December, 2015

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How Sergio Cortes Became An Impersonator

Sergio Cortes is a top of the line impersonator known for his immensely uncanny look to Michael Jackson. As an MJ impersonator, he has made the lives of others so much more joyful. Trough his work, he has made huge changes and improved the lives of fans who do not have the ability to see Michael in concert.

Sergio knows for a fact that this career of his is not at all something anybody can do. Living the life of another legendary musician is not easy. He explained once that this is a job not for anybody to just do on a whim.

The one thing that sets him apart is his childhood that helped him get on the right track at a very early start in his career. He began watching Michael on television at a very young age while MJ was still in the Jackson Five. He eventually developed his career and became an amazing performer. After all of his training and practice over the years to becoming this amazing musician, he was given the chance to finally go on stage as an MJ performer. From that performance, he became a huge star and got into more serious performing opportunities.

He has now been able to sing on stage for countless people over the years. Whether it’s a huge show in another country or just a local place, you will find that his success has grown over the years. He is definitely one amazing person who has become such a huge success in the industry. Sergio developed the fit connections and started singing in huge shows.

What’s interesting about his career is that his entire life changed right after several videos of him online were shared. Sergio Cortes has become quite an amazing performer who now has thousands upon thousands of followers on social media platforms on Twitter and Facebook. Sergio is definitely known for his looks and abilities to perform on stage, but it was his singing and dancing that took him to the next level as a performer.

Sergio has become an inspiring person who truly knows exactly what he able to do. The power behind his performances have catapulted him to taking his ability to a grander stage, and he hopes to continue his performances to a new level by performing around the globe as an amazing impersonator.



One Life To Live’s Stacy Morasco-Crystal Hunt

One Life to Live is a daytime soap opera, which followed characters in fictional Llandview, Pennsylvania. The show ran for 43 years, before being canceled in 2011. One Life to Live was a drama, focusing on love, friendship, family, betrayal, sickness, death, and crime. Fans of One Life to Live fell in love with some characters and loved to hate others. It was this love that got them tuned in every day.

Over the years, One Life to Live has told the story of many, many characters. One of the most “love to hate” characters was Stacy Morasco. Stacy Morasco was the sister of Gigi Morasco. Gigi got pregnant as a teen by her boyfriend at the time, Rex Balsam, and was thrown out of her home. She left, and had her son, and named him Shane. She then raised him alone. She never told Rex about Shane. Eventually, the truth came out. Rex wanted to be a father to Shane and he fell in love with Gigi again. Everything was perfect until Stacy showed up.

Rex and Gigi found themselves working on a case, which led them to the strip club that Stacy was working it. Stacy had a crush on Rex as a kid, and that crush never stopped. Stacy made nice with Gigi, and got invited to move with her to Llandview. It didn’t take long for Stacy to cause problems between Rex and Gigi. She went as far as drugging Rex, and making him believe they had slept together. She enlisted the help of her best friend and former co-worker, Kimberly Andrews, to fake a pregnancy to keep Rex in her life forever. Over time, Stacy realized that she couldn’t fake a pregnancy forever, and went out to get pregnant by someone else, so that she could pass it off as Rex’s. She slept with Oliver Fish, who was trying to deny the fact that he was gay by sleeping with her, and she got pregnant.

A crazy man named Mitch Lawrence believed that Rex was his son. When he found out that Stacy was pregnant with Rex’s baby, he kidnapped her. He planned for her to deliver the baby, and he would keep the child and raise it as his own. It wasn’t until Stacy found out why she was being held hostage that she finally told the truth about the baby’s paternity. Just as Mitch was going to kill her, she escaped. She found her sister Gigi in the woods, and went into labor. Gigi got her to a cabin and helped her deliver the baby. During the delivery, the sisters bonded.

After the baby was born, he became ill. Stacy decided to brave the storm that was going on outside to get help for the baby, while Gigi kept the baby warm in the cabin. Stacy was overcome by the elements, and it was assumed that she died.

