Sergio Cortes Keeps Michael Jackson’s Spirit And Dance Moves Alive

The death of Michael Jackson has left many people sad. They miss his great music, his innovative dance moves, and intriguing outfits. While Michael Jackson is not coming back, his fans can enjoy the next best thing. It’s Sergio Cortes, the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator. Cortes moves, sounds and looks just like Michael Jackson naturally. When he puts on the costumes and adds in the music, it’s virtually impossible to tell them apart. He makes fans have to do a double-take and look closer to see if they can tell the difference. Michael Jackson once hired Cortes to impersonate him.

Being mistaken for Michael Jackson is nothing new for Sergio Cortes. Ever since he was a child in Barcelona, Spain people were struck by the uncanny resemblance in face and body type Cortes has for the king of pop. Plus Michael is Cortes’ idol and Cortes has been mimicking his dance moves since age 5 or 6. Cortes was so good at it, he had his friends and family mesmerized. While he was still a pre-teen people would come from miles around to see him dance. People would photograph him and journalists began doing stories about him in the local newspapers. Cortes was having tons of fun.

When someone uploaded a video of Cortes mimicking Michael to the internet, everything changed. Cortes went from being a local celebrity to an international sensation. Agents began asking to represent him. He began appearing on shows and television programs. By his teenage years he was becoming a full-fledged Michael Jackson impersonator. The crowds at his performances continued to grow. It was at that point Sergio Cortes began to realize he may have

a future in entertainment.

That the Michael Jackson moves and mannerisms that he had been perfecting his entire life could now lead to a career.

These days Cortes lives in Brazil and performs to thousands of adoring fans all over South America. His latest tour starts in Italy and will take him all over Europe. It is a 2 hour long show in which he will be performing the Michael Jackson classics like Thriller, Black and White, and Billie Jean with a live band and backup dancers. It’s sure to be an amazing, once in a lifetime experience for the people that get the chance to see him. He drives audiences into a frenzy with his incredibly authentic-looking dance moves.

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