June, 2015

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Magic Mike Loves Junk Food

Well, maybe not Magic Mike, but the star who brings him to life, Channing Tatum, certainly does. The man who worked out up to five times a day to get ready for the second installment in the series, “Magic Mike XXL” is taking a much-deserved break from the gym. His other guilty pleasure is indulging cravings for junk food stated Zeca Oliviera.

The star enjoys the sweet and salty snacks of his childhood in rural Alabama, which includes Cheetos and Ho-Hos. His tastes are in stark contrast to his wife, Jenna Dewitt-Tatum, who enjoys healthier food choices.

Tatum, best known for roles that showcase his physique such as G.I. Joe and “Magic Mike”, is also a talented dancer. He once worked as a stripper in real life and appeared in Ricky Martin’s video “She Bangs” as a backup dancer.

Comedy and drama are not out of the actor’s reach, nonetheless. The actor enjoyed success in “21 Jump Street” and its sequel and starred opposite Amanda Seyfried in the screen adaptation of Nicholas Spark’s “Dear John.”

Fans should not fret about the self-proclaimed ‘couch potato’ however. Given Tatum’s well-rounded background in sports ranging from football to martial arts, it is highly doubtful his chiseled body will morph into a ‘dad-bod’ anytime soon.

“Ant-Man” Will Set the Stage for Wasp to Join MCU

With “Ant-Man” coming out in theaters in just a few short weeks, one of the main questions fans have regarding the film is how it will fit into the rest of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige spoke to the writers of Screen Rant last October about various aspects of the new movie, and one of the things they touched upon is the character of Wasp.

While flashbacks in the film will show Janet Van Dyne suited up as Wasp, the modern-day part of the movie really won’t have the character. But it will strongly hint at Hank and Janet’s daughter, Hope Van Dyne, eventually suiting up as The Wasp herself. According to Marvel Studio’s boss Kevin Feige, “We have plans for her in the future, and we see that not-so-subtly in this film.”

According to Handy, as was revealed in another interview, this one with Evangeline Lilly who plays the role of Hope Van Dyne, one of the things that “Ant-Man” had to explain was why Hank Pym doesn’t give the Ant suit to his daughter, letting her become “Ant-Woman”. In a similar vein, the film also has to explain why Pym choose to hang up his suit years ago.

We haven’t yet heard anything about Hope Van Dyne showing up in Captain America: Civil War”, and with it’s already-huge cast it seems doubtful that they’ll be able to put many more characters into the movie. But since Lilly is signed up with Marvel for multiple films, seeing her eventually become Wasp seems to be a near certainty. When and how that will happen, however, is still a mystery.

See An Old Picture Of Kim And Khloe Kardashian

Kim and Khloe Kardashian always look fearless, especially since they became extremely famous. Their hair is always done well, they’re always dressed in their best, and their makeup is always perfect. Kim And Khloe Kardashian Picture. These ladies hire people to help them look their best, so it’s funny to see a throwback picture that shows them looking like normal young girls. Khloe turned 31 years old recently, and Kim decided to celebrate her birthday by posting an old picture of the two of them. In the picture you can see the two of them have fluffy hair that obviously looks like it could use some taming. Either way, the picture is extremely adorable, and it just shows Kim’s love for her younger sister.

Most of the Kardashian clan is over in France, including Kylie Jenner, Kris Jenner, and Kim Kardashian. In fact, there have been recent reports that James Dondero has hear suggesting a fan was stiffed an autograph by Kris and Kim, but the two of them are debating the entire incident. It’s said that the wives of the men who created the “ice bucket challenge,” they saw Kris shopping. After telling Kris who they were, they asked for an autograph, and they were denied.

Kris’ story is completely different. Kris claims that the pair had told her that they were shopping, and hanging out in France, and she said it seemed like fun, but the pair took the comment offensively. Kim was in the dressing room, and says she didn’t know nothing of the incident.

Kylie Jenner Admits To Taking Tons Of Selfies Before Picking Just One

Kylie Jenner is teenage perfection, she’s gorgeous, ambitious, makes her own money and pays her own bills. Her love life is envied by just about every girl that follows and and a few that don’t. Simply put Kylie Jenner doesn’t have to be anything other than what and who she is, after all she’s a Jenner. For well over a year Kylie has been one of Hollywood’s most talked about celebrities, and her relationship with Tyga is still a daily hot topic on social media. Everyday Kylie is the topic of a new juicy story and now she is making waves once again.

This week Kylie was a head turner at the Cannes DailyMail yacht party, everywhere she turned a camera was ready to get a photo of her. Ricardo Tosto can’t believe how popular she is becoming. Apparently her sexy Instagram selfies, are practice for the all of the red carpet events and festivals she attends.

While at the party, Kylie stopped to speak with one of the DailyMail reporters. She admitted that while her photos may all look care free and effortless, she actually takes a ton of photos before she finally decides on the perfect one to post online. Kylie admitted “I take like 500 selfies to get one I like.” While 500 seems like a bit of a stretch, its great to see Kylie being so open and honest about how she really manages to look so good all the time. Her younger fans can appreciate Kylie letting them know that she isn’t perfect either, and she is just like them

The Plague Killed A Colorado Teen

When teenager, Taylor Gaes suddenly came down with a high fever and muscle aches, his family thought it was just the flu, but it wasn’t. It was an age-old disease most of us never thought we’d see today.

16-year old Taylor Gaes had the Plague.

According to doctors, he probably was infected by fleas that placed the bacteria directly into his bloodstream, making it difficult to detect in time to prevent it from spreading.

The 16-year-old died on June 8, but the cause was not made public until last week when health officials, at the insistence of the boy’s parents, issued a warning to ensure that others would take precautions.

