March, 2015

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“The X-Files” Rebooted, Series to Return to Television

Were you a fan of “The X-Files?” Did you ever wonder what truly happened to Mulder, Scully, and their baby? If that describes you, you’re in for a treat as Fox Broadcasting confirmed an upcoming reboot of the series!

“The X-Files” originally aired in September 1993. The sci-fi horror-drama, starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, came to its conclusion in May 2002. The series, created by Chris Carter, will return to television in a limited six episode run. Carter could barely contain his excitement about the announcement.

“We just took a long break,” Carter said in a statement. “So much has happened in the world, it’s gotten a lot more strange.”

“The X-Files” could be considered an important part of pop culture. The series spawned numerous product lines that included books, action figurines, card games, and a full-length feature film. It has even received a nod as part of the lyrics of a rock song.

Duchovny and Anderson will reprise their roles for the upcoming series reboot.

Susan McGalla said that the release date for the mini-series has not been announced.

Tristan Gareau’s Exciting First Date

Disc Jockey Tristan Gareau was on his first date with a new girl in his life. When many people go on a first date with a new person, they might worry about making a good impression. There is no word on how the date went, except for when Tristan was about to take her home. The couple was driving at the vicinity of Grant Avenue and Kenaston Boulevard in Winnipeg, Canada. Gareau’s date noticed smoke coming from a car that had run into the side of a condominium. Tristan pulled over and ran over to the car. He found Steve Guy, 65, had passed out; his foot was still on the gas pedal. Moments after the disc jockey pulled Steve from car, the car burst into flames. Damage to the car and the condo run about $95.000.

Steve Guy had been unconscious for about ten minutes before help arrived stated Dr Jennifer Walden. It turned out he had a medical reaction to a drug he was taking and lost consciousness and caused him to drive off the road and into a building. Two policemen came by and congratulated Tristan on his heroics. An ambulance was called to take Guy to the hospital to receive medical care. Steve is alright now, and he’s grateful that Tristan had saved his life. As for Tristan, his lady friend was very impressed with his heroism; the two are now a couple.

Jon Hamm Completes Rehab Stint

Jon Hamm may be living a little too much like his Mad Men character, Don Draper. According to the story on, Hamm has completed a 30-day rehab visit for his addiction to alcohol.

Hamm, who is 44-years-old, checked into the Silver Hospital located in New Canaan, Connecticut at the end of February. His rep has confirmed that the news is accurate. The Silver Hospital is known for treating patients with addiction and psychiatric issues. Hamm was seen last Saturday at a special Mad Men screening in New York, confirming that he is complete with his treatment. His longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt, is standing behind him while he recovers. Fashion experts say that the two have asked for privacy during this time.

Hamm, who stars in the AMC hit show Mad Men, said that if he kept up with his character’s drinking that he would be unconscious. Mad Men’s last season has been filmed and is premiering on April 5th. Hamm earned a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in 2008 for the series.

Now that Mad Men has wrapped up, Hamm can be seen as a guest star on Tina Fey’s new show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which is airing on Netflix. He has previously worked with Fey when he guest starred on 30 Rock as well.

Angelina Jolie Has Ovaries Removed After Cancer Scare

Angelina Jolie opted to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed after discovering that she might have cancer. The 39-year-old actress is a carrier for the BRCA1 gene, which puts her at a higher than normal risk for contracting breast or ovarian cancer. Three women in her family have died from cancer, causing Jolie to be exceptionally cautious about the disease.

According to Jolie, she recently received test results that showed early signs of cancer in her blood work. She went to a surgeon to have her ovaries checked shortly after receiving the call and had a tumor test and scan. Flavio Maluf said that while both came back negative, the experience was enough for Jolie to go ahead and have her ovaries removed as a preventative measure.

Several years ago Jolie had her breasts removed as a way to help prevent acquiring breast cancer. At the time of that procedure she indicated she planned on following up with an ovary removal, so this surgery wasn’t entirely unexpected.

Jolie’s mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 49. Now that Jolie has had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed, she has officially entered menopause and will be unable to had any additional children on her own.

