March, 2016

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Insights Into the Looming Global Recession; George Soros

George Soros is the perfect definition of an individual who has made a mark in the history of the world. Soros has committed his life to changing the world through creating a culture of independent thinking amongst the world’s population. George Soros, who is an independent thinker, began his philanthropy in 1979; this was marked by efforts to providing black South Africans with scholarships. Soros believe that an educated population can change the world. These philanthropic efforts have led to the creation of the open society which comprises of several foundation, partners and hosts projects in more than 100 countries.

George Soros has predicted a major economic crisis in global economies on while addressing an economic forum in Sri Lanka. George is envied by many in the industry for his vast knowledge and experience in global economies. It is out of this experience that George Soros foresees harder economic times in the global market. 

The looming global economic crisis is fueled by the current situation in China. China has in the recent past faced very tough times with the Yuan dropping its value in the global market. This has had the effect of slowing down the growth rate in developing countries which have used China’s economic muscle in investing and manufacturing. In an attempt to save the country’s economy, China has preferred making a switch from the preferred growth model of manufacturing and investment replacing it with consumer and service.

This change has not received a good reception; China continues to struggle with making the adjustment. This situation has been worsened by global currencies, stock and commodity markets struggling to break even in the first week of January. The Yuan continues to lose its value in the New Year. Soros has warned that the continued devaluation of the Yuan spells doom for global economies predicting that the effects of this recession will be worse than those experienced in 2008. 

The 2008 economic crisis rocked America’s economy in a major way. Banks were forced to seek for grants from the Government in efforts to remain in business while customers as well as the American Population losing their homes to foreclosure.

This is not the first prediction by Soros, in 2011 while addressing an open panel in Washington DC, Soros aired his concerns about the effects of the Greece-born debt. This combined with the recession witnessed in China’s economy which happens to be the second largest economy in the world only proves George Soros worries. This is according to an article by Bloomberg business;

Soros made his name in 1991, after predicting that the UK would be forced to devalue the pound. This prediction came to pass, and Soros made $1billion from a bet placed on this prediction. Soros is the owner of a hedge fund that boasts of recording yearly profits averaging 20% since 1969 up to 2011. 

China continues to make efforts of redeeming the country’s economy from imminent recession. The China’s communist party has set goals to increase the Yuan’s convertibility by 2020 while dismantling capital controls. Previous attempts by the Chinese Government to save the economy have bore no fruits. At this rate, the prediction by George Sorrows is set to happen.

Michael Zomber on Popular Antique Villages

Michael Zomber is an expert on of collecting European, Japanese, Islamic, and American arms and armor. His interest spans a wide time frame from the 16th through the 19th century. He believes that those individuals who own these arms and armor must preserve them in pristine collection so that future generations can enjoy and learn from them.

He also is an active supporter of those who have valiantly fought with these arms including the Disable Veterans of America and Doctors without Borders. He recognizes that through the use of arms, Americans and citizens in a variety of countries, have been able to preserve many rights including the right to free speech and the right to bear arms.

While Michael says that many interesting arms are found in family collections across the United States, there are some communities where they are more likely to be found. A recent article in Forbes outlines some of these communities. Michael hopes to visit many of them soon.

One of those communities is Millerton, New York, where shoppers can look around the many merchants in Millerton Antique Square seven days a week. This community, located on the Connecticut border, features over 37 different antique merchants including Joe Brennan and Richard Campbell who specialize in early American collectibles. When in Millerton, make sure to leave time to stop for a cup of coffee at The Irving Farm Coffee House.

Another community that Michael would love to visit is Adamstown, Pennsylvania, carrying the nickname of “Antique Capital USA.” A great time to visit Adamstown is during one of the extravaganzas sponsored by the Mad Hatter Antique Mall.

If you live in the central United States, then consider heading to Galena, Illinois, for an antique shopping experience you will not soon forget. Located just a short distance from Chicago, this community boasts many antique shops with a wide array of merchandise for sale.

Whichever antique village you choose to go to, you can expect to be met with friendly vendors who are anxious to share your love of antiques. When possible, do your research before you go. Most experts suggest that you start by collecting things that you enjoy the most. Of course, Michael hopes that you will enjoy preserving arms from around the world.


iFunding An Easy Way To Start Making Real Estate Investments

For those people who are familiar with investments know that they usually require large amounts of capital and the risk on the individual can be very high. Thanks to technology and people like William Skelley it is now possible to still invest in real estate without the need of large amounts of capital. Through his iFunding company it is possible to make direct investments in real estate with the simple click of a button. All those opportunities that seemed incredibly out of reach for an individual to invest in now becomes possible thanks to the crowdfunding approach which was developed by William Skelley and his team of professionals at iFunding. This approach to investments allows investors to pool together their capital in order to make investments on larger opportunities thereby spreading the capital as well as the risk. This phenomenal approach makes investments that often seemed completely impossible to most individuals a reality now that the crowdfunding approach is applied. William Skelley has been an alternative investment professional for many years and has gained a lot of knowledge and experience which he now imparts on to his clients and investors at iFunding. He is apart of advising many clients on investments in excess of $2 billion which is a very big responsibility.

