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So you have made the choice. You have decided to invest your time and money with Laidlaw and Company. Why would you? There are one of the best in the business of finance. They offer some of the best advice when it comes to investing, so the choice does seem rather obvious.

Before you go in to impress and wow Laidlaw out of their shoes and socks, there are three things you need be aware of. It’s nothing bad. And PR Newswire got them listed for you. These are more or less for you own information. This way you know what to expect when you go into speak to them.

1)It’s a good idea to come in with some idea of what Laidlaw and Company will charge you for their help. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes that people make with their time and money. They don’t really have an idea of how it all works. Than, these people end up paying more than they should for their money. It might be a good idea to ask these questions before you hold the meeting. This way you will have some idea of what to expect under their terms and conditions.

2)It’s a good idea to have a plan. It’s not a good idea to stick very strictly with this plan. You do have to plan for some surprises along the way. Now this brokercheck.FINRA registered firm will minimize the higher risk surprises as much as possible. The point is to go in with an open mind. Expect the unexpected and learn to plan accordingly.

3)It’s a good idea to diversify your options and portfolio as much as possible. Never stick with just one or two roads and expect it to work out. What if one planned investment goes south? It’s best to have some sort of a backup. Most investors including Laidlaw and Company will tell you this.

The more diversified your investments and portfolio are, the more your protected your future will be, not to mention brighter.

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QNET Investing in Local Charity

There are a lot of companies that say they are interested in giving back to the community around them. However, there are few people who actually follow through on this promise. Over the long term, QNET is a great success story that has helped many people get into a better financial position. There are a lot of people who owe their current financial standing to the people at QNET. Over a long period of time, providing a platform for people to buy and sell goods has allowed QNET to develop into one of the largest online companies in the world today. It was recently announced that QNET would partner with Lion’s Club in order to advance several humanitarian causes that they care about. This is really important because there is a lot of potential good for people to accomplish in the area of life and business.

Success of QNET

The success of QNET is an inspirational story that many people can relate to. The founder of the company simply wanted to start up a company that would allow people in developing nations an easy way to start up a company. There are a lot of people who have been able to start up an online business and provide for their family. In places like Asia and South America, this is one of the best options available for starting up a company. Over the long term, this is a great opportunity for people living in those areas. There are a lot of people who have been able to get out of hard manual work to start up their online companies. Anyone who is wanting to take the next step in their business needs to make sure they have all of the information they need.

Humanitarian Causes

There are a lot of humanitarian causes that people believe in around the world. QNET wants to help people who are from a wide variety of backgrounds. There are a lot of customers who are living in countries with little or no access to basic human needs such as running water or sewage. There are a lot of ways that people can invest their money to help others, and QNET is on the leading edge of doing so. This is just the latest example that QNET cares about the people that they serve over the long term. Anyone wanting to start up a business should check out their site.

George Soros Sees a Relationship between the Debt-Fueled Growth of China today and U.S. in 2007-08

The current founder and chair of Soros Fund Management and billionaire George Soros said the China’s debt-fueled economy resembles the U.S. in 2007-08 before it led to a financial crisis on investopedia.com that spurred a global recession. According to Soros, the credit growth figures in March should only be taken as a warning sign. He was taking to an Asia Society event in New York. According to him, the China’s economy was measuring a new credit of 2.34 trillion yuan last month exceeding the forecasted 1.4 trillion yuan by Bloomberg survey. The new figures show that the government of China is prioritizing growth over reining in debt.

George Soros resembles this moves like the one taken by the U.S. during the financial crisis of 2007-08, which also fueled the credit growth. According to Soros, the money being supplied is what should be used to keep the bad debts and enterprises making losses alive. George Soros is a successful business person who made his fortune currently standing at $24 billion through savvy wagers on markets. He was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. He fled to England after surviving the World War II and communist dominated Hungary in 1947. There, he went to school and graduated in the School of Economics in London. He later settled in the U.S. where he finally made his fortune after investing in international investment fund on bloomberg.com he founded.

George Soros is also an active contributor and the current founder and chairperson of Open Society Foundation (OSF). He started giving in 1979 in South Africa when helped the black students to join Cape Town University during the apartheid. Today so far, the OSF operates in more than 100 countries and expenditures annually reached about $835 million in 2011. The objectives of the OSF is to promote values of human rights, open society, and transparency.

