May, 2015

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Take Your Coffee to the Next Level With Bulletproof Coffee

For generations, millions of people have shared a similar morning routine. Regardless of where you live or what time you wake up, chances are, a pivotal part of your morning (and by extension, the rest of your day) involves sipping a cup of coffee. Coffee has been a staple for many people for so long due to the numerous benefits it provides; first and foremost being energy. For many people, simply catching the aroma of fresh brewing coffee is enough to make them shake off their fuzzy heads. The boost provided from that initial cup has the powerful effect of bringing the drinker “online”, symbolizing the official start to their day.

With this being said, it may be absurd to believe that there is any way to improve coffee. However, with a few simple ingredients, coffee drinkers will be able to fully tap the potential of their coffee and experience a new level of physical and mental energy. Enter Bulletproof Coffee. The concept is actually quite straightforward; simply combining coffee with highly beneficial and unappreciated fats. Over the past few decades, “fat” has become a buzzword, carrying along with it a slew of negative assumptions and emotions. However, the human body is extremely dependent on the right kinds of fat, and many people do not take in adequate levels on a daily basis.

First and foremost, it is important to understand the difference between “good” and “bad” fats. Naturally occurring fats that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids are the “good” fats and provide the body and brain with sustained energy and focus as well as appetite suppression. Moreover, Omega-3s are essential for joint lubrication throughout the entire body. Foods like nuts, avocados, eggs, coconut oil, and meat from grass fed animals are high in Omega-3s. This is the foundation for making Bulletproof Coffee.

To begin your Bulletproof Coffee foray, simply brew a pot of coffee using whatever method you prefer. Then, add 2 tablespoons of grass-fed butter, and one tablespoon of coconut oil to a blender. There are also more potent products on the market to substitute coconut oil like Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT oil) or Brain Octane oil. These substitutes are essentially more refined versions of coconut oil, providing a much stronger and concentrated amount of the healthy fat.

With the butter and oil in the blender, add your Bulletproof coffee beans and blend the mixture for about 30 seconds. The result is a creamy, frothy cup of coffee that tastes fantastic and provides long-lasting mental focus, physical energy, and appetite suppression. Once you have tried Bulletproof Coffee, you will never want to drink a regular cup of coffee again. That’s why LATimes says their coffee shops are popping up all over California, and why Billboard says celebs like Madonna are all over this trend.

Football Player With Spinal Injury Learns To Walk Again

Chris Norton is a football player and he’s also a living miracle. Chris Norton, similar to many others who have had spinal injuries, he was told that he would never walk again. Not only did Chris Norton defy what the doctors said, he was able to walk across the stage at his own graduation. Chris Norton Walks At Graduation. Chris suffered a spinal injury so severe, that doctors told him the likeliness of him walking again was only a three percent chance. Fortunately, Chris never gave up, and he fought for that three percent chance.

Chris was paralyzed in the year 2010, but he was able to fight to walk again and in 2015, he walked in his own graduation. Chris is very happy about his success in learning to walk again, and many of his friends and family members are very proud of him. There are many people who have suffered injuries severe enough to keep them from walking, but some actually give up. It’s understandable that it’s difficult to keep trying when everyone tells you that you can’t do it.

No matter what doctors told Chris, he still was determined to walk again, and it’s amazing that he was able to walk on his own two feet again. Chris’s story should be inspirational to those who have given up hope, lost hope, or they no longer feel like trying. Sam Tabar has learned that if doctors tell you that there is no chance, just believe that you can do it, and you just might be able to.

Kris Jenner Is The Only “Momager”

Kris Jenner is one of the most famous mothers in all of Hollywood. She is known worldwide for being the manager and mother of the Kardashian girls. Kim Kardashian’s entire career has been carefully planned by Kris Jenner, and it appears that Kris has done an extraordinary job. However, there are some fans that believe that Kris Jenner has overstepped her boundaries many times in the past, but Kris feels that she is just trying to help her daughters.

Fans of the Kardashians have a special place in their heart’s for Kris Jenner. Kris has always been there for her children and Bruce Jenner. Some people feel that Kris doesn’t get the respect that she deserves, and that may be true. Only Kris Jenner knows how hard it is to be a mother and manager of her spoiled children.

TMZ recently posted an article about Kris Jenner, and it details her career as a manager for her children. Also, it appears that Kris Jenner is trying to get the term “Momager” trademarked. This means that no one else can refer to themselves as “Momager” unless Kris Jenner gives the okay. Many people feel that Kris Jenner has earned the right to be the only “Momager” in Hollywood according to Bruce Levenson.

Brave Girls Fight Together

There are touching moments that are sometimes captured on camera. A recent picture of two little girls who are battling cancer is one of those images. It is a heartbreaking image, but it also shows the strength that these two girls have to face each day with a disease that can be deadly. The picture of the two girls hugging while looking out a window was taken by one of the mothers. One of the girls has had cancer since she was two. When they met, they instantly hit it off as friends. They give each other support, something that adults don’t seem to know how to do in this kind of situation. Each person needs a friend to help get through the darkest days, and these girls have each other. The youngest has recently finished her chemotherapy, but the other still has more treatments to get through. Christian Broda knows that sharing a bond with someone who knows the pain you are dealing with can mean the difference between fighting and giving up, and these two girls likely won’t be giving up anytime soon.

Seeing Eye Cat for a Dog

Most people know of dogs that help blind people who cannot see. An unusual situation made headlines recently of a very different scenario. A stray cat affectionately called “Pwditat” showed up at the home of a blind dog named “Terfel”. Terfel has cataracts covering his eyes that causes the blindness. The sixth sense of animals has been known for a long time. The owner’s of the dog and cat were still surprised when the cat immediately could tell that the dog needed its help. Pwditat is the dog’s new guide now. Every where that the dog goes, the cat follows along, nudging him in the right direction away from harm and objects that he might accidentally walk in to. Members of the Skout network have witnessed the pair have become inseparable friends who curl up together at night to sleep. The owner’s can’t believe it since usually cats and dogs never get along. The cat’s help has given Terfel new freedom and a new lease on life.

