August, 2016

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The Amazing Story of Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg is one of the youngest entrepreneurs who have succeeded tremendously in their career. Goldenberg is the co-CEO of JustFab, a company he co-founded with Don Ressler. At a young age, Adam started his promising career when he established Gamer’s Alliance, a collection of gaming sites. By that time, Adam was only 15 years old. Adam Goldenberg then sold Gamer’s Alliance to join Intermix Media after he completed high school. While working his way through the entrepreneurship ladder, he met Don Ressler, a long-time business associate. They pulled their resources together to start a new company known as Intelligent Beauty.

Currently, they are proud owners of JustFab, an internationally recognized company that started its operations in 2010. JustFab has grown to become an example to many startup companies that are struggling to find their place in the competitive global market on Bloomberg. The company is an e-commerce outlet that boasts a broad range of selections including shoes, handbags and jewelry. The aim of the company is to offer personalized shopping experience to millions of its members worldwide.

The company has extended its operations to over ten countries. Its services are now available to people who live in Germany, Canada, Spain, England, France, Netherlands and many more. In 2013 alone, JustFab raised over $58 million and opened up another new shoe line known as ShoeDazzle. Also, the company is a constant designer of celebrity stylist outfits and athletic brands like Fabletics. Fabletics plans to open more than 75 stores over the next five years. The company is currently referred to as a unicorn, which means it has a valuation of over $1 billion. Source:

Mr Adam Goldenberg is still the CEO of Intelligent beauty. Because of his smart approach to what he does, Intelligent beauty is currently an incubator that is on its way to generating more than $500 million in profits this year. When asked about his achievements at Intelligent Beauty and JustFab, Adam acknowledged that their interests in metrics and flexibility have made them be where they are now. He holds to the utmost importance transparency and respect when handling clients and employees. He shares with his employees the good and the bad, which enable the team to make and understand tactical changes necessary to keep the business relevant.

Adam Goldenberg is also a member of Cross Ventures Management where he serves as the advisor. He has also served as director of Brentwood Cosmetics from 2004. Adam Goldenberg is 35 years old.

Diagnosing Sleep Apnea Through Dentist Appointments

The dentist might be the last person that you would think of in diagnosing sleep apnea but they do recognize the potential for it. A good dentist might suggest that a patient needs to go seek a sleep study due to issues they find in an examination. A dentist can diagnose things like narrow airways, enlarged tonsils, and chronic congestion. Avi Weisfogel is able to diagnose and make suggestions in his dental office in New Jersey. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist that was born in 1972. He went to school to receive his BA in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University. After completing this he went on to graduate from the NYU School of Medicine. You can follow him on Twitter and on LinkedIn at Avi Weisfogel is inspirational in helping many dental professionals to be able to diagnose sleep apnea. He also helps them with the possibility of using dental appliances.

Sleep Apnea is not easy to diagnose but it is easy to treat with the right diagnosis. Avi Weisfogel knows too well that people need to get this diagnosed and treated. He helps dentist apply dental appliances that may help with the sleep apnea such as teeth guard or tongue guards. These sleep devices will cut down on the 90% of the population that is undiagnosed. Avi also helps with a social media campaign that is collecting money to help people that need dental help and can not afford it. Operation Smile is a nonprofit organization that helps people be able to receive the dental work they need at a free or reduced cost.

People love listening to Avi Weisfogel give his talks on sleep apnea. The dentist that attend come out with a better understanding of sleep apnea and dental issues that contribute to sleep disorders. Avi is helping to identify issues that may cause potential patients danger from the potential of sleep apnea. He knows what to look for and knows how to treat. Avi has videos that help explain things. Check out some of the videos at WordPress and

Jennifer Walden Returns Home To Open Office And Raise Sons

Jennifer Walden is one of the top surgeons in the Texas area and surrounding areas. She is very good at what she does. Jennifer Walden recently came back to the Austin Texas area after living in New york for several years. While living in New York she shadowed another surgeon and began doing her own work and making her own name. Jennifer Walden is a single mother with twin boys. Jennifer knew in the eighth grade that she wanted to be a surgeon. She also knew that she wanted to be a mother. Both of these things she has accomplished. This is all because of the encouragement of her parents. Her dentist father and surgical nurse mother have helped her to form her likes and dislikes as well as gave her the courage to return home to be a mother.