However, it is not the first time Soros has resembled what is happening today in the financial markets on https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros and what occurred during the crisis in 2007-08. Recently, he made a similar claim that global markets are facing a crisis and investors need to be careful. He associated the struggling China’s economy to find new growth models and currency devaluation as a problem that will be easily be transferred to the rest of the world economies. George Soros confirmed that emerging markets had a problem returning to positive interest rates adding that the current environment has similar characteristics to the crisis of 2008.

According to Soros, what is happening now in China is that there are more loans in the banks than deposits. The problem with that is that other banks will continue to lend to each other hence leading to additional instability and uncertainty. The Chinese government intervention has only deferred the problem to one or two years, but the problem remains in place and growing at an exponential rate.

Avi Weisfogel cares deeply about Operation Smile

Cleft palate is a rare problem in the United States, but in impoverished areas around the world millions of children are suffering from a cleft palate. Every day, these children struggle to eat and they even struggle to smile. Fortunately, many concerned people have chosen to contribute to an effort to help those with cleft palate. A simple surgical procedure can fix cleft palates and other facial deformities and Operation Smile is committed to offering these surgeries to those in need.

Operation Smile works with medical professionals around the world to provide cleft palate surgeries to those in need. They have built a huge network of governments, hospitals, and local doctors to keep young children smiling. The organization was founded in 1982 and has overseen thousands of successful surgeries. The company is extremely proud of the progress they have made, and many people are gravitating towards the mission of Operation Smile.

Recently, Operation Smile was raising money The campaign was going quite well when a successful businessman named Avi Weisfogel noticed the page. He felt empathy towards the children suffering from this horrible disease, and decided that he must act. He decided to start a GoFundMe page. He wanted more people to give money to the organization, so he established a great page. He decided to set the goal at $2,000 because he knew that $2,000 would make a great impact on the organization. Avi gave generously to the campaign himself, and he was glad to see that others were willing to contribute to the campaign as well.

While Avi Weisfogel started a GoFundMe campaign, he also decided to give the organization some positive publicity as well. He proudly stated that Operation Smile believes every kid deserves quality surgical care and that we should treat all children like we would treat our own. He strongly believes in Operation Smile’s mission of hope and goodwill. His GoFundMe page featured these statements and compelled people to donate. The GoFundMe page was an instant success, drawing people towards this amazing cause.

Smiles are incredibly important to Avi Weisfogel because he operates a dental practice. Every day he treats patients that need help with their smiles. He treats them with a great deal of empathy and professionalism. He loves seeing the smiles of his patients as they leave, and he wants to spread that joy throughout the world.

Operations Smile is a great charity and Avi Weisfogel hopes that his efforts will make a huge difference for this company.

Watch Avi’s educational YouTube video below!

Talk Fusion is Ecstatic About Video Chat Product Increase in Rankings

Video Chat, one of the communication products offered by Talk Fusion has climbed the ranks to first place in the international markets. The product solution can be used on personal computer, tablet, MAC, Apple, and Android mobile phone. According to Business for Home, Android Market AppBrain ranked Video Chat as the top communication solution in Indonesia. AppBrain ranked the product fifth in Japan and Switzerland was ranked 20th. Talk Fusion was also pleased that its website ranking on Alexa during first quarter 2106.

With the 30-day free trial launch approaching, Talk Fusion is confident Video Chat and other products will continue to expand and reach other global markets. International consumers will be able to try any of the communication solutions, including Video Chat, Video Newsletter, Live Meetings, and Video Email. Talk Fusion video applications are retrievable in Google Play and iTunes online stores for free. When the free trial program launches, potential customers can sign up on Talk Fusion website. There is no credit card requirement for customers to sign up for any of the products.

Talk Fusion, a privately owned communication technology company was founded by Bob Reina in 2007 and is headquartered in Florida. Mr. Reina has over 20 years of experience in the technology and marketing industries. After receiving a BA from the University of South Florida, he worked as a police officer to serve his community. Reina left his police officer duties to pursue a video technology career and start Talk Fusion. To market communication solutions, the company trains Independent Associates.

Currently, Talk Fusion has Independent Associates in over 140 countries, including the U.S. and Asian countries. The executives at Talk Fusion expects its communication solutions to increase intensively during the 30-day free trial promotion. If customers are satisfied with the services and products after the trial is over, they will be charged for selected solutions. Indonesia and Japan have a strong market for video chat solutions, with Switzerland trailing. Alexa reported Talk Fusion website ranking comprised of over 30,000 positions of visitors and page views.

