January, 2016

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Marcio Alaor Honored By His Home Region

The 33rd Annual Expose Samonte welcomed the addition of the Marcio Alaor Food Court, and Alaor was honored for his success in the business world. Marcio Alaor is a high-ranking executive at BMG Bank, and he is personally responsible for overseeing the vision of the company’s founding family. Marcio has helped countless Brazilians with their finances, and the people who live in his hometown wanted to honor him as described in this Dino Blog article. This article explains how Marcio Alaor became a beloved figure in the agricultural region where he grew up.

#1: Marcio Has A Long History Of Public Service

BMG Bank is a private company, but Marcio has been serving the public with financial tools for decades. He began his career with BMG Bank many years ago, and he has helped people obtain the loans or other financial products that are most useful. He has been in charge of several different divisions of the bank over the years, and he has grown in knowledge of what the Brazilian economy operates on.

#2: Marcio Works With The Agricultural Industry

Marcio has worked with the agricultural industry in his homeland, and he has helped several different business survive with financial products for the farming industry. His business acumen helps people who are struggling to find the cash they need to help their businesses survive. Marcio is popular in his hometown, and he has been honored with a wonderful distinction in his homeland on the 33rd anniversary of the Expose Samonte.

#3: The Food Court Dedication

The food court at the exhibition hall in his hometown was recently renamed in his honor. The honor was bestowed upon him for the work he has done for the people in the region, and he was happy to accept it. Anyone who comes through the exhibit hall will see the name of Marcio Alaor when they walk across the food court, and they will see a history of Marcio’s service to the region and the people of Brazil.

#4: His Continued Service To Brazil

Marcio Alaor will continue his role at BMG Bank for the foreseeable future, and he will continue his service to the Brazilian people for as long as they will have him. He is continuing the legacy of giving the company has created through its business loans, and he understands the agricultural industry that feeds the people of the nation. His knowledge of the country helps him create better financial products for everyone.

Marcio Alaor deserves the honor bestowed upon him by Expose Samonte, and he will be honored there every year in perpetuity. His legacy for helping the people of Brazil is one that is to be commended by all Brazilians.

The idea of AI has changed over the years

Artificial Intelligence has been advancing over the years. It has been used in brain research, neuromorphic engineering, and robotics and machine Learning. These subjects you suspect AI to be in. But AI has been slowly integrating into search engines and the e-Commerce market. Artificial Intelligence has been used in search engines with voice recognition, autocomplete and predictive search, and automatic friend tagging.

In the e-Commerce market, AI has changed the way we shop online and helping retailers with sales. It has helped retailers with sales by them having big data analytics, product discovery, and personalization. With product discovery, customers can view all kinds of products at once instead of choosing one store and one brand. Image recognition is another AI that has changed the way we shop online. One company that has been advancing visual search is Slyce. Artificial Intelligence will continue to evolve in the future with more exciting things for the e-Commerce market.

Slyce is a visual search company. Their image recognition technology helps customers find a brand or a similar brand online by taking a picture of the object. For example a plumber needs a certain part to fix a sink. Instead of looking for a model number, he can take a picture of the object and see which stores has that same part that he needs.

Slyce was established in 2012. They are located in Alberta, Canada. Slyce has branched out into different other technologies. Like the universal scanner which scans any barcode,coupon, or QR code in 2d or 3D. They also have Snip Snap which is a coupon saver. Which means you can leave your coupons at home. You can take a picture of the coupon and bring it to the store. Pouce is where you can take pictures of items and get lists of which carry the same or similar brand. Craves is where you can take pictures of clothes that you love, and they will show you which stores has a similar brand. Slyce has really changed the way we shop online and in stores.

George Soros and the Economy


Goerge Soros has a track record of success when it comes to predicting future economic events. Over the long term, few people have as much success in predicting economic events as George Soros. In a recent article for Bloomberg, George Soros says that he is expecting to see a fall in the markets. In his opinion, the market conditions are much like that of 2008. There are many different reasons why he is bearish on the overall world economy. This is important information for anyone who wants to look at their future investments based off of these decisions. Here are some of the most common reasons on Bloomberg that George Soros is somewhat bearish on the world markets.