Previously, before William Skelley was involved in iFunding he worked several other jobs including executive intern at Bain Capital, principal at Rose Park Advisors, and working at both General Electric and Olympus. From CrunchBase it’s clear that his specialities however lie in crowdfunding, real estate, social media and technology. William is often heard speaking at industry events on these topics as he is a industry leader.

On the iFunding website it is possible for investors to interact within webinars that provide the platform for discussions, questions and presenting several investment offerings. This is a very important part of the investment process as this allows for complete transparency as well as all the formalities to be addressed. Once the customer has decided upon an investment that he/she would like to pursue then all that is necessary is to sign the legal documents and submit the payment. All these steps can be performed from the comfort of the customers home without the need to fax or send in any documentation. Making this one of the simplest investment opportunities available in today’s economy.  Check out Twitter for more, where William Skelley runs the iFunding social media account.

U.S. Money Reserve Reveals A Solid E-Commerce Website


Investors are looking to expand and hedge their portfolios with precious metals. U.S. Money Reserve of Austin, TX works hard to facilitate sales. The company puts a tremendous amount of effort into researching coins, and procures those it feels possesses the best investment potential. Many of the coins offered for sale are made by the U.S. Mint, and that means the full power of the United States’ economy backs them.

Buyers are always looking for an easy way of purchasing merchandise. Buyers of gold, silver, and platinum coins are no different. U.S. Money Reserve has developed a solid e-commerce website that exceeds all expectations of quality. CBS 19 covered the news about the new website. Anyone interested in buying precious metal coins online definitely should take a look at the site.

The website is a stylistic achievement. The content does include an illustrated catalog of many coins sold by U.S. Money Reserve. The images are not flat-looking or dull. The coins do come to life thanks to the sharpness of the images. No expense was spared in creating this visually-alluring website.

Shopping cart software was integrated into the design for the easy selection and checkout of merchandise. The online ordering is touted as being very secure, a trait customers surely look for.

Customers may also be looking for information, and U.S. Money Reserve does a lot to provide them with it. Anyone who requests a special information kit can do so through the site. The kit should be able to provide a lot of background information on gold and precious metals investing.

The website itself is filled with a great deal of information on precious metals and investing. A “knowledge center” section on general information, and a gold investing-specific section can be reviewed by visitors. Many people looking to buy coins are completely new to this type of investing. U.S. Money Reserve is doing a lot to help answer any questions these persons may have.

Speaking directly with a customer account representative is most definitely possible. One-on-one consulting tailored to the needs of the person thinking about making a buy is only a phone call away. Incidentally, ordering via the phone is possible as well. Not everyone likes to buy through shopping cart software, and that is fine. The website may be used to locate attractive assets, and a phone call to the company’s offices could facilitate the sale.

U.S. Money Reserve prides itself in customer service and satisfaction. All inquiries will be taken seriously and properly addressed. Purchases will be sent to the shipping department for packing and delivery without unnecessary delays. Anyone who wants to learn more about the company can always visit its website at any time.

Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is a trading investment firm that specializes in consulting and proprietary trading. It was started by Sanjay Shah and he has been the one responsible for creating it from the ground up. The company is mainly ran out of Dubai and London with over 39 offices surrounding the areas. He started the company with a few college graduates and some partners that helped him get the business started. He told himself that he would give it a go for one year and see how the business played out. It played out pretty good for him. With a million dollar company that has a net worth of $280 million, he has been able to semi retire and enjoy his family more.

He wasn’t always in the investment and trading business. He originally came from Kenya and moved to Central London with his family where he attended King’s College. He wanted to attend college and study to become a doctor. After several classes and much consideration, he decided that studying medicine wasn’t something he wanted to do. He then began to study financing and accounting and graduated with his degree. After getting a job at an accounting firm and working there for many years, he started to realized that isn’t what he wanted to do for the rest of his life either. So he did some thinking and decided he would open his own brokerage firm, which became Solo Capital. He worked very hard to get the company where it is today, and has been able to sit back and relax a bit. With his retirement, he has allowed his executives to take over and run Solo Capital while he concentrates on his charity events.