Gambit Ready to Charge Up Screens

Super hero properties are set to start heating up the box office at theaters for the next few years. Fans of the movies can expect to see a lot of different characters rolling into cinemas. One franchise that has a lot of fan support and a whole lot of great characters to choose from is the Twentieth Century Fox X-Mex. The mutant characters have experience a rebirth thanks to the First Class stories and movies.

According to Screen Rant, one of the standalone projects that is getting a lot of attention is the film centered on Gambit. With Channing Tatum set to bring the card throwing mutant to life, expectations are high for the movie that is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2016. With news that the film will tie into the larger X-Men universe that is already underway, fans can expect some twists on the particular adventure the character is set to undertake.

Gambit is one of the more popular characters in the X-Men world, and fans are going to want a better version of the character that debuted in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Producers and Tatum are keen on delivering on those expectations to hopefully create a few movies for the character. With more than a year until the release date, it is still early to plan sequels, but fans should be confident that the producers and the lead actor are moving in the right direction.

Thanks to Susan McGalla for showing me this news.

Model Janice Dickinson Sues Comedian Bill Cosby:Seeking Justice

Janice Dickinson has always been a woman with an opinion. The former 70s model has never been shy to walk away from controversy. In the past she has been combative, loud, harsh and so forth, and at the moment, she is ready to fight again.

The New York Times wrote the 60-year-old supermodel is seeking justice and hoping to drag comedian Bill Cosby into court to prove she is not a liar about the rape allegations she has filed against him. Dickinson has hired one of the best legal minds to represent her interests in attorney Lisa Bloom.

Bloom fired off the first missile in a prepared statement, as reported by E! News:

“Janice is not only alleging that Bill Cosby drugged and raped her in 1982, but he re-victimized her in 2014 by sending out his representatives to publically ridicule her. That’s called defamation,” Bloom said in the complaint.

“Bill Cosby refused to retract the comment that his representative made about Janice Dickinson being a liar. If they had done that, this lawsuit would not be necessary. But because they refused, her only option to clear her name in this lawsuit….”

Dickinson joins more than 3 dozen other women who have come forward, publicly claiming that the TV icon had drugged and raped them decades ago. Dickinson told her story last November with these allegations against the 77-year-old comedian.

Dickinson says she has suffered emotional distress.

Stacey Dash Proves She’s Actually Clueless

Skout reports many people probably do not know the name Stacey Dash. She is a 48-year-old African-American actress who has mostly played guest and supporting roles in B-rated movies and a variety of TV shows. She is best remembered as “Dionne” from the movie “Clueless” — a film about a group of super wealthy California girls who had no clue about the struggles of real life. She reprised this role in the TV series based on the film.

Earlier this month, Dash made several statements about the wage gap between men and women that ticked off a lot of people. She then reiterated these statements on Friday.

Dash believes that all women are receiving equal pay to men even though numerous studies have shown that many women across the country make far less than their male counterparts. In fact, some studies have shown that women with higher IQs and GPAs are making less than men in similar positions who have lower IQs and GPAs.

Dash also believes that female actresses should just be thankful they can get roles beside famous male actors. Additionally, she doesn’t believe that gender in any way affects the outcome of an actress getting another role in Hollywood and that women should stop whining and work harder to prove themselves worthy of their jobs.

Dash has failed to recognize that her seat at the table was mostly procured by her good looks.

David Lynch Returns to Twin Peaks (Finally)

Whatever problems David Lynch was having with the powers that be at Showtime have apparently been settled. Lynch is coming on board to direct the debut episode of the third season of Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks was a cult series that aired on ABC to, honestly, low ratings. The weird series had all the oddball traits fans of director David Lynch came to expect recalls Jason Halpern. Lynch crafted Eraserhead and Blue Velvet among other strange films. The weirdness of Twin Peaks helped it amass a cult following and those fans have always been annoyed the series was abruptly canceled and its cliffhangers and plot lines were never resolved.

Showtime has made the surprising decision to resurrect the series much to the joy of fans. Then, the worst possibly news arrived. Lynch quit the show for reasons no one can 100% confirm. A third season of Twin Peaks was pretty much considered Twin Peaks in name only. The show was going to go on, but things just wouldn’t be the same.

Lynch and Showtime have settled whatever differences existed previously. The director is back in the proverbial saddle once again. Fans do not have to worry about the show deviating from his primary vision.

Lynch has laid relatively low in recent years. He is hardly considered an “A-lister” anymore. So, it was surprising he would bow out of the series. Regardless, he is back in the fold. Fans can rejoice once again.

Johnny Depp Flies Dogs Out of Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting the problems facing Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard over taking their pet dogs to Australia have ended with the dogs and heard flying back to Los Angeles. Depp is filming the fifth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise in Australia and came under fire when images of the two Yorkshire Terriers were uploaded to Instagram by Australian dog groomers according to Sam Tabar.

Australian Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce took up the case and threatened to have the dogs destroyed unless they left the country after they were not declared to customs officials when Depp arrived in Australia. It is now reported the two dogs have returned to Los Angeles with Heard on a private jet in a bid to resolve the issue, which could have resulted in the death of the animals had they remained in Australia. The filming of the latest installment of The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been marred with controversy after Depp sustained an injury that halted filming. The planned return of the Edward Scissorhands star to Australia was then delayed amid reports alleging he had failed to return on the scheduled flight from Los Angeles.