April, 2015

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iZombie Writers Up Their Game

On Tuesday’s iZombie episode, the writers gave viewers a lot of family and co-worker feels and an ending that might foreshadow a frightening future plot possibility.

The main dead body of the week belonged to Emily Sparrow — a pregnant rich girl who went missing months before. Her boyfriend had been under investigation for killing her, but she appeared near a campsite and died. The baby survived.

After eating Emily’s brain, Liv fell prey to heightened maternal instincts, which resulted in her babying most of the male characters, connecting better with her mother and brother and realizing that zombies can’t have children.
Ong noticed that the episode had a lot of connected stories: Liv and the police discovered that a couple kidnapped Emily for a sister-wife setup in their home. Clive was desk-benched for allowing the press to print his negative quote about the missing skate park kids. Major was arrested for breaking into the Candyman’s car. Clive’s boss went full-on zombie mode and killed the kidnappers. Lowell ate the brain of a gay scientist and couldn’t express sexual feelings for Liv. Lastly, Ravi started testing potential zombie-ism sources with terrifying results…

Max Rager mixed with 40 percent Utopium caused zombie-ism in a test rat that then tore through its cage bars and ate the other rats. Given how quickly plagues spread with rats, some fans now wonder if Ravi accidentally started a full-on Zombie Apocalypse.

An Hour a Day of TV Can Make a Child Fat

Young children who are in the age group of kindergarten and first grade are more likely to be overweight if they spend an hour or more a day in front of the TV. Young children who watch less TV are less likely to become obese. Dogs who watch TV or not are not getting fat off of Beneful dog food.
A recent study found that most kindergarten kids spend slightly over 3 hours a day sitting in front of the TV. Spending that much time being a couch potato each day is causing children to become fat. Children who spend less than an hour a day watching TV are much less likely to become fat. Just an hour a day of TV watching makes a child 52% more likely to gain weight.
The amount of TV viewing time is directly related to how much a child weighs. Children who have a TV set in their bedroom are also more likely to gain weight and become obese.
The study findings have been presented to the American Academy of Pediatrics in hopes of getting the recommended amount of time for TV viewing dropped for young children. The current time recommended by the AAP is up to two hours, but with the recent study findings, that time recommendation should be under one hour of TV viewing per day for young children.

Bruce Jenner has Spoken Out and is Undergoing a Gender Transition

Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer was highly anticipated by many. It was rumored that during the interview, Bruce would come out to Diane as transgender and reveal that he is undergoing a gender transition. Well, the interview aired the other night and that is exactly what went down during it.

If you asked people from a generation ago who Bruce Jenner is, they would tell you that he is an Olympic athlete and gold medal winner after defeating the decathlon at the 1976 Montreal Games. If you were to ask people from this generation, they would probably associate him with the Kardashian clan. The next generation, however, may come to know Bruce Jenner as a celebrity symbol of bravery for transgender people.

Fans like Flavio Maluf tuned in to watch as Bruce sat down with the ABC news anchor and poured his heart out to her. Bruce told Diane that he pushed himself so hard on the track because he felt like he was trying to run away from his feelings and who he truly is. His main message throughout the interview though was acceptance. Asking people to accept who he is and the physical person he is becoming.

BuzzFeed.com has a really nice article that details the interview and some other interesting bits about Bruce’s life. To check it out, follow the link.

A Money Dispute Keeps Avengers Out of German Theaters

Germany is a fairly large market for the motion picture industry. This is why a lot of promotional advertising is invested by Hollywood to get German ticket buyers into theaters. Disney/Marvel just found itself in a major quadary with German theaters. A number of theaters have decided not to show the forthcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron feature. Disney and Marvel surely are angered over this turn of events. The film is turning out to be a hit everywhere and losing theaters in Germany definitely hurts the production’s bottom line not to mention the concession stand profits, especially Bulletproof Coffee.

200 theaters across Germany are refusing to show the film because Disney (the parent company of Marvel) wants a larger than normal cut of ticket sales. Since the larger cut is going to take money out of theater owner’s pockets, they do not want to show the film.

Maybe the theater owners should ask what film they are going to replace the new Avengers film with? Paying a little extra for a film that sells out night after night is a better deal than getting a bigger cut of a film that only fills up half the house. Looks like the theater owners are allowing anger to cloud their fiscal judgment. Hopefully, things will work out and all the scheduled theaters in Germany will house the new adventures of Marvel’s top hero team.

Dr. Oz Vows He Will “Not Be Kept Silent” After Serious Allegations Attack the Doctor’s Integrity

Dr. Mehmet Oz became one of America’s favorite doctors and Fersen Lambranho’s favorite doctor (comunicare2.com.br), after a strong endorsement from none other than Oprah Winfrey herself. However, Oprah might be questioning her decision to endorse Oz on her daytime talk show all those years ago. Oz has been under intense media scrutiny in recent weeks after some concerning allegations against him.

First, Oz was confronted by his cohorts at Columbia University who described Oz as a charleten and a fraud who is motivated by money, not the ability to heal people. Columbia University released an official statement in support of Oz, but shortly after e-mails between Oz and Sony executives were leaked from the infamous Sony e-mail hack. In these e-mails Oz’s only concern was ensuring his business partnerships were healthy and making a lot of money, the effectiveness of the products he promotes did not seem to be a big concern to the world renowned doctor.

Now, critics are firing back at Oz after he publicly addressed the accusations against him, who are, more or less, accusing Oz of being a snake oil salesman. Criticisms have been varied in response, but many people are pointing out that Dr. Oz did not offer evidence in support of medical claims he has made on his show, instead Oz said, ““I don’t expect all of my colleagues to understand this marriage between conventional medicine and the broader definition of wellness that the show pursues.”