Years later, Stacy came back to Llandview after having plastic surgery to make her look like Gigi. While protecting her son from bullies, Gigi was locked in a basement and died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Toward the end of the series, a woman showed up with Gigi’s face, but no memory who she was. In the end, it was revealed that the woman who died in the basement was Stacy, and the woman who had no memory was Gigi.

Stacy Morasco was played by the talented actress, Crystal Hunt. Crystal had a background in soap acting before working on One Life to Live, by playing Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light in 2005. Since leaving One Life to Live, she appeared on 23 Blast, as Molly, and starred in the mega hit, Magic Mike XXL, as Lauren. Considering Crystal Hunt’s acting skills, it is likely that we will see her in many other movies and television shows in the future.  Her Vimeo will continue to have highlights of new work as it becomes available.

London Vacation Rentals From The Experts

During the course of my career, I have found that it is best to work with specialists who know about a specific field. Tapping into expert advice is often the very best way to get what you want. This is particularly true if you do not know much a given subject. It is good to work with someone who may have made it their life’s work. This was the approach I took when I was planning my trip to London. I’ve never been there before and I wanted help from someone who had. I knew that it was imperative to get such help to able to find the best possible London vacation rentals for my trip there.

So when I found London Escape I was so delighted. They know London the way I know my work space. They were able to help me think carefully about the kind of space that would be just right for my stay when I was going to be there. This was not easy as I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to stay. I had a in mind a vague trip but I wasn’t entirely sure about the kind of details that would be just right for my stay. When I worked with them, it helped me get the kind of expert advice that was right for me and allowed me to see London through the eyes of people who know a lot about the entire city including many other parts of the outlying areas as well as the city itself.

I recommend that anyone who is going to stay here really work with them as they are able to give them what they want and need. Working with an expert can help anyone find the right space for their needs and be assured of having a space that is totally right for their needs. This let me have one of the best vacations I’ve ever had during my entire life. It also let me discover the kind of London that I’ve always dreamed of seeing, a London I was able to truly enjoy.

There Is Something For Everyone In The Steelers’ New Clothing Line

The Steelers have recently come out with a whole new line of clothing that is all about the team, but that also looks great when worn out and about to places beyond just a football game, as well. The woman behind the new line on has taken great efforts to make the clothing into something great, and she has made sure that there is something for everyone in it. She has included pink clothing for younger girls and clothing made by all different popular brands for others. She has made clothing that can be used for dressier occasions or a completely casual evening, and every Steelers fan will be sure to find something that they love from this new collection.

The woman who is behind the new Steelers line of clothing is Susan McGalla. She’s a woman who knew that she wanted to be involved in business when she was a young girl, and she was encouraged by her parents to live out her dreams. Susan McGalla has worked for many different companies through the years, and she has been learning something new from each one that she worked for.

Susan McGalla gained experience by working at two different clothing companies, and she has had much fun all throughout her career. Every step that she has taken in her career has allowed her to grow, and she is happy with where she is at now. Many people doubted her when she was first starting out because of her being a woman, but she has proved them all wrong, as she has had a highly successful and enjoyable career.

US Money Reserve and the CAFB of Texas


The widely known precious metal distributor US Money Reserve is known to have given their money to a number of different causes over the years and have most recently given a large donation to the Central Area Food Bank of Texas, which helps feed homeless people and those who are unable to reasonably find or purchase food. The CAFB of Texas operates in Central Texas and helps people in twenty-one counties get the food they need for themselves and their family.

This great cause has helped give out more than thirty million pounds of food a year, which is nothing short of remarkable. The CAFB of Texas was expected to fold until US Money Reserve was able to give them a large enough donation to keep them afloat for a little while longer.

The publication where all of this information was based from was found on the Digital Journal, and can be found here.

