein has been devoted to the causes of Judaism and Israel for many years. This is why those who pay close attention to world of Israel were not surprised to learn that Milstein has been called one of the most influential Jews in the world by the Jerusalem Post.

Making An Impact

The list in the Jerusalem Post was about those who have made an impact in the world this year and can be expected to make an impact in the coming years. Milstein was proud to find out that he was ranked 39th on the list. He joins a stellar roster of fellow honorees including Benjamin Netanyahu, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and philanthropists including businessman Ronald Lauder and Sheldon Adelson, all of whom have had a truly important impact in some way in making the world a better place both for their fellow men and for their fellow Jews.

A Leader

Milstein was honored as part of the list for his undeniable leadership as the Co-founder and the Chairman of the important and highly influential Israeli-American Council. His work in this field has also included his great philanthropic efforts as well as his work as activist for Jewish causes. His leadership has also been being about involved in many other prominent Jewish organizations that serve the needs of Jews all over the globe as well as in Israel. His work also includes helping other organizations such as StandWithUs and the Israel on Campus Coalition. He’s also been involved with work on the Hasbara Fellowships and the all important Birthright Israel campaigns, allowing him to help his fellow Jews fully explore Israel in person.

Andy Wirth Returns From Injury

For an active person like Chief Operating Office of Squaw Valley, any injury can be hellish. People like Andy Wirth love being in the the outdoors. He is someone who has always prided himself on being able to engage in as many activities as he can. This is why he was determined to get back out into the world after a recent accident nearly claimed his life. Despite this accident, he knew it was important to regain his strength and return to a life of strenuous activity. His job is about being active and helping others to spend time outdoors on the slopes of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. Getting back in shape was his aim in order to help return to a life and a job that he truly loves.

A Terrifying Accident

Wirth’s ordeal began when he was skydiving. As he well knows, skydiving is an activity that requires a great deal of concentration and precision. Those who choose to skydive must be keenly aware of their body position at all times. They must also be aware of the best place to land once they come down. The tiniest miscalculation or changes in the direction of the wind may have serious consequences. Wirth, an experienced skydiver, faced conditions in the air that put him where he did not want to be. As a result, he had a serious accident when he was landing.

A Long Recovery

The skydiving accident caused him major injuries including damage to his arm. Laid up in the hospital, he was determined to engage in serious sporting events as soon as possible. His recovery began when his fierce will pushed him to move even further and faster. Since that time, he’s begun ever more intensive exercise sessions. These sessions have given him the strength to return to sports. His running in an Ironman event is all about getting outdoors again and getting confidence back. Thanks to his intense training, he is confident that his injury is one that will not longer mean anything in his life and allow him to return to many sports.

What Kenneth Goodgame Says Improves Marketing

Marketing needs to be creative in order to win the game, and Kenneth Goodgame, the SVP CMO at True Value Company and Marketing has been teaching this. The game changer for Goodgame isn’t just about focusing on what improves the bottom line, but what makes sense in terms of drawing in those customers in order to do so. This is what has given Goodgame the notoriety as an effective leader in Operations Management. It’s the intuitiveness to make a change and then taking the action that makes the difference in retail.

Marketing and merchandising are what Kenneth Goodgame can put together to make better sense of the challenges we face in marketing. Attracting more customers isn’t always the problem, but it’s attracting them with something new and something fresh that changes the game. Goodgame shared in a recent blog post that many customers buy the same products over and over, but if they know there is something new and they can easily locate that new item in the store they are more likely to try it.

Commercials aren’t always the answer, and Goodgame has proven that with his philosophy on end caps in True Value stores. He says that oftentimes, customers will just default to the least expensive option rather than trying something else, and that happens a lot because the customer just can’t find it.

Goodgame is known for his ability to take simple strategies and implement them by adding his own unique value proposition. As a result, Goodgame has been able to raise the level of the financial foundation of True Value. His main goal has been to improve the relationship with employees and their managers as well as to find the right balance for the customer during their journey with True Value.

Talk Fusion Is For Those Who Want More Out Of Life

There is nothing wrong with saying that someone wants more out of life. In fact, that is a good thing. It means someone has ambition, is driven, and is not satisfied with the way current things are going. They see great possibilities out there and they wish to explore them to the fullest. Bob Reina created Talk Fusion with those people in mind. These are the people that perhaps are unhappy with the hand they have been dealt in life. However, they are not going to just sit here and complain about it. They are going to do something about it. They are going to take action.

With Talk Fusion, they can take that action. They can set up their own business, build it from the ground up and watch it grow. That is an amazing thing. Right now, they are offering thirty day free trials, which is getting a lot more people to take the chance and fly with Talk Fusion. They give the people wings and allow them to fly and live the life that has always been in the back of their mind. Now, it can be a reality and nothing and no one can stop them or get them in their way.

With video newsletters, video chats, video conferences, and video emails, it is easier than ever to start up a business. If someone has the time, commitment, and really wants it, they will see it all the way through. They will use all of the video tools to get the word out there. With social media, it is free advertising. People need to be made aware of the product, however. Once they are made aware of it, it can really soar and it can really go places.

Because of the way it has helped people and the way it has advanced, Talk Fusion recently won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-video-chat-wins-2016-communications-solutions-product-of-the-year-award-300315095.html?tc=eml_cleartime) from Technology Marketing Corporation, a company that looks for products that are working on improving themselves each and every day and making them last. They are advancing and they are growing to great heights.

How John Goullet Conqured Information Technology

One of the most prosperous, popular, and challenging fields of the 21st Century is Information Technology. This industry will chew you up and spit you out if you lack the knowledge and know-how. Unlike other (IT)Specialists, there is one individual who seems to thrive in the (IT) Marketplace and his name is John Goullet.

John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur and is the Principal Executive of a company named Diversant LLC. Goullet’s expert advice and savvy business techniques has helped many Fortune 500 Companies reach their goals, maintain their balance, and succeed in this contemporary society. Goullet has a firm understanding of the business and his company Diversant LLC has helped make millions of dollars for some of the most prestige institutions. You may be asking yourself, What sets (Diversant) apart from the competition? Well, this is no run of the mill company or fly-by-night scheme that are only looking for a quick buck. Diversant provides business solutions in (IT) Staffing and since the company is run by a well known, highly successful (IT) Specialist, it’s a recipe for success. Diversant has that “old school” style about them and believes in tackling problems head on. Even Goullet’s motto is “to work on things from scratch to see them grow,” is what sets him apart from his contemporaries.

Goullet’s Understanding Principals

The success of this individual is that he does the best job with what he’s given. He and his company has built long-term relationships with clients throughout the years. Doing such a great job with finding answers for their companies, Diversant owe a lot of their success to the people/companies they’ve help succeed from referrals. That’s right, referrals. This is another form of networking to a degree and referrals can help keep any business out of the red. Goullet’s first venture company “Info Technologies” grew to $30 Million within 5 years and was listed as one of the fastest growing private firms in Inc. Magazine.

John Goullet is the real deal and his track-record proves it. This entrepreneur has transcended the world of Information Technology and his businesses have changed the industry the most, in the shortest period of time.