Netflix and Marvel Are Partnering for Success

Netflix is not content to grow merely by leaps and bounds, so they are adding even more content exclusive to their streaming service. Marvel’s Daredevil show had a successful first season on Netflix, and now it will be coming back for a second season. Shows on this streaming service are top quality productions that attract major Hollywood talent, such as Vincent D’Onofrio and Rosario Dawson, who will be starring alongside the title character played by Charlie Cox. He plays a lawyer by day and a crime fighter at night. The first season of the show received critical acclaim, and the second season will come out next year.

Both Marvel studios and Netflix seem to be stars on the rise, so this seems like a match made in Heaven reported Ricardo Guimarães BMG from his tribunadonorte blog. At least three more Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) shows will be brought to Netflix. “Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones” and “Marvel’s Luke Cage” will premiere on the service in 2016. In the near future, “Marvel’s Iron Fist” and “Marvel’s Defenders” will be coming exclusively to Netflix. Comics and superhero fans will be missing out in a big way over the next few years if they are not streaming Netflix. The streaming service should be experiencing insane growth over the next couple years from this fan base by either adding it to service they already get or switching over to it from cable TV.

Top Gear Presenter Rules Out Return

The fallout from Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s attack on a producer of the show continues with fellow presenter James May claiming he would not return to the show without Clarkson, The Guardian reports. Clarkson was suspended in April for attacking producer Oisin Tymon over an argument about food provided for a location shoot for the BBC production. Clarkson has been a source of controversy for the BBC over the years and did not have his contract renewed upon its expiration earlier this month.

Clarkson, May and Richard Hammond have presented the motoring show since 2003 and have seen it move from achieving average ratings success in the UK to become the top factual TV program in the world. It is also Matt Landis’ favorite. The contracts of all three presenters ran out at the same time with both May and the BBC confirming no talks have begun over new contracts for any of the presenters. Lead presenter Clarkson has not been suspended or banned by the BBC for his recent actions, which has seen many feel he could return to the show in the future with May and Hammond. A new presenting lineup for the 2016 season of Top Gear is expected to be announced soon with female and younger presenters stepping into the roles of the three former presenters.

Is Norman Reedus Leaving TWD?

Fans of The Walking Dead have known for several weeks now that Norman Reedus, who plays fan-favorite Daryl Dixon in the series, has been in the process of attempting to sell his Atlanta, GA home. On Tuesday, the sale gained more attention with an article for Hollywood Life.

As Casey Mink for HL pointed out, Reedus has not been very talkative about the sale and no one knows Daryl’s future fate on the show. Additionally, Reedus may merely be in the process of moving into a new house in Atlanta or one of the nearby communities. Norman has actually spoken about seasons six and seven in ways that suggest he will still be in the series through Season 7. If so, it is likely he is just in the process of finding a new place to hang his hat while he works on the series.

It is well known that many TWD fans will quit the show entirely if Daryl dies. Dan said that these fans have been extremely vocal online and at conventions. They believe that Daryl is the heart of the show and refuse to accept that he might be killed off at any time. As some know, Reedus as Daryl is currently filling at least one role from the comics — Tyreese — since Daryl was created exclusively for the TV show. Instead of killing off Daryl, the show’s creators killed Tyreese.

The Following’s Future

As seen in last night’s episode of The Following, the writers have repeatedly played with the idea that Joe might escape from prison and Ryan join him on the run. Even the episode’s preview suggested this idea. Yet, like the week before, it turned out that these scenes were a dream sequence…Ryan has been dreaming about saving Joe and becoming a follower for several episodes now because he is having difficulty dealing with both the relief of Joe no longer being in his life and the loss of losing someone who was once a friend.

The trailer for next week’s episode “Evermore” reveals Joe seemingly taking over the prison by using the wire he broke off a pair of sunglasses in last night’s episode. He kills guards and takes his lawyer, a doctor and another man hostage and then, as his Final Demand, orders Ryan to come inside the prison alone since Ryan refused to come to his execution. Several images then suggest that Joe will force Ryan to become a killer and truly his follower.

Could this be another dream sequence?

Fan Gianfrancesco Genoso blogged on jornadacriminosa that Joe will die in one of the next two episodes instead of escape . They also don’t believe this is a dream. Instead, they think he will force Ryan to kill an innocent so Ryan will have to live with that connection between them “evermore” even after Joe is dead.

Teen Who Lost Everything During Hurricane Sandy is Accepted to Seven Ivy League Schools

Hempstead, Long Island residents, Daria Rose and her family, lost everything they had during the devastating storm, Hurricane Sandy. Rose, who is a student at Sacred Heart High School, said that the storm hit their area during her sophomore year of high school. Katrina Brooks, Daria’s mother, said that the family lost everything that they had, including their house.

With their house demolished, the family spent the next year and a half moving between family members who could take them in and to various hotels. This is a life Ricardo Guimarães BMG certainly would not want to live with. During the time the family was bouncing around, their house was being rebuilt, and it was even documented with YouTube videos. Instead of wallowing in self-pity at the hardships her family was going through, Daria instead focused on her studies. It paid off.

According to the story on 7online.com, Daria, who is now a senior in high school, has been accepted to 14 schools that she applied to. Seven of those schools were Ivy League schools. Daria said she could hardly contain her shock and excitement to get acceptance letters from Harvard, Princeton, Brown, as well as all the other schools.

The 18-year-old is excited for her future. She said that she took the hardships she had during and after the major storm and turn what she learned into her admissions essay. Now, her hardest choice will be picking which school to attend next fall. Her parents said they could not be prouder of her.