September, 2016

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Mr. Ricardo Tosto and his Contributions to the Brazilian Legal System

Brazil has more than 181.000 laws. It is a Civil Law country since its legal system is based on Civil Law tradition. The Federal Constitution (in force from October 21st, 1988), is the country’s supreme rule. Brazil’s 26 federate states have powers to adopt their own laws and constitutions; however, their independence is restricted by principles established in the Federal Constitution.
Practicing Law in Brazil

The legal profession in the country is regulated by the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. The AOB is headquartered in Brasília, Federal District. As of 2013, the AOB had 847,921 lawyers. Everyone who wishes to practice law in the country must register at the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (AOB). The organization is not regulated by the government, but it has public powers such as applying disciplinary action over its registered members.

The Bar exam

Bar examination takes place nationally every March, August, and December. The Order of Attorneys of Brazil unifies and organizes the Bar examination. A student will need to take five years in a law school before being able to take the examination. The bar examination consists of two phases: the written test and the multiple choice test.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Mr. Ricardo Tosto (11 of March of 1963) is an acclaimed author and lawyer. Ricardo has a solid education background having studied at Mackenzie University and Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP). After finishing his studies, he worked in different law firms before co-founding Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados.

Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados is a top Brazilian law firm that specializes in business law. The firm provides comprehensive legal assistance to companies in different sectors. The firm is headquartered in São Paulo but has branch offices in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

Ricardo has successfully represented high-profile individuals, local and international organizations and even governments. Mr. Tosto actively championed for the adoption of several legal mechanisms that as of today are being used in the Brazilian legal community. Mr. Tosto is also a reputable author and has co-authored and authored several books including O Processo de Tiradentes.

Reputation Management and the Wild West of the Internet

If you have opened a web browser in the past few years, you may be familiar with the phrase “You can’t delete anything from the internet.” While not entirely accurate, it does highlight the fact that the web is an organic construct. Starting an online reputation management company is like trying to set rules in the lawless days of the wild west. It is a difficult job, but not impossible!
Unfortunately, the internet does not appreciate manipulation. Reputation management requires a gentle touch, and can go wrong for a variety of reasons. An example of reputation management backfiring can be seen in this BoingBoing article about the infamous UC Davis pepper spray incident. The chancellor certainly needs a reputation management consultant. However, notice some of the attitudes in the article. They call reputation management companies “sleazy.” The entire article sets a mood of negativity around the idea that a person might want to move forward from their past transgressions.

Going viral is a dangerous game. It can do wonders for publicity, especially when going viral with intent. Chuck Testa has become an extremely recognizable name, though he was just a local taxidermist before his viral video success. Unfortunately, running a Google search for U.S. Representative Hank Johnson shows references to his viral comment about Guam on the first page. Without proper online reputation consultation, Hank Johnson’s comments won’t be forgotten by the internet.

Though the web may seem to be too tricky of a place to make an impact on at first glance, a decent reputation management consultant makes a tremendous impact. Your name is your brand, and you have every right to protect that brand. These days, everyone is looking to go viral. The more help you get with guiding your brand’s online presence, the more likely you’ll go viral in a positive fashion, and the less likely your brand is the face of the next pepper spray incident.


Great Innovation on Connect Us

Are you looking for a firm that fully provides amazing criminal justice and civil technological solutions? Well, Securus Technologies is dedicated to ensuring that all client’s needs are well catered for and totally satisfied. Recently, Securus Technologies officially announced the introduction of an automated application in Connect Us called Inmate Forms and Grievance Application. According to the vice president of Securus marketing and strategy sector, Russell Roberts, Securus is dedicated to providing new features and technologies continuously for customers to ensure a friendly business environment that favors both parties. This new innovation is a clear indication of Securus efforts to deliver more effective, latest and modernized technologies.

Transformation from Traditional Methods to Digital Automation

For a long period of time, most correctional facilities have been using paper forms to cover different requests raised by inmates such as medical, signup forms, grievances and handbook acceptance among others. The paper form method is time consuming since the officers have to spend much of their precious time collecting, distributing, responding, logging, filling, storing and archiving forms. However, Securus Technologies has made an effort to do away with wastage of money and real time.


Merits of the Innovative Application

With Inmate Forms and Grievance app, you are in a good position to create different custom forms depending on your request type. Additionally, these forms are made easily accessible to inmates and so changes can be made on the forms at any time. When making the changes no printing is required and so the process is hassle free. This app is designed to simplify all manual paper processes to simple digital automation. With this automated application, correctional officers are able to save much valuable time therefore concentrating on other sensitive issues such as safety and security that require much attention. According to Chief Kolitwenzew, this new application on Connect Us is simple to implement and use therefore favorable for all.

ClassDojo Is Receiving Funding Of $21 Million As App Continues To Grow

As more and more young people are carrying and using mobile devices on a regular basis, teachers and school administrators have had new challenges of how to change the classrooms because of mobile technology’s impact. But there have been some breakthroughs as new apps like ClassDojo have emerged and changed education from the ground up. ClassDojo is a unique app that is simple in concept, but delivers results that have had teachers and parents talking to their friends about.

ClassDojo first came on the scene in 2011 when two grad students from the UK came to America looking to develop something that would change people’s lives. They took a look at education and believed it was lacking the attention it needed from the technology world, so they began to develop a solution that they hoped would help both instructors and students. They went to a teachers’ conference in California and began to ask the teachers there what they would like to see done with a classroom app. They took a lot of diverse ideas, and soon Class Dojo went from concept to application. The app has never been marketed through television or online ads, and has become known simply through word-of-mouth, something the developers have felt is the best marketing tactic of them all.

