August, 2015

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Magic Mike XXL and Crystal Hunt

Steven Soderbergh’s sequel to the 2012 movie Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL, is the girl’s-night-out dream, and it won’t disappoint. This box office hit was well worth the wait, ladies and gentlemen. In XXL, Mike Lane, played by the ever-so-talented and easy on the eyes Channing Tatum, comes out of his retirement from the stripping industry to experience one last stripping hurrah with his dance partners before giving up all of the lights, excitement, ladies, and dollar bills for good (or so Mike Lane claims).

The cast is full of familiar faces like Tatum, Kevin Nash, Gabriel Iglesias, Matt Bomer, and Joe Manganiello, to name a few. The cast also includes stunningly talented women like Elizabeth Banks in the role of Paris, Jada Pinkett Smith playing Rome, Kimberley Drummind as Caroline, Jane McNeill in the role of Mae, Rhoda Griffins as Julia, and Crystal Hunt as Lauren.

Crystal is a talented actress from Clearwater, Florida. While she started her acting career in commercials, she is better known for her television role on One Life to Live as Stacy Morasco and on Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding. She received a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress nomination in 2005 for the Guiding Light role. She not only appeared in television but, Hunt also had a role in the 2005 film, The Derby Stallion and in Sydney White in 2007. Her work is intricate as she also worked on a document-series, Queens of Drama, which will air in the near future.

When asked about her role as Lauren on Magic Mike XXL, Hunt defines it as “empowering”. She explains that being surrounded by such immense talent and female strength allowed her to feel empowered in her role as Lauren. She also credited her roles on daytime and prime time as enabling her to truly portray her character.

The cast of Magic Mike XXL is talented, experienced, and intent on providing their fans with an amazing movie. Every actor and actress on site enjoyed their work, and it shows in the movie. Enjoy!

The Dan Newlin Miracle Project

Attorney Dan Newlin and his Newlin Law Firm are one of the most prestigious and successful personal injury law offices in the states of Florida and Illinois to date. They have achieved the title and honorable recognition of a Super Lawyer Law Firm. This is a rare distinction, one in which less than 5 percent of all Florida lawyers and law firms ever earn.

Beginning his exciting career with law enforcement at the age of 20, Newlin worked for the New Chicago Indiana Police and Fire Department. He later took a job at the Orange County Sheriff’s office in Orlando Florida. After serving there for 10 years and apprehending many dangerous criminals, Newlin started law school in 1997 at the Florida State College of law. He graduated in 2000 and is licensed to practice in both Illinois and Florida.

Since beginning his highly successful career as a personal injury attorney, Newlin has recovered more than 150 million dollars for injury and accident victims. His prestigious firm now employs 18 top attorneys and more than 75 support personnel. Newlin is committed to first class service to all personal injury victims. However, he hasn’t let his success or his wealth go to his head. Newlin enjoys being an active participant in many charities throughout Florida, including his own charity.

After viewing a video on a flight from South America to Orlando recently, Newlin was inspired by Evander Holyfield’s unique background. Newlin also thought that Holyfield’s story of coming back from a low point in his life would be of great inspiration to children with cancer. It was out of this that his new brainchild, the Dan Newlin Miracle Project was born. With this project, Newlin wanted kids to get up close and personal with a heavyweight fighter who has seen more setbacks and comebacks than any other boxer. He wanted the children to be able to put Evander’s story in the context of their own personal challenges.

Holyfield states it has meant a lot to him to give back through this project and share his story. He cherishes the time with the children and the opportunity to be an inspiration. In November of 2014, seven children who are patients battling cancer at the Arnold Palmer Children’s hospital got to visit the law offices of Newlin, along with Holyfield. The sported red and pink boxing gloves and spent several hours in the posh law offices with the former undisputed world champion. Check out Dan Newlin on YouTube.

Newlin reports that the Dan Newlin Miracle Project is always looking for special and creative ways they can work with hospitals and charities throughout Florida. Newlin wants to continue his charity work and finds great joy in helping children who are struggling.

Luxury Projects in Houston and the Real Estate Market

More People Moving to the Suburbs

According the reports submitted by the Greater Houston Partnership, Houston city had created approximately 120,000 jobs last couple of years. These sectors include education, construction, healthcare, engineering, manufacturing including the boom in real estate industry. In addition to that some Houston suburbs are getting transformed into major cities, and the infrastructure of those places are constantly improving. On such area is The Woodlands where large numbers of companies are being set up there. Therefore, more people are shifting to this area and are purchasing properties.

New Projects in Houston

A luxury homebuilder in Houston plans to build a new residential property in River Oaks. This hi-end real estate company has proposed to construct patio homes in the conventional French style. These villas will have private driveways as well. In addition to that these home will have a private elevator, Wolf Subzero appliances, and lighting system with LED panels along with lighting control. The rooftop has an outdoor grill and fireplace that will overlook the River Oaks neighborhood. As a matter of fact, this project is expected to complete by 2016 and is done by Mazzarino Construction and Development Ltd. Plus Pelican Builders based out of Houston have proposed to construct a gated luxury house community next to Mazzarino’s project.