He started a charity in 2014 that will aid in donations and help raise awareness for autism. It’s called Autism Rocks, and it is an invite only private concert that is put on by some of the most famous music artists in the industry. Shah was actually involved in the music industry for some time, and knows many musicians. Reported by Global Citizen, he’s actually had the pleasure of working with Snoop Dogg, Michael Buble and Drake are just to name a few. Snoop Dogg actually stopped by his house one day to visit with him and help him to get back into the industry. Shah found out that his youngest son has autism after taking him to a doctor’s office visit because he was acting different. Shah didn’t know exactly what do for him, so he thought if he could start a charity and really just better understand the condition that would be the best way to help his son. Autism Rocks has been very successful, and Shah hopes that it continues to help others in the future with autism.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Addresses The Zika Virus in Brazil

The Zika Virus first emerged during the 1940s, when the disease was found in Uganda and Tanzania. Throughout the last few years, the virus has spread to countries like India and Thailand.

Last year, the virus began to circulate through Latin America, invading countries such as Brazil, and Colombia. This caused the World Health Organization to issue a warning concerning the potential dangers of the disease, and its consequences.

Since the first cases of the Zika Virus were found in Brazil, there has been great concern among the health experts in the country. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, if the symptoms of the Zika Virus aren’t serious, the disease can be controlled. However, Dr. Cortes is worried about the relationship between the Zika Virus and Guillain Barre Syndrome.

According to Dr. Cortes, Guillain Barre Syndrome is an autoimmune and neurological disease, which could be related to the Zika Virus. The potential relationship was confirmed by the Brazilian Ministry of Health after being found in areas where a Zika Virus outbreak occurred.

The symptoms of the Zika Virus are not aggressive and may disappear after a week. According to Dr. Cortes, the most common symptoms are muscle pains and a rash. According to Dr. Cortes, for now the only way to diagnose the Zika Virus is through a complex exam performed at the Evandro Chagas Institute.

The Zika Virus is not contagious. The most common way to catch the disease is through a Aedes Aegypti bite. These mosquitos also carry dengue fever and chikungunya. When a mosquito that is not infected bites an infected person, the mosquito becomes infected, which causes the disease to spread. The Aedes Aegypti likes to lay eggs in clean water, which is another way to spread the virus.

Infected people can use anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers, while under prescription. Dr. Cortes points out that it is best to avoid taking aspirin because the patient may start bleeding. The easiest way to avoid catching the Zika Virus is to avoid standing water, even in containers and objects. Use screens on all windows and even consider installing some nets around your bed.

In Brazil, the Northeast is the region with the most reported cases of the Zika Virus, spanning over 200 cities. This disease has impacted both small children and adults alike. There is no vaccine for the Zika Virus, however progress is being made on developing a Vaccine every day.

The information from this article was published on Dr. Sergio Cortes’s blog.

You can follow him on LinkedIn.

George Soros making the Big EU Prediction

When it comes to the world’s largest politico-economic union, the European Union is feared to be on the verge of an inevitable collapse, according to Soros Fund Management’s founder George Soros. The author of The Tragedy of the European Union, Soros has stated on Bloomberg TV that the migrant crisis involving the Middle East has led to instability across the 28 member nations. (CNBC) He explained most of his reasoning in a recent interview with Gregor Peter Schmitz. a journalist of the German magazine producer WirtschaftsWoche.

Soros has made his view very clear regarding German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as the key to preventing the perceived collapse. In the past, Soros has been critical of the chancellor for her austerity policy, which has made his viewpoint as Merkel being a savior a shocking perspective. ( While he still is against her leadership strategies from the euro crisis, he believes her approach to welcome refugees against the better judgment of other fellow EU countries is the key to restoring stability. Soros relates the current migration crisis to that of the Greek crisis years ago, that the EU needs to be able to adhere to the art of muddling through one crisis after another. (CNBC)

Soros strong views from the topic stem from his personal history as a migrant, surviving the Holocaust as a Jew under the Nazi occupation of Hungary. He points to Merkel in the interview given his knowledge of her having similar personal history on migrant and refugee activities. ( Soros viewpoints on migrant crisis and economic collapse has been reflected in several of his many books including The Crash of 2008 and What it Means as well as his most recent novel The Tragedy of the European Union. ( His many years of expertise in the financial sector as well as his cultural experience in immigration allows him to be in a position to best explain the links between immigration reform and its impact on a national and global economy.

Soros, who was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary, has spent parts of his life in England as well as the United States. A graduate from the London School of Economics, Soros has been an active philanthropist since 1979, and is the founder of the Open Society Foundations that helps black students attend college at Cape Town University where Apartheid is still a cultural concern. ( Soros excellence and experience throughout his career leave good reasoning to believe his predictions moving forward are credible, and if so will have the luxury of saying he told you so.