Charles Koch and the Presidential Race

Charles Koch is an American businessman and the CEO of Koch Industries. His brother David Koch has the role of Executive Vice President of the company. Charles sat down recently with Vanity Fair to talk about the current state of politics. Though his ideas are libertarian, he supports both Republican and Libertarian candidates in elections.

The current race for president is on Koch’s mind. He and his brother have a donor network dedicated to electing a Republican president. In 2012, their choice was Mitt Romney. In the 2016 election, they have not decided which contender to back. They are opposed to several of leading Republican candidate Donald Trump’s takes on common political issues.

Charles Koch considers himself a “classical liberal” and would like to see the two-party political system go away. The Republican Party is closest to his political views, and that is why he tends to back their candidates. In recent years, laws have changed that had restricted political donations from individuals and corporations. These restrictions have been lifted, and people can give freely to the candidate they would like to elect. Koch and his group of donors raised $400 million for the election in 2012. This year they have rounded up $900 million to back a Republican candidate.

Koch is remaining neutral on the presidential race so far. Because he opposes Trump’s policies on various issues, he is considering possibly backing another candidate. Once the primaries have all taken place, the political landscape will be clearer. Charles Koch and his brother David will choose a candidate to support at that time.

Charles Koch was born in Wichita, Kansas, in 1935. He has three brothers. He inherited the Koch Industries company from his father. He and his brother David each own 42 percent of the shares. Koch attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering. He also has two master’s degrees in engineering.

Charles became president of Koch Industries company in 1967 and expanded it to include other areas. Now the company includes pollution control technologies, ranching, commodity trading and consumer products, among others. Koch was estimated to be worth $41 billion in 2014 and was listed in Forbes’ list of “The 400 Richest Americans.” He has written two books about his success. They are titled “Good Profit” and “The Science of Success.”

Dick DeVos the Social Entrepreneur

There’s a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment in philanthropy. Dick DeVos and his wife Elizabeth best compound this argument. They have worked tirelessly for over thirty years to build the capacity of their local communities.


They have dedicated their entire careers to the empowerment of underprivileged families in Michigan and beyond. A huge proportion of their efforts is directed at the education sector which badly needed reforms to address inequalities. The couple has become an authority in matters of philanthropy in the public policy making process.


Elizabeth DeVos reckons that lobbying support in such a sector requires lots of motivation and perseverance. One cannot give up or be intimidated by the politics of the day. In fact, Dick DeVos had to venture into politics to be in a better position to lobby support from stakeholders in the education sector. He served on the Education Board in Michigan and later vied for the state gubernatorial seat.


The couple has a massive following and public approval. It has taken many years to make progress in education reforms in the US. Today, Elizabeth chairs the American Federation for Children, a platform that promotes the reform agenda. They have been able to address inequalities in school-choice programs, school charters, and vouchers as well as tax credits to enable children to access private school facilities. They have made massive inroads over the past decade to the delight of the power couple. Read more at http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/k_12_education/fighting_for_school_reform.


The family’s philanthropic nature is institutionalized in the Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation. This organization relies heavily on the financial fortunes the family has acquired over the past decades. Dick and is wife acknowledge their responsibility to act as stewards of their family values and serve local communities. The organization works hand in hand with other community groups for development.


The DeVos family owns a network marketing company, Amway corporation that started under his father Richard Sr. Dick DeVos worked under his father for over a decade and became a principal authority in the enterprise. He also ushered the corporation into a new era of prosperity in international markets. The family also owns the Orlando Magic NBA team where Dick once spent a spell as President and CEO.


The couple has an impressive academic record and were active leaders in their college days. Together, they have earned honorary degree awards from various institutions for their commendable work and dedication.


Can We Believe Yeonmi Park’s Account of North Korea?

Just what’s going on in North Korea? According to Reporters without Borders, North Korea is at the very bottom of their index of freedom of the press. North Korean television and radio seem to be controlled by the government. The nation is purposely secretive and responds with military bravado at the slightest provocation. There doesn’t seem to be any viable means of finding out anything about North Korea beyond the government’s own assertions and chance statements made by those North Koreans who have managed to cross the borders into South Korea or China.

