November, 2015

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Soros Spends a Fortune on Charitable Causes


George Soros is a Hungarian-born and British-educated multi-billionaire financier. He’s famous for making a billion dollars in a single day with his 10-billion-dollar bet on a decline of a British Pound back in 1990s.

Soros took his investment skills and established Soros Fund Management. This company runs Quantum Group of Funds which speculatively invest in stocks, commodities, and foreign exchange. This company has made Soros his billions. His net worth is estimated at nearly 25 billion dollars.

This 85-year-old investment guru has written books to share his amazing experiences. Among the most popular ones is the “Alchemy of Finance.” What’s more, he wrote another well-known book, “Underwriting Democracy,” expressing his interests in politics.

But investing and writing isn’t all what Soros is about. He also has founded an Open Society Foundation. This organization operates in multiple countries and its primary objectives include building tolerant democracies and government accountability. This organization works for greater tolerance of transgender individuals, refugees, and Roma people among others.

The recent refugee crisis has taken attention of George Soros. He states that Europe should accept a million Middle-Eastern and African refugees per year for foreseeable future and to support them financially. This has drawn much criticism from some politicians.

According to Soros, the burden of accepting refugees should be spread among various members of the European Union. This has brought criticism from Hungary, a place where Soros was born and left at the age of seven. Victor Orban, a Hungarian leader, publicly blamed Soros for causing a refugee crisis.

Soros made an announcement detailing how Europe should rebuild its asylum system. He blamed the European Union for a lack of common asylum policy and not doing enough to help the Syrian and other refugees. His plan calls for Europe and other countries to spend many billions of dollars per year on refugee aid.

As the refugee crisis intensifies, Soros and his organizations will likely push for their vision of how Europe should be and act.

Dan Newlin’s Team of Super Lawyers is Pounding Out Success

It’s time to recognize Dan Newlin and his team of Super lawyers for a continued track record of dedication and success in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Dan Newlin and Partners have earned the status of a Super Lawyer Law Firm (a status less than 5% of Florida based lawyers and law firms ever achieve). Super Lawyers are given this status through a rating service encompassing more than 70 areas of practice, in which they have earned a substantially high-mark of peer and professional recognition and achievement. The process involves selection determined by independent research, as well as peer evaluations.

After beginning his career in law enforcement working for New Chicago’s Indiana Police Department and Fire Department, Dan would determinedly move to accept a position serving the Orange County Sherriff’s Office in Orange County, Florida. An exceptional 10 year record earned him the rank of Sherriff’s Detective and later in the Fugitives Division he would be given recognition for his outstanding service by the United States Marshalls Office. Dan entered law school to obtain his degree in 1997 and graduated from the Florida State College of Law in 2000. He and his team proudly maintain offices in Florida and Illinois, offering above and beyond legal services to those in need.

Humbly starting out with one secretary in a small office, Dan has grown his firm to 18 experienced and dedicated attorneys and more than 75 employees, providing exceptional, personalized legal service throughout Florida and Illinois. Dan and his team are committed to excellence in personal injury, accidental injury, wrongful death, medical negligence, and now have also begun representing those wrongfully charged with criminal offenses. Dan was recently noted for achieving a settlement of $950,000 in the wrongful injury case of Edward Krutsinger, The 15 month case finally reaching its conclusion in March of 2015, when Newlin was able to negotiate a settlement with Mainstreet America Group, who refuses still to admit fault.

Now Dan Newlin’s highly qualified law firm services are even easier to reach than ever before, with the introduction of the abbreviated dialing code #Dan. After 18 months of engagement with the four telecommunications companies -AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon- Dan has been granted the right to implement the new dialing code, making promotions for his law firm even easier to remember. This strategy of utilizing the advantages of new technology is another reason why Dan is pounding the competition.

Selecting A Lawyer For Legal Advice

Sooner or later, everybody will require a law firm or lawyer for something. If you are facing a legal situation it is important that you get adequate representation. Venturing into the legal arena and litigations for the first time can be an extremely complicated experience. That’s why it’s important to get a good lawyer.

Selecting a great attorney can be a frustrating task. Compound this difficulty or frustration with the fact that much of your success depends on just how you choose your attorney and who you end up with and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the whole situation. It can be a great idea for you to shop around and research the background of multiple attorneys so you can be sure you’re working with a suitable professional to take care of your legal matter.