She knows how to explain myths about male and female genitalia. Jennifer is one of the media commentators holds seminars and meetings to help people understand the myths behind vaginal rejuvenation. One of the misconceptions is that men expect a woman to have nice looking or beautiful genitalia. The beautiful genitalia issue is mostly because of men and their urges but women want to look good as well. Another issue that she helps men and women understand is that women do not care about how tight their vaginal cavity is. This is not true, women do care because it could affect the woman’s ability to orgasm.

Jennifer Walden and her family are happy that she moved back to the Austin Texas area to open her new satellite office. She opened the doors of her very own office and is happy to be helping people that need. She has been on ABC and several talk shows. Vive magazine and American Airlines magazine both are featuring her as being one of best surgeons in the Americas. Some of the issues she discusses are teen plastic surgery debates and the mommy makeovers. Jennifer is one of the people that young people trust. Trust and commitment are the two main factors in any commitment and Jennifer is fully committed to serving her friends well.

Aqcuires College Savings Bank

NexBank, a regional bank headquartered in Dallas, Texas recently acquired College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey. The reason for the acquisition, as stated by NexBank Executive Vice President Matt Siekielski was that it will “allow [NexBank] to better serve the broad needs of [it’s] clients and help families save for college.”

NexBank Acquires College Savings Bank
College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey is a bank that is focused on helping families save for college, and has 529 college saving programs. It does with FDIC-insured CD investments and high-yield savings accounts. College Savings Bank will keep its name and branding and continue to operate as is for the time being.

NexBank is a financial services company that offers a number of services. However, all of its services fit under three umbrellas: Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Investment Banking. NexBank is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has multiple locations throughout Texas.

NexBank prides itself on offering custom banking solutions to its clients along with a high level of expertise. NexBank’s primary clientele are leading financial institutions, institutional clients, corporations and individuals.
The acquisition of College Savings Bank Should Help NexBank expand its platform and help them position themselves for growth. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Navigating the Slopes With Andy Wirth

With over twenty years’ experience in the ski Industry of California, Andy Wirth has built a reputation as a knowledgeable and creative businessman. In addition, he is positive about the future of skiing in California. Now, as CEO and daily manager at the world famous Squaw Valley Ski Resort, he is responsible for the strategic planning of the ski resort’s holdings.

He is.very aware of the environment and the need for wise use of the beautiful resort location. He is also a part of the future, whatever that may hold, of the Squaw Valley Resort.

Wirth’s enthusiasm and acceptance of some snow deprived seasons as something to be met with technology and creative planning, have made him a popular spokesman for the ski industry. His confidence in the potential growth of the area, and his warm outgoing personality, make his leadership a positive and exciting experience.

In January, he was elected Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation which is responsible for maintaining and developing air service to the area. Wirth believes that this is a vital ingredient in the growth of any area. Good marketing offers opportunities for the customer to easily assess what is available, and many feel that Wirth’s election is the first step in a great plan for expansion.  Read more: Update on CEO Andy Wirth and his letter and Andrew Wirth: Executive Profile & Biography

According to CrowdRise, several years ago, Andy Wirth suffered a serious accident while sky diving. There was a rather long rehabilitative period during which Wirth came in contact with a group of Navy seals who were training at Squaw Valley. He credits them with much of his recovery but he showed a strength and tenacity that was a part of his spirit.

Andy Wirth became very involved with the challenges of these men and their families, and he has become very well known in the community for his work with community based organizations that serve a need.

Almost from the beginning of his relationship with the Squaw Valley Holdings, Wirth has felt the need for massive changes in many areas of management and development. He can envision a world class resort of magnitude size. Almost immediately, the small community resisted change, and controversy is still a great part of the climate.

The huge mountains, with their peaks and cliffs overlooking large parking lots, hold the loyalty of many, but gradually the idea of compromise and growth appear in discussion.