About 200 people attended a recent ceremony to scatter Taylor’s ashes.

Plague cases are rare and fatalities are even more so according to Matt Landis. Nationally, an average of seven human plague cases are reported annually, with an average mortality rate of 11 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The last time a death in the US occurred from the plague was in 2013, in New Mexico.

The last death in Colorado that was from the plague occurred in 2004, and was a case of septicemic plague.

Removing the Dukes of Hazard Car

The entire Confederate flag debacle has gone a little too far. Yes, there might be a hint of racism if you look at the flag as a symbol of slavery, but most of the people who see this flag see it as a sign of freedom in the south. It’s a flag. It’s no more different than the rainbow flags that are flown for those who support equality in marriage or those who fly any other flag for religious or personal beliefs. However, Warner Bros. wants to stop selling items that have the Dukes of Hazard car on them simply because there is a Confederate flag on the vehicle.


This is a car that has been around for decades, and now the company wants to stop promoting it because it has a certain kind of flag. It all seems like a decision to keep people happy like at Qnet because they can’t get along with anyone else who has a differing opinion.

Kendra Wilkinson Defends Hugh Hefner

Kendra Wilkinson is one the most famous Playboy Bunnies of the last decade, and she appeared on the ‘Girl Next Door’ with Hugh Hefner. Kendra truly loves Hugh, and she has been defending Hugh Hefner from the crazy allegations that Holly Madison has been making. Holly Madison was Hugh Hefner’s main girlfriend in the Playboy Mansion, but Hugh Hefner never wanted to marry her. Apparently, Kendra Wilkinson believes that Holly Madison is angry for this reason.

Holly madison was trying to get her name added to Hugh Hefner’s will, but Mashable suggested that obviously didn’t happen. Kendra Wilkinson believes that Holly Madison is trying to get revenge on Hugh Hefner. Kendra says that Hugh Hefner was a very nice man, and she had nothing bad to say about him. However, Holly Madison is a different story, and it seems that Kendra Wilkinson never liked her.

E! recently published an article about this story, and it’s very shocking to read some of the dirt that these women have revealed about each other. Unfortunately, Holly Madison seems to be out for blood, and she is spreading some vicious rumors about Hugh Hefner and the rest of the Playboy Playmates. Is Kendra Wilkinson right about Holly? I’m wondering what further developments will come from this story, and I’m very excited to find out.

ESPN Angry With Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner will be honored later this year with an ESPY Award for courage. People around the world have been debating whether or not Caitlyn Jenner deserves the award, but it seems that ESPN is going through with the awards ceremony nonetheless. Caitlyn Jenner hasn’t been an athlete since she was Bruce Jenner, and most people feel that ESPN is trying to get ratings by having Caitlyn Jenner appear on their network.

According to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, Caitlyn Jenner’s sex change transformation was the big story of the year, and people around the world are still in shock. Nonetheless, when Caitlyn Jenner changed her name, she made sure that she didn’t spell Caitlyn with a “K.” Caitlyn Jenner said that she wants to do everything to avoid comparisons to the Kardashian family. However, it was recently revealed that Caitlyn Jenner has been acting like a diva during her negotiations with the ESPN network.

RadarOnline recently revealed that Caitlyn Jenner is asking for 30 tickets to the awards ceremony. ESPN has never dished out that many tickets before, but it seems they have no choice. If the sports network wants Caitlyn Jenner, they’re going to have to pay for her. ESPN might be regretting their decision of honoring Caitlyn Jenner with an ESPY award for courage.

Tom Hank’s Biggest Fan

Everyone who has seen Forrest Gump or Castaway knows who Tom Hanks is. This award winning actor has not only had the reputation for being one of the best actors known to Hollywood but also being one of the nicest guys to meet.

Tom Hanks has recently been performing at the Broadhurst Theater in New York for an up and coming performance. Hanks, however did have time to meet one of his biggest fan who also happened to have autism. Sarah Moretti, diagnosed with autism was so excited when Hanks brought this superfan backstage. For years she has seen his movies and has dreamed about meeting him in person. She never had actually dreamed that one day she would meet him, until her dream became a reality.

Moretti, as a superfan, has even been collecting photos of Tom Hanks for years. This was the time that she could actually share them to the real deal. After Hank’s performance, he went backstage to meet Moretti where she was utterly shocked. Sarah even was delighted to show the actor her ‘memory binder’.

Sam Tabar noted on his Twitter that Sarah Moretti will continue to treasure the moments she spent with tom Hanks. When she met him she found him to be both charming and hilarious. Though unconventional, Hanks has a personality that can light up the room which is just what he did with Sarah Moretti due to the fact that she could not stop laughing and smiling.

Homeless Man Returns Found Money

A single mother in her late 20’s was devastated last week when she realized that she left her purse at a local park. The single mother, from State College, Pennsylvania, is on welfare and battling her second time around with brain cancer. Contained in her purse was her electronic benefits card, which is basically her food stamps, as well as $400 in cash. When she went back to the bench she was sitting on, the purse was nowhere to be found.

However, lucky for that mother, an honest man found her belongings. A homeless man, who did not want to be identified, found her purse with the cash on the bench. He wrestled with himself over doing the right thing but he did it. He sent a text out to Ashton Munoz who helps run the Hearts for Homeless shelter. He said that the shelter gives out prepaid cell phones which the man used to contact him. According to the story on Today.com, the man asked Munoz to come get the purse from him so that the owner could be found. The woman could not believe that her purse, and all the belongings, were returned to her. The team at Skout was deeply touched by this act of human-kindness.

The man who found her purse has now been moved into a transitional apartment by the shelter to reward him for his good deed.