The way it works is teachers show students videos about Dojo monsters in a school setting who have to find ways to overcome the struggles they have with certain subjects. The aim of the videos is to encourage students that they can be successful at anything they put their mind to. And during class assignments, teachers use the app to give students points when they complete their tasks, and help others in the classroom. ClassDojo provides positive feedback, and even allows students to post activities to a profile that parents can see. Teachers can communicate more closely with parents through the app about student progress, and it’s allowed them to eliminate the lengthy parent-teacher meetings.

To this day, the app is free to download and is available across all kinds of mobile devices. The developers are working on more features that will be available to paying premium users in the future. In the last year, ClassDojo got a $21 million venture capital boost from investors.

Sanjay Shah Dedicates Autism Rocks To Autism Victims

Autism Rocks is a traveling festival that puts on shows featuring some of the most renowned entertainers. It has hosted events in cities all over the world from Madrid to New Delhi, and all funds received from ticket purchases go towards research and cures for autism. Millionaire entrepreneur Sanjay Shah, the founder of Solo Capital is the man who started up Autism Rocks, and he did so because the disease is something he knows about. His young son Nikhil has had to work through the struggles of autism, but Sanjay hopes that this festival, recently hosted in his home city Dubai, will help others affected by the disease, and maybe one day help find a cure for it.

Sanjay Shah has always had an interest in health and medicine, and at one point he was going to be a doctor. But when medical school fell through, he decided to take up business and accounting instead. He became certified and was hired by several big banks like Morgan Stanley and Citibank, and he was very proficient at his job, but he still felt he was not reaching the goals of what he really wanted to do with his life.

Things took a turn for the worse for Shah when he lost his job in 2009 because of the financial crash. He was nearly broke, but he had a little money to get a small room in a corner outlet of a London building. It was there that he started up Solo Capital, an investment boutique company that managed clients funds and gave sound investment advice. He was able to grow the company in a few years from just a small-dollar startup, to a million-dollar enterprise. Shah did so well with the business that he was able to let others manage it while he took time off to spend with his family. Shah is considered retired today and lives in Dubai, the UAE’s largest city.

Brian Torchin Invests in Team Efforts Rather Than Personal Gains

The failure to invest in a team can have devastating consequences for the workplace. Brian Torchin of HCRC Staffing believes in working with his team to better one of the most important industries in the entire world: The health care industry. By never taking the credit for his own success, Brian Torchin continues to be recognized for his soul rather than simply his skills.

Described as being detail oriented and easy to understand, Brian Torchin has serviced thousands of medical facilities in the United States, Asia, Canada, Australia, and Europe. By executing lengthy background checks and getting to know every single one of his clients deeply, he ensures that medical facilities will be properly staffed throughout the world.

Too often, those who went to school to specialize in the medical field are being forced to work within a very small scope. Disagreeing with this fact heavily is Brian Torchin, so he makes it his mission to match skills with prospective patients. Essentially, by getting to know the wishes of his clients, he adjusts his focus accordingly to deliver profound results that have proven effective in improving the industry altogether. Though he understands the importance of efficiency when staffing everything from private practices to major city hospitals, he refuses to sacrifice correctness in the name of saving time.

In summary, there is a compassionate soul resting in Brian Torchin, which is a refreshing reality in an otherwise stale and dwindling industry. Without people such as him and his investment in a team effort, the medical industry would have weakened beyond recognition and repair. Notwithstanding being busy with his company and personal affairs, Torchin believes in educating the public, so he regularly updates a blog discussing the discrepancies of the industry, how they have improved, and what his team has been doing to better them even further. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the world is a better, healthier place thanks to Torchin and his team.

Doe Deere Leads Lime Crime & Feminism Into the Future

The internet has made it possible for people to come out of the woodwork and launch highly successful businesses. With the digital age upon us and communication easier than ever it makes sense that entrepreneurs are grabbing headlines. Doe Deere, the vocal feminist leader of the makeup company Lime Crime, is doing everything she can to make sure that her impression is a lasting one. Deere sat down for a fascinating interview with Galore Magazine to talk about her history and how she’s gotten to where she is today.

First off what you need to understand about Doe Deere and her company is that “loud is proud” is more than just a catch phrase, it is a way of life. Deere lives by creating hybrids of colors that fascinate the eye while uplifting the person wearing them. In Deere’s opinion there is nothing quite as exciting as showing off your true colors, no matter how bold they may be. However, despite all of Deere’s success with Lime Crime it wasn’t always a given that she would be working in the makeup field.

Deere admits that she wasn’t really comfortable or creative enough with her makeup skills until she hit her 20’s. It was around that time that she started puzzling about with bold colors and theatrical lines of make up, like Ben Nye. Deciding to really experiment gave her all of the incentive she needed to jump to the next level. In 2004 Deere opened up her first store, a shop on eBay. She called the store “limecrime” because it combined her favorite color with a word that rhymed. Though she hadn’t put much thought into the company name then, it sure means something different now: the evolution of color, a lack of control that is so stylish, and a true disregard for the ‘rules’ of makeup.

Lime Crime is experiencing tremendous growth thanks to the fascinating, quality product and the amazing woman behind the scenes. Deere has been named one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs in the world and we fully expect Lime Crime to continue its growth going forward with her at the helm.