Andy Wirth is a patient leader and much planning is seasoned by time. Whether the snow falls fast and furious or whether a new village appears to support a large growth of new athletes at Squaw Valley, remains to be seen. Someone said, “Ski resorts evolve, as do all things.” Wirth is well aware that those mountains weren’t made in a day!

Wen by Chaz: The Proof Is in the Formula, Folks

Females are the sex that is often the most difficult on themselves–especially when it comes to their personal appearance. From disliking the way that their teeth look to the way that their hair frames their face, ladies are rarely satisfied with themselves. Thankfully and rightfully so, though, countless products exist in favor of abating the stress associated with women disliking their appearances.
Wen by Chaz Dean [], for example, are luxury hair care products designed for all hair types. Often being referred to as a salon in a bottle, these products come in a multitude of scents and capabilities, which makes them heavily used by celebrities and everyday people. The formula put into every bottle considers what tends to damage hair and which ingredients are essential in repairing every strand.

Emily McClure has self-proclaimed thin hair and she also considers herself a hair product enthusiast. After witnessing countless commercials with women flinging their perfectly healthy locks from side to side after using WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner, she decided it was time for a little experiment.

Lasting one week, McClure made it a point to use the same conditioner on her hair each day. Using the recommended amount each time, McClure boasted of how immediately soft her hair felt when using this product, and mentioned was continuously made to how voluminous it actually felt and became. When her friends noticed in less than a week, Emily knew that she made the right choice and that the hype surrounding Wen by Chaz products were not ill-conceived nor unsupported by hard evidence. Wen products are sold on Sephora and on Amazon.


InnovaCare Health Offers Medicare Advantage Plans

InnovaCare Health is a leading healthcare company that specializes in providing patient care through Medicare Advantage Plans and physician practice services. This company prioritizes patients by making sure they get the best care at all times. Part of what InnovaCare does to ensure that patients get the best care is by making it very affordable. Since some seniors are unable to get medical care out of pocket or through private insurance companies alone, they get the coverage they need through Medicare Advantage plans. These plans help cover the cost of healthcare expenses. Along with providing care through Medicare Advantage plans, InnovaCare Health provides physician practice services which help healthcare organizations better manage themselves. The current leadership of InnovaCare Health are chief executive officer Rick Shinto and chief administrative officer Penelope Kokkinides.

When it comes to providing the best care for its patients, InnovaCare Health offers Medicare Advantage Plans. These are health insurance plans where an individual will get care through a private company that is subsidized by Medicare. As a result individuals are able to get the care they need at a more affordable rate. Patients using Medicare Advantage plans according to Penelope Kokkinides will be able to take advantage of plans such Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, Private Fee service plans and also Medical savings account plans. Therefore patients can get comprehensive coverage with the help of InnovaCare Health.

Medicare Advantage plans provide comprehensive healthcare coverage. They can be used to cover expenses pertaining to hospital visits, physician office visits, surgery, cancer treatments and also prescription drug coverage. As a result patients will have a plan to easily cover any healthcare related costs that they may incur. Since hospital visits, surgery and cancer treatments can be quite expensive it will be very beneficial to take advantage of Medicare Advantage plans. This will help ensure that patients get the care that they need and have the ability to comfortably afford it as well.

Along with offering care through Medicare Advantage plans, InnovaCare Health offers physician practice services. These services help ensure that a healthcare organization is able to operate at its best. With physician practice services, healthcare organizations can find ways to get the most updated technology, use more detailed computerized medical records, purchase the most affordable medical supplies and also help healthcare organizations provide the best possible care for their patients. Therefore InnovaCare Health is available to help ensure that medical practices and hospitals are able to get what they need in order to provide the best healthcare services to patients.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health:

Laidlaw & Company Made Me A Ton Of Money In Retirement

I retired from the police force at the right age, but I knew that I had other things I wanted to do after retiring. I was not sure how I would do all of that because I had a static pension. The problem got worse when I could not find a place to invest my money even more, but then I found Laidlaw & Company. They actually helped me do a pension transfer so that I would be able to invest my pension money in a better way.

