Keith Mann Offers A Scholarship To Brooklyn Youth

Keith Mann is the founder of Dynamic Search Partners, and he has long been an advocate for education reform in New York City. He has worked with the school system for quite a long time to bring about change, and he has started a new scholarship for kids going to charter schools in Brooklyn. This article explains how the Professional Achievement Scholarship will help a kid in Brooklyn go to college every year.

#1: Keith Believes In Charter Schools

Keith Mann believes in the charter school movement, and he has helped charter schools in Brooklyn in the past. His eye for modern school buildings has made him popular among school reform movement advocates, and he is offering the Professional Achievement Scholarship to help a child who needed the charter school movement to get through school. There are many students who need extra money to go to college, and Keith Mann has stepped in to fill the void.

#2: One Student Per Year

One high school student per year will be awarded the Professional Achievement Scholarship, and the money will go to helping these kids get their undergraduate degrees. Charter schools are preparing kids to go to college, and Keith wants to offer kids some kind of hope that they can pay to go to school. The scholarship does not cover everything, but it gives students a head start.

#3: Improving Hope In Brooklyn

Hope for children in Brooklyn is high with charter schools moving into the area, and the scholarship offered by Keith Mann makes it more likely that other kids will go on to college. Keith knows the value of a college education, and he wants to see children making changes in their lives that are positive. Keith and his wife are personally paying for the scholarship, and they hope to offer more scholarships in the future.

The best students in Brooklyn charter schools have a chance to go to college with the Professional Achievement Scholarship. Keith Mann is personally bankrolling the program to help kids who might not be able to afford college, and he hopes more Brooklyn students will be inspired to go to college.

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