It’s therefore all the more valuable for those concerned about human rights to pay attention to activists like Yeonmi Park. In 2007, Yeonmi and her mother crossed the Yalu River, which forms the border between North Korea and China. The two women – Yeonmi was only thirteen when her journey began – managed to negotiate human traffickers, despair, starvation, and the Gobi Desert to arrive finally in Mongolia, where Christian missionaries got them transport to South Korea and a new life. Yeonmi Park wrote an account of her ordeal in her Amazon released memoirs, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, published in 2015 by Penguin Press.
In a recent article for Reason.com (https://reason.com/blog/2015/11/15/yeonmi-parks-north-korean-defector-story), Todd Krainin candidly reviewed Yeonmi’s book, but maintained some skepticism in assessing the statements she made in her text. The account of Yeonmi’s experience is indeed harrowing, and reading of the horrors she endured is highly moving. But in response to her statements, the North Korean News media have insisted that Yeonmi and her mother are agents working for the United States and are not to be believed; in other words, they made the whole thing up to vilify North Korea. While it may be a little difficult to accept the florid rhetoric of Pyongyang and easy to wonder if they are protesting too much, readers outside of North Korea have claimed to find inaccuracies in Park’s account, throwing doubt upon her statements.
The question remains, just what’s going on in North Korea? If those who have escaped the country are not to be believed, then the only source of information we have is Pyongyang. But if we can put trust in the defectors’ words, then the situation in that secretive country is indeed one to excite great pity and concern.

Handy is Ready to Tackle your Spring Cleaning Projects

Refresh your Home

A deep house cleaning will leave your entire home environment completely refreshed. The average spring cleaning will cleanse every nook and cranny. Clearing off the winter residue will rejuvenate your home. A refreshed home will be free of unhealthy germs that have been left behind from the winter. A refreshed home will make everyone in the household feel happy and motivated. Every home will be transformed with spring cleaning. A thorough spring cleaning is more that a simple tidy up job. After a complete spring cleaning job has been performed in your home, you will reap the benefits. You will be able to enjoy your refreshed and energized environment. Feeling great will be the outcome of a quality spring cleaning job in your home. A good spring cleaning will boost your morale.

Refresh your Business Environment

Spring cleaning is not just for your home. Each and every business environment can enjoy a refreshed atmosphere with high quality spring cleaning. This is something that will add value to any organization while promoting a healthy and fresh environment. Even a workplace can be completely rejuvenated and enhanced with spring cleaning. A healthy and fresh work environment will be enjoyed by everyone.

Handy and a Professional Team

Handy cleaning services offers a highly professional team. These professionals are qualified to offer every customer a complete spring cleaning. Quality professionals with specialized training will leave you feeling confident in their abilities. Handy professionals have the updated cleaning tools along with specialized cleaning techniques to completely energize your home or business with a high quality spring cleaning project. Allow the Handy team to take over your spring cleaning projects.

Handy and the Spring Cleaning Specials

Handy will ensure that your spring cleaning services will fit into your spring budget. There are many spring cleaning options to choose from. Spring cleaning does not need you break your bank. This is an affordable solution that will reenergize your entire environment. There is a spring cleaning special to meet your every cleaning need. Home or business spring cleaning is available.

Beneful Originals, Healthy Weight, Healthy Puppy, and Playful Life

Beneful is a brand of wholesome gourmet dog food made by PurinaStore. It comes in many types, divided into the categories of dry, wet and treats. It is extremely high-quality pet food and is consumed by millions of dogs on a daily basis. Purina uses a sophisticated tracking system to ensure the purity and freshness of ingredients from before manufacturing to when the food is available in Walmart retail stores.


Beneful Originals is a dry dog food that comes in three varieties: with real beef, with real salmon and with real chicken. All varieties are omega-rich and contain 100% of the vitamins and nutrients an adult dog needs on a daily basis to stay healthy. Actual vegetables, including tomatoes, avocados and carrots, are part of the ingredients.

Healthy Weight

Healthy Weigh is another type of Beneful dry dog food. This food is formulated to give dogs on a diet an appropriate number of calories and tastes good as well. It contains real chicken, and it also has apples in it as well as some different types of vegetables. The texture of the food itself is mix of tender and crunchy, which is a combination dogs enjoy and is also good for their teeth.

Healthy Puppy

Healthy Puppy, as the name suggests, is formulated for young, growing dogs. It is a dry dog food full of calcium to help with developing bones and also is rich in DHA to assist in vision and neurological development. Its ingredients include peas and carrots; like Healthy Weight Beneful, it contains real chicken.

Playful Life

Playful Life is a protein-rich blend of dry dog food that also contains actual beef and eggs. This food is designed to give very active dogs the energy they need to get through their day. Among other pure ingredients, it contains spinach and blueberries. Playful life can even boost the energy and spirits of tired or older dogs, and it is a great blend to feed working dogs who need to stay active, awake and alert for long periods of time.

Click the link to visit the Beneful Treats page: https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/