Before hiring a lawyer it is always a good idea to have some kind of consultation with the lawyer. Most attorneys offer a free consultation. You simply need to contact the law firm or attorney’s office to schedule your meeting with the lawyer. And be sure to have all of your pertinent documents with you during the consultation.

You need to not expect to obtain any law advice during your free consultation. Many people erroneously believe that a free consultation involves obtaining some law advice, but the majority of lawyers will not provide it until they get some kind of payment or fee. A consultation is generally set up to offer an attorney and a prospective client a chance to meet regardless if the client could possibly benefit from the attorney’s services depending on her circumstance. The majority of attorneyss spend no more than 30 minutes with a client during a free consultation, and this is usually just enough time to hear the basics of the client’s circumstance, touch on available options, and go over payment details.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a popular legal expert in Brazil, with a lot of experience in Brazilian Law. He comes highly recommended in the legal community due to his high success record. Ricardo Tosto has provided quality legal services for more than 22 years to both institutions and individual clients.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho resolves a large variety of industry and corporation conflicts. He is an expert when it comes to his great judicial proceeding methods, defending the most respected global brands and multinational organizations in serious disputes. Skilled in providing litigation in the most high-value, high-profile disagreements or disputes in Brazil. He is an extraordinary lawyer who really understands his clients’ business enterprise and legal concerns. Ricardo Tosto is truly passionate about their matter and fully works very hard for his clients.


Celebrity comes with fame and honor. Most celebs leave behind many followers after their demise. The flash lifestyle, the dancing styles, the choreography is left to be imitated by many who carry on the memories of the celeb. It was the case of the famous pop star Michael Jackson. Michael was very famous in the pop music industry as he was regarded as the king of pop. He had millions of followers worldwide who liked his songs and lifestyle. After his death, many of the followers had grown to like so much that they impersonated him to his best image.

Among the top impersonators is Mr. Sergio Cortez. He was a great fun and lover of Mr. Jackson. Sergio had the opportunity to meet Michal in his childhood. His mother took him to the Michal 5 tour and had the opportunity to meet the famous pop star. He fell in love with his music and lifestyle that his friends nicknamed his Michael. Since then, Sergio has perfected Michael’s songs and dances to look like the former star of pop. He has a high resemblance to Michael than any other impersonator of the king of pop. His love for Michael life has turned to be his dream career. He has grown in the industry of pop songs and continues to entertain his fans with the late star’s songs and dances.
Sergio has the most look the same choreography of the former star. His dancing style and flash lifestyle are a true reflection of Michael. He has a very high voice and vocal correspondence of the former star. Many Sergio’s fans say he rekindles the memories of the former star .his videos are available all over the internet, and it’s no doubt he is just another Michael Jackson
Sergio performed the tribute to Michael Jackson show in Madrid. Many of the Michaels fans attended the show. The show was a hit for Sergio. Sergio was born in Barcelona Spain in 1971. He currently works in Italy. Sergio continues to perform the late famous songs and dancers in a two-hour show he hosts. He is currently working with a talent company. The company works in improving the dreams of youth and promoting their talent. Sergio is a very inspiring man. His fans acknowledge that his lifestyle is very inspiring. Sergio is so perfect in what he does that those who don’t know that the star died will confuse him for the king of pop.

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Lacrosse Player Urbana Faces New Challenge With GoFundMe

People across the country recognize Jon Urbana as a man that is on the move. His strong interest in sports has led him to face another challenge. The fact is that the former lacrosse player for the Villanova Wildcats is very experienced at facing challenges and winning. Now, Urbana faces a new challenge with GoFundMe as he tries to raise money for Earth Force, a charity close to his heart (read more on his blog to see why he chose them.

His strong desire is to bring people across the world together and to unite them with his concern about helpless animals came through in another fundraiser for ARAS that Urbana is running on CrowdRise. His wish is to help in the effort to preserve Denver’s wilderness and save helpless animals facing life threatening challenges to their existence. He’s gone heavy with Instagram in his fundraising efforts, using his @jonurbana handle to rally up a supportive base. Go to his GoFundMe page to make a donation, or get in touch through the contact form on his website.

About Mr. Urbana
A former lacrosse professional and head of one of Denver’s most popular camps, Jon Urbana now resides in Denver, where he strikes deals for a startup called Ellipse USA. He’s posted an investor deck on CrunchBase, and this PDF that he sent to us after we emailed him.