The US Money Reserve is by far one of the leaders in the gold and silver distribution markets. Customers who are seeking precious metals will only go to the most trusted sources to get their metals. Those who have used US Money Reserve generally refuse to use any other company to facilitate their precious metal deals. US Money Reserve allows its clients and customers to have the chance at getting a one hundred percent refund in full, because customer service is one of the most important things that US Money Reserve cares about. Anybody who is looking to find more information out about US Money Reserve and see all what kinds of products they have for sale on their website, check out

The Central Area Food Bank of Texas can benefit by receiving donations from anyone in Texas who can spare money to help feed the hungry.

Social Media And Business – Is Facebook Getting In The Way Of Your Work?

Facebook is constantly a developing social media site that continues to make it either harder or easier for people to live their lives. It’s very beneficial to use when you’re at home and you want to get updates on friends and family, but using it during work is a serious problem that apparently many people are dealing with. Many people today are using Facebook too often on a daily basis while working, and this could cause future problems. Here’s just a few things it can cause:

– Problems With Your Work

You’ll find that working at an office can be quite tiring and exhausting. Problems with work can arise from using Facebook too much. How? Simply because you can be using it too much and some employers may be using software to keep up with employees to see what they are doing online. The problem can grow over time if not properly cared for if you end using social media way too often.

– Too Much Facebook Can Ruin Your Reputation

The truth about your Facebook account is that using it either at work or at home too much can cause future problems. The things you post or comment are almost always seen by others, and there are times when you may end up having to deal with a struggle regarding your online presence. For example, people have had their reputations ruined because of something they either said or shared on Facebook.

Status Labs is a famous online reputation management company you should consider speaking to in order to gain more insight on your brand online. They are known for protecting your business and making sure that your brand consistently looks good. It’s hard at times to succeed and to know exactly what you need to keep your reputation clean online especially when you he’s social media. Their consultation services and just how they operate can your brand.

You are probably a very successful businessman that could utilize the power of protecting your brand and your image online. If you want to avoid your name and your brand experiencing a downfall in reputation, it’s highly recommended to work with a company like Status Labs.

Things You Never Knew About MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes

Impersonating someone is one of the most difficult tasks that an individual can embrace. However, this has not been the case with Sergio Cortes, who has successfully impersonated the late pop singer Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes has risen to fame within no time after many people fell in love with his skills at performing like Michael Jackson. Impersonating an individual creates a connection that allows one appreciate what the person they love does. Although many have not managed to impersonate successfully, Sergio Cortes has proved that his skills are beyond what anyone would imagine.

An article posted on details about the journey Sergio Cortes has taken before he could achieve his current status. On his Facebook account, he has explained that impersonating someone is not an easy tasks. However, he has managed to do it after endless attempts and research that has allowed him learn more about Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes also runs a Twitter account, where you can follow his videos and updates about performances. His performances have been loved by many and this has earned him respect across different levels.

The process of impersonating someone is not as short as one would imagine. It takes time to get the grips of what the other person does. Sergio Cortes has been patient for more than 10 years and as a small boy, he would attend shows hosted by the late Michael Jackson. He showed unrivalled support for the musician and always wanted to perform like him. While at his early ages in life, he was dressed like Michael Jackson by his parents, something that he loved and appreciated. Sergio Cortes is a humble person and has been getting advice from other people on ways he can improve his performances. Surprisingly, he keeps improving each day. This has earned him a career, which has led to invitations to perform at big events and shows.

Sergio Cortes dresses and dances exactly like Michael Jackson. In 2010, he made a performance that was meant to offer tribute to the late Michael Jackson and this was his breakthrough. He received many endorsements for the great performance he offered at the venue. Many termed him as a creative impersonator, who was capable of even impersonating the voice of Michael Jackson. Everything Sergio Cortes does goes hand in hand with the way Michael Jackson used to behave. Other artistes have also appreciated his effort and skills at impersonating.