Although there have been a lot of jobs created since 2008, many of the jobs being created are lower paying jobs. Over the long term, it is important for people to have organic wage growth through a variety of different means. There are many people who have graduated from college that are working in jobs that do not require a college degree. This can have a lot of negative effects on an economy over the long term. It will be interesting to see if the job market rebounds or if the jobs that continue to be created are those that are low paying. Anyone who is looking to make an impact in this area needs to make sure they are getting higher paying jobs.

Interest Rates

A low interest rate environment is designed to spur investments in many different areas of the economy. Although low interest rates are good for borrowing money, it is not good for people who are savers. It is difficult to save enough money to get by if you are not getting a high interest rate. There are many people who expect that the economy will not be as strong once the interest rates rebound. George Soros believes that this is one of the biggest areas of potential weakness in the overall economy. When interest rates do go up again, there are many people who believe there will be issues with how many people react. There are certain industries that are much more sensitive to interest rates than others. These include things like banking and housing. When interest rates go up quickly, these industries tend to suffer.

George Soros

George Soros has one of the most extensive careers of anyone who is in finance. There are few people who can stack up to his career success in different areas. Over the long term, there are many people who have looked up to what he has to say when it comes to the economy. There are many reasons outlined here that George Soros feels like the current economy is not one that respects savers and investors. With the interest rates in the economy about to go up again, there are many people who agree with George Soros that there will be growing pains here.

Kyle Bass; The Good and The Bad

Kyle Bass, the director and founder of Hayman Capital Management, continues to have complete relevance in the world of economics, this time, in a full throttle interview dubbed “Halftime Report” at CNBC where he gave out his perception of the significance of China’s volatility in the US economy.

According to Kyle Bass, the main cause of China’s economic slowdown is due to its banking system. He supports his reasoning by comparing the European economic crisis with China’s current slowdown whereby the banking system surpassed the GDP. China’s banks command a staggering 35 million dollars compared to its GDP, which is at 10 trillion dollars.

Kyle Bass further states that a credit cycle marred with contraction of access to credit is looming and investors should be more worried about it. He further adds that the slow credit growth rate currently witnessed in the US will plunge the country’s economy into a 10-20 downturn by the end of 2016.

Kyles Bass view on the current China’s volatility and how it might affect the US market was taken with much approval from the team of traders that graced the “Halftime Report” at CNBC. They all agreed that China banks had indeed lent too much money. Probably his views that other economic autocrats brand as amoral and misleading should be given second thoughts.

Mr Kyle Bass has is no exception to the piece of bad cake from the business fraternity. He has received mixed signals in terms of acceptance from various economists in US because of his shady history, one that’s been exposed by UsefulStooges. Others think that he is an individual laden with desire to pontificate at the site of the media. For example, his unending support of the Argentine Cristina Fernandez who most business people brands as having lack of knowledge and prudence in the business field has really received outcries from many people. His conflicting ideas about Argentina’s performance in debts have also put him in a hot spotlight with many thinking the Country’s irresponsible economic behavior should be brought to a halt.

He is also widely criticized his stand regarding the reckless management issues in the GM cars with many complaining of accidents caused by mechanical malpractice and mediocrity of the GM car manufacturers. He is blamed for shifting the blame on the fatalities to the victims. He comes out as a money hungry individual who is just interested in protecting his investments.

According to one of the critics Jim McTague, Bass has been so poor in his economic relevancy recently. He further adds that Mr. Bass is involved in several dubious means of getting money while trying to make people think he is the good guy.  His Wikipedia history is pretty up and down, so whose to say what’s really going on.

However, let us not forget to remember the “fifteen minutes” of fame Kyle Bass had back in 2008 when he correctly predicted the Subprime mortgage crisis. At least to some, he was a superstar.

Beneful Premium Dog Food

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