Lacrosse Article Mentions Jon Urbana and Next Level Lacrosse Camp from Jon Urbana

The former lacrosse athlete is the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camps, which are located in Colorado. The camps strive to teach young people about the game of Lacrosse and to help develop their skills playing the game.

The fact is that Urbana is a very highly motivated individual who took the time to produce an awesome multimedia presentation about reasons to donate to Earth Force. An embed is below.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

You’ve gotta like that!

Urbana strives for success in all his endeavors, which is why he also mastered the art of flying and got a nod from the FAA.

Urbana attended Villanova University and earned a B.A. in Economics. He was also an exceptional athlete on the school’s Lacrosse team and still has people following him on Flickr to see his pictures from the field.

This dedicated entrepreneur is involved with a number of very special enterprises. Currently, he is the head of business development at Ellipse USA. His primary task with the organization is to make sure that the marketing aspect is handled smoothly through regional offices. He is also the co-founder and coach of Next Level Lacrosse Camp.

Sergio Cortes Is Honored To Impersonate Michael Jackson

Sergio Cortes never wanted to have just the typical job. He never wanted to be the typical man. So, when the opportunity arose for him to become an impersonator of a celebrity, he decided to do it. He was excited to take on the life of a famous man, and he was anxious to get started. There are many people who love Michael Jackson and all of the great things that the man had done, and Sergio Cortes is one of them. So when he started to impersonate Michael Jackson he knew that he had to do everything right.
Sergio Cortes has put a ton of work into getting everything done well in his impersonation of the singer. He’s made sure that his look matches what Michael Jackson had, and he’s made sure that all of his moves are just right, as well. He has always wanted to be good at the things that he is doing, and he can feel great about where he has taken things with his impersonation of the man, as he is now being called the best Michael Jackson impersonator. People see that he has put a ton of work into the things that he is doing and they respect him for that. They like that he cares so much about getting his act right, and they like that he is paying a great deal of respect to the singer.

Sergio Cortes fell in love with Michael Jackson’s music and personality when he was just a child, and he has had a lot of fun with impersonating him. He’s enjoyed himself as he has worked hard to become the man, and he is happy with the job that he currently has. He never wanted to have a typical job, and being an impersonator is about as far as it can get from that. He’s glad to be doing things so differently with his life, and he is glad to have the chance to impersonate someone so great. Michael Jackson was loved by all, and Sergio Cortes is honored to represent him in a small way.

The Best of Darius Fisher

Doxxing has become common these days, and what that means is someone gets your personal information and posts it online. Considering the information might be your bank records or even your credit card password or pin, one cannot overemphasize on the importance of basic privacy and safety of “digital hygiene”. As such, Darius Fisher has come up with ways that will help an individual to avoid such circumstances. He is the president of Status Labs, who handle online crises by fixing digital reputations. There a number of steps that the team believes work across the board. This include removing personal data online, changing social media privacy settings including passwords, try finding yourself online by doing an occasional Internet search, and ensure all the information remaining on the Internet is decent and believable.

As such, Status Labs has been mentioned among the top rising stars in the Innovation 50 list as published by PRWeek. The article highlighted that Fisher and his colleagues have worked with more than a 1000 clients from close to 40 countries successfully. It has been put on record that he is one of the few individuals who have been able to do crisis management on digital publishing and the same affecting his character to become a stronger personality. Fisher has also received honorary mentions from Yahoo! News and the New York Times when he assisted victims of the Ashley Madison hack.

Fisher is the co-founder of Status Labs, which is considered a premier online reputation management company and has worked with high-end personalities and companies such as athletes, political figures, chief executive officers and Fortune 500 brands. He is the force behind the strategy of the company not to mention partnerships with different influential agencies. As the president, he has also played a big role in recruiting the best domestic and international sales as well as account management teams that he works together with in Status Labs. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University before turning a political consultant and copywriter.

Darius Fisher was also a speaker at Impact15 in Sept this year, where the annual three-day conference gathers online marketing industry’s brightest individuals and innovative ideas and spoke about why the first page of Google search is the new first impression. He was able to share best practices in public relations, content development and SEO writing as part of his bid to utilize online reputation management skills.