With real estate business fast growing in all corners of the world, Haidar Barbouti is a prominent real estate developer. Plus he is a humanitarian and a successful entrepreneur. In 1990, he established Highland Village Shopping Center, and he has handled redevelopment and to carry out day to day operations. Highland Village has a variety of shops including Kiehl;s, Victoria’s Secret, Banana Republic and much more. Apple store is set up there, and more customers are flocking to this place. He has been a leader in the operations of various real estate projects in Houston, Texas.

According to Nationwide’s Housing Markets reports, Houston has received a neutral score and it is one of the largest metropolitan housing markets. Moreover economic gains and job opportunities have kept the Houston’s real estate market moving at a steady pace. Sims Luxury Builders have thought about building forty unit condos in Uptown, and this project is named as Aurora. In addition to that, Alan Ritchie/ Philip Johnson Architects have been appointed to design the structure. Next to this, is the Interfin Cos project called Belfiore at the Wynden Drive.

Andy Wirth Reaching Out for Help to Raise Funds for Navy SEAL Foundation


President and Chief Executive Officer of the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadow Ski Resorts, Andy Wirth, is looking to raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation. The Navy SEAL Foundation provides support to those who work in the Special Warfare field in the Navy, as well as their families. The support they provide is immediate and ongoing for those who are in need. The Foundation also works to create programs that will help their SEALs, support staff, and families deal with the stress that comes with the job.

This cause is something that Andy Wirth feels very close to, which is why he is working so hard to raise support for it. Several years ago Wirth discovered that he had a passion for skydiving. His passion developed and he spent a lot of his free time doing what he loved. Until one day in 2013 when the winds changed and Wirth missed his drop zone. Instead of dropping into a field as planned, Wirth came barreling into a vineyard. His right arm was snagged on a fence post and nearly severed from his body. Thanks to the hard work of his doctors, Wirth managed to keep his arm. However, it was a hard road getting full usage of it back. During his recovery he decided to push himself to train for an Ironman triathlon. The training, as well as a group of special friends, have inspired him to push his hardest. The special group of friends are a group of Navy SEALs that Wirth met by chance while they were staying at Squaw Valley.

This year, Wirth is again putting together a team, the Special Warfare Warrior, to participate in the Ironman triathlon. In honor of the SEAL friends who helped him through his painful recovery, he is giving back to them. All funds that are raised by the Special Warfare Warrior team will be donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

To help support Wirth and his Special Warfare Warrior team, click this link to visit his crowd rise page where you can donate funds.

Adam Sender a Dedicated Seeker of Amazing Art

Art collectors enjoy finding those hidden treasures that often escape the attention of the public. Discovering the brightest artists who are still in the early stages of their professional development and seeing the beauty in a variety of artistic styles are two of the primary goals that keep many collectors involved in the “hunt”.

Collectors will usually have a specific style that captures their interest. Some will specialize in amassing a variety of minimalist works while others look for abstract or pop art paintings. With contemporary paintings in high demand it is little wonder that Adam Sender chose this art movement as the basis for what would evolve into one of the most extensive private collections in the country.

The variety of artists in Sender’s collection is striking. Many of the paintings have been created by newer artists who are just beginning their professional careers. If there is one area that Adam Sender tends to avoid it is the projects produced by artists who are new graduates. He prefers to concentrate his efforts on finding works which are enhanced by those individuals who are just beginning to find their stride and style.

Sender originally delved into serious art collecting during the 1990s. He recently stated that he could readily afford to purchase selected works by newer artists during this time period. Today he says that a Richard Prince artwork was selling in the $100K (or less) range but now these same pieces have soared in value which does not offer the same investment potential that he discovered a mere 20 years earlier.

While Adam Sender’s collection features hundreds of unique pieces this former financial adviser has greater plans than merely keeping these items hidden away from view. There are frequent art exhibitions which display some of the prized works from this collection. Check out Adam Sender on LinkedIn.

Sender believes that it is more important to share art instead of removing spectacular pieces from the public domain. According to Sender he also has the opportunity to rediscover his most amazing finds by exhibiting them in galleries and at pop-up art exhibitions.

With a practiced eye and expert guidance Sender understands that he has the enviable position of being able to quickly identify artistic talent. He is continuing to buy new pieces and is always on the lookout for emerging talent in the contemporary art field.

Skout: The New Online Social Setting

It is definitely no surprise that online dating has become one of the most popular ways for people to meet one another now. Just like hang bars and local hang outs, there are a variety of online websites available for people who are browsing for a potential relationships match. Sometimes, the choices can be overwhelming, which leaves those who are searching feeling a little lost and somewhat defeated. However, is a particular app that replaces the standard dating sites, and has proven to be much better and more efficient than some of the stories you might have heard from your friends.

Skout is one of the most popular apps available for online dating options right now. Not only does it offer the profile building and ability to preview people before contacting them, but it also has a few applications Nixter and Fuse, which add a bit more interest to the quality of Skout. Skout works as the name suggests, it uses your general location to scout out those nearby you so you can limit your search to something actually accessible.