I talked to Matthew Eitner and James Ahern about what they thought I should do, and they told me about other experiences that they had with people doing pension transfers. I felt pretty comfortable with them, and then I got to do other things with my pension transfer aside from just getting a check.

The money we invested at Laidlaw & Company is split up between a few different places, and I have a broker who is helping me pick out some places that would work for me. I am only invested in places that would actually be worth it to me, and that makes me feel like I have total control of my finances. I am getting bigger checks every month, and I am a real investor.

There are some people who are afraid to do this because they do not have the experience to get it right. I just went to them for information, and now I am making more money than I ever would have anywhere else. It really is pretty freeing to actually have a bigger pension than people who worked longer than I did, and it is all because I got Laidlaw & Company to help me. That is why I had to do the pension transfer and got to know my broker.

Spending time with Children through Securus Technology

While most people are use to seeing their kids on a daily bases, and look forward to seeing their kids when they get home, for some parents this is not a possibility. And this is where the video technology offered by Securus Technology comes in handy. In the video, the father is talking to his young daughter, as the mother is trying to prompt her daughter on the other end of the webcam. In the video he tries to get his daughter to wave at him, during the video he gets to watch her play with toys, and even gets to watch cartoons with her, just like he would if he was at home with her, and his daughter even dances for him. With this technology, if even just for a moment, it lets the individual feel like they are back home with their loved one’s and experience what their loved ones do.

There are a couple types of options when it comes to the Securus video services, these include being able to pre-schedule a visit onsite, or to schedule a visit with the at-home visitation option. The at-home option helps to allow the individual to remotely with a loved one who is incarcerate, through the use of a computer that has a webcam connection with internet access. It is required that the individual have online account with securus. While the onsite vision is very similar to a standard through-the-glass visit what makes this unique through securus, is that the individual is able to schedule the visit in advance. This can help in reducing the wait time and this making the visit more convenient.

Along with the video services provided through securus, there is also jail voicemail, phone services and email services that are provided. With phone services, it provides the options of direct bill, which allows for calls from inmates and the charges are billed to the individual monthly. Advance connect, which is a prepaid account for calling that puts the individual in charge of spending. Traditional Collect which allows the individual to conveniently receive calls from inmates and have the charges added to the individual’s phone bill and the inmate debit which gives the inmate the option to pay for the call. Email services are provided with several different benefits, and Jail Voicemail, that with simple steps lets the individual leave a voicemail for their loved one, who will be notified that a voicemail has been left.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Nutrimost Suing Healthy Living Over Pirated Website Video

Weight loss plans usually aren’t the first thing that you think of when you think of pirates. Two weight loss companies are in the middle of a lawsuit that centers around just that act too. One of the fastest growing weight loss companies in the world, Nutrimost, is suing a rival company, Healthy Living, for pirating a promotional video from their website and using it for their own gain.

Anyone that watches the two videos can easily see the similarities. In fact, the Healthy Living video is almost exactly identical to the video that is found on the Nutrimost website. Some of the customer testimonials on the two videos are even identical. The only obvious difference between the two videos is that Healthy Living replaces the phrase “Ultimate Weight Loss Diet” with “Can’t Lose Diet” on their website.

Because of this, Nutrimost is suing Healthy Living for $300,000 in damages. These damages are for the theft of the video. The money is also to cover the diminished reputation that the Nutrimost says the Healthy Living video caused.

Nutrimost is one of the most popular and fastest growing weight loss plans on the market today. It is very popular with clients because it doesn’t require two things that many other weight loss plans require. The first thing is a specialized diet. Those on the Nutrimost plan can still eat whatever they want. The second thing that the Nutrimost plan doesn’t require is the taking of any medication.

It works by using the Nutrimost Resonant Frequency (NRF). This frequency is sent through the client’s body is a doctor-supervised environment. Both videos made claim to this on each website. Some people have reported that they have lost over 40 pounds in their first month on the Nutrimost diet. This is another reason that it is so popular.