Bruce Levenson- Co-Owner of the Atlanta Hawks and Avid Philanthropist

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson, born in Washington D.C. to a Jewish family, he grew up in a nearby suburb of Chevy Chase, Maryland. He also attended school at the Washington University in St. Louis and then decided to finish out school at the American University for his law degree. When attending school at night, Bruce opted to start working for the Washington Star in order to start his career in journalism. Ed Peskowitz along with Bruce Levenson went on in 1977 to form the UCG, United Communications Group. The two of them would meet together in Bruce’s apartment and started the Oil Express, a newsletter that would inform its readers about the current surroundings of the oil industry. Once they had readers and knew what they were doing, they would start a number of other newsletters along with an online database. This database would keep the readers informed of current happenings surrounding healthcare, banking and even energy resources. The group would move on to bigger and better things with the creation of the Gas Buddy app which showed users what gas stations in nearby vicinities offered the best price available. The app has been downloaded by millions and used as a means to help people save money with each gallon of gas purchased. In 2004 Times wrote, Bruce and his friend Ed joined together to purchase the Atlanta Hawks. In addition to purchasing the Hawks, they acquired ownership of the Thrashers alongside of the Phillips Arena. In 2011 however they decided they no longer needed the Thrashers and sold them. Once the Thrashers were sold, they worked together to bring in Danny Ferry in 2012. Danny once was a player for the Cleveland Cavaliers and once dropped as a player he worked as their general manager. After Danny left the Cavaliers, he went on to join the San Antonio Spurs as their Vice President of Operations before finally joining the team at the Hawks as their general manager. Bruce Levenson and his family once traveled with the team members to Washington D.C. for a game. While in D.C., Bruce and his family met with the players to teach them about the Holocaust and give their firsthand experience with the Holocaust. Bruce’s mother-in-law is a survivor from the Holocaust and was able to tell her story firsthand to the players. They met the players and then traveled to the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Bruce is one of the founding members of the Holocaust Museum. He was also responsible for a number of students going on in school due to his help in the I Have a Dream foundation which helps to sponsor children get into higher education programs and colleges. He also helps in various other programs such as Bringing the Lessons Home which teaches children about the Holocaust. Bruce loves to travel when he is not busy and has been to places such as Antarctica where he spent a number of nights sleeping in a tent. When he is not traveling he spends his time playing basketball himself, golfing and also skiing. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, Karen and three sons. They also own a home in Potomac, Maryland.

Adam Sender, Modern Art Collector

Adam Sender primarily has his career as the hedge fund manager at Exis. His office arguably resembles that of Penelope Garcia in Criminal Minds. It’s sound-proof with very low lighting and he trades all day at a desk in front of a computer. However, Sender is best known for collecting contemporary art for both his homes and his office. He favors those who have been working at the field for quite some time. However, he says that he doesn’t chase every current style every month but instead simply seeks out works that he personally likes.

Making smart choices even with art every time is a challenge. It’s like making smart choices with the stock market every time. It takes a sense of good assessment and good judgment to collect entire works of art that, put together, seem to tell a whole story.

In 2015, Sender passed some of his collections on to Sotheby to be auctioned off. They collected over 400 pieces by almost 140 artists. Some of the artists’ works due to be auctioned, include Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince and Dan Flavin. They also include some younger artists such as Rashid Johnson and Adam McEwen.

Sender, however, has not been collecting these works of art entirely single-handed. He has some connections to professional curators such as Lisa Dennison, who is currently the Chairman of Sotheby. Dennison claims that she believes that one thing that has made Sender so successful in his collections is that he assesses the artwork on the whole and looks past what the image might be trying to say. In 2003, for example, he collected many works by Matthew Barney, which were on sale at that time. It was Barney who he used as an inspiration for reading works of art to his own collector’s success.

Artwork representing contemporary and modern movements, such as minimalism and appropriation make up most of Sender’s collection.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Moved Her Practice to Austin, Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a woman who has always been working hard to make her career into something great. She’s the kind of woman who has never been satisfied with being anything but the best, and because of that she has become one of the most respected beauty surgeons in the country. People come to her when they need work done because they know that she will put her all into getting things done in the best way.
Dr. Jennifer Walden was running her practice out of New York City until recently when she decided that it would be best for her boys to grow up closer to family. She packed up her practice and moved it to her home city of Austin, Texas. There were many people who doubted her and her ability to make the practice work in Texas, but she proved them all wrong. She has been able to have much success in her home city, and she is excited about all that she is doing there. She is continuing to grow and learn and do new things while in Austin, and she is happy with the changes that she made. She’s glad that her boys are able to be closer to her mother and other members of her family, and she is glad that her practice is doing so well in Texas.