Skout always uses a general location and they provide clear safety tips for meeting people online. Their tagline “flirt, friend, chat,” fits what they do perfectly. Skout provides a safe place for people to meet love interests, friends, or just to chat about interesting topics with other people in their area. Because the location is general, it’s the users choice whether they ever want to meet up with someone, but other users will never be given your precise location. This really makes Skout a safe and useful app, especially for someone who may have just moved to a new area and isn’t sure what places around them might be interesting yet.

Another way to benefit from Skout is for tourists to befriend locals. Traveling can get expensive, and locals will always know the hottest hangouts, local deals or the great off-the-map nightclubs and bars that a tourist may not have found by themselves. Skout opens up the doors for people to be adventurous and safely discover people and places they didn’t know before.

With online atmospheres changing so quickly, it’s important for people to stay in touch with technology such as this app. The horizons for dating apps and websites are changing, and there is more that can be offered than just meeting up with people for romantic interests. People meet friends and spouses online now, and many app developers are aware of this. With the new motivation towards social happenings and safety of the users, apps like Skout have a lot of potential for helping people expand their social networks.

The CLO: Diversity Within One Instrument

A lot has been written about different mechanisms that are coming out on the revitalized financials market, like the ILO, or Initial License Offering. Yet the return of the CLO or the collaterialized loan offering as a popular investment type trumps most of the other news due to its ability to attract and pull happier investors into financing mainstream companies.

A long history of satisfied customers:

When James Dondero and David Okada started making tweaks to loan offerings a couple of decades ago, clients were intrigued because they were soon able to look at strengthening their position as lenders while the company that they were investing received the benefit of more financial groups interested in getting involved in their work. The team moved out to their own firm, Highland Capital Management, and built more and more sophisticated models, eventually allowing clients to pull from a wide range of investor types in one offering.

Today, James Dondero is recognized as one of the best people in the world to structure a CLO for clients in different financial situations. His ability to understand what the investor wants to see prior to creating the different layers of the CLO allows him to tailor larger investments for his clients across a wide variety of industries. This allows Highland to specialize in oil and gas and several other industries like retail, without too much overhead. The net result over the past 15 years has been portfolio growth that is now around 20 billion dollars.

A CLO that is written by Mr. Dondero or Highland Capital Management is likely to be one that offers a variety of incentives for investors. Not only do they have the option of looking for either a high or low rate of interest within the same vehicle, they also are able to look for repayment terms that are either more lenient, or more stringent. Typically speaking, in a CLO, the investor that gets the best position in terms of repayment, also increases their risk with regard to the overall investment in case the company that is invested in has trouble paying the loan back.

In theory, the CLO, with its long history should be a pretty stable instrument for people to get involved with. There is only one time in its history over the past 15 years that it did experience problems in the market. That was when the recession occurred and caused a lot of pain overall on Wall St. Investors punished some of the financial tools like the CLO, even though there was not really a correlation between performance and the recession. As a result, the Highland Capital Management portfolio, which shrank like other funds during the recession, is back to its pre-recession value and more. Which is another way of saying that those that waited through the recession were sometimes rewarded when a fund recovered.

Since the CLO has been global again for the past few years, James Dondero and company are ready to write more and seem to be well-positioned to take their fund forward for another couple of decades.

Brazil: A Great Place To Invest

Many marketing forecasters are saying that Brazil may be one of the best places to invest in 2015. The county has a great deal of potential and could very well be the best place to expand. Unfortunately, Brazil has undergone some temporary setbacks that investors plan to exploit in the short term. Brazil’s market has dropped some 25% since 2012, and the dollar value has also sunk in the meantime. As the saying goes — One man’s folly is another man’s fortune. And potential investors seem to be jumping at the opportunity to take advantage of this.

Some of Brazil’s temporary economic woes seem to be traced directly to governmental policies. Some government officials have taken notice of this and promptly ousted the country’s comptroller, Jorge Hage. Some analysts believe that this step could lead to a quick turn around. That fact is why many deem Brazil’s misfortune as temporary and say investors should put their money in now rather than later.

Zeca Oliveira hasn’t had much trouble in the investing world as of late. The Brazilian-born hedge fund manager knows all the intricacies and nuances of the stock market to keep his client’s happy. Oliveira is the CEO of Bridge Trust, one of the most powerful brokerage firms in the country. In his new role, Oliveira is responsible for portfolios worth an estimated $12 billion. Under his guidance and leadership, Bridge Trust has just announced a merger with another financial giant, Gradual Investimentos. Together, both companies will pave the way for more growth and additional services for investors.

The Brazilian stock market is heavily slanted towards commodities. Energy stocks make up less than 20% of the market. Because of this, many investors are advised to keep clear of energy-related stocks. One good thing in Brazil’s favor is that Brazil’s economy is a powerhouse — a well-diversified machine that has a lot of potential. The Cold War policies that encouraged the country’s diversification has served it well.

Individuals looking at Brazil at an investment cash cow should take advantage now. Brazil is ripe for a comeback and it will likely happen sooner than most people think.