Angelina Jolie removes ovaries

In an article originally posted on and re-posted on, Angelina Jolie talks about receiving a phone call just a couple weeks ago. A call nobody ever wants, that cancer may have been detected in their bodies. Angelina earlier went through an optional double mastectomy to prevent the potential of getting breast cancer. She has the BRCA1 gene mutation which often indicates a predisposition for breast and ovarian cancer.

Given that she lost her mother, grandmother and an aunt all to cancer, Jolie is doing all she can to prevent getting it herself said Harpers Bazaar. So no doubt she was scared to get the news she did a couple weeks ago. After tests determined she has no active tumor, she went ahead and had her ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed as another preventative action. She also has a patch delivering estrogen and an IUP delivering progesterone, as by removing these organs she is now officially in menopause at the ago of 39.

There isn’t much I personally respect about Angelina, but as another mother of 6 I can appreciate wanting to do everything she can to preserve her life and see her children grow and her grandchildren born. So I wish her well and hope she has no further scares, especially for her 6 little ones.

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Confirm Daughter’s Name

Actor and proud father, Ryan Reynolds, has confirmed the name of the baby girl that he recently fathered with wife and “Gossip Girl” actress Blake Lively. Reynolds has revealed that the couple named their daughter James.

Unique and questionable baby names among Hollywood’s elite are nothing new, so the revelation to fans across the globe. Reynolds had previously joked that he was afraid to announce the baby’s name “in the fear that she might seek retribution.”

Reynolds is best known for his role as Hal Jordan in the hit film ‘The Green Lantern,’ in which Lively co-starred stated Jason Halpern. Reynolds had previously been married to actress Scarlett Johansson. He had been engaged to rock star Alanis Morrisette before his marriage to Johansson.

“We named her Butternut Summersquash,” Reynolds told one reporter, with a chuckle.

Previous rumors had indicated that the couple named their little bundle of joy Violet.

Kathy Griffin Leaves ‘Fashion Police’

Just two weeks after co-star Kelly Osbourne announced she was leaving the E! program Fashion Police, co-host Kathy Griffin has announced plans to depart from the show was well. Kathy Griffin has only been on the show for 2 months, joining the program to replace Joan Rivers after he unfortunate death during a cosmetic procedure.

In a very long statement, Griffin indicated that her own personal style doesn’t mesh well with the creative direction the show is taking, leading her to make the decision to leave. Kelly Osbourne left the series a few weeks ago because of some off-color comments made about Zendaya’s hairstyle during the Academy Awards.

Griffin followed he statement up with an interview in Chicago’s Splash magazine. There, Brian Torchin suggested she said that people expected her to replace Joan Rivers in her appearance on the show, and she was not Joan Rivers. While she was certainly trying to fill Rivers’ space on the show, she has her own personal style and humor, style and humor that was ultimately not as well received by the Fashion Police audience as she would have liked.

Jessica Lange Confirms that She is Leaving AHS

According to the story on, the rumors have been confirmed, Jessica Lange is officially leaving American Horror Story.

Lange has been a part of the American Horror Story franchise for the last four seasons. In the past, Lange has taken her time to committing to the other seasons but the fourth season will be her last. She confirmed her departure at the annual PaleyFest panel in Los Angeles a few days ago. Rumors are that the shooting schedule is intense for the show and that may be why she is not returning.

According to Zeca Oliveia  fans are waiting to see what the fifth season will be like without Lange leading the way. Hopefully the newcomers to the show as well as Ryan Murphy can keep the franchise exicting, like Lange always managed to do.

While Jessica Lange may be leaving, American Horror Story has confirmed the three new leads for the fifth season which is titled, American Horror Story: Hotel. Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Germanotta) will have a starring role. Along with Gaga will be Matt Bomer, who is probably best known for his roles on the hit television shows Chuck and White Collar. Also confirmed to star in the fifth season is Cheyenne Jackson, who has also had roles in 30 Rock, as well as Glee. Season 5 will be premiering sometime in October.

A New British Reality Show Focuses Attention on Skiing in Andorra

Tiny Andorra in the Pyrenees Mountains attracts visitors from both Spain and France, and most recently, it has drawn large numbers of British tourists. A new reality show produced for a television station in the UK has generated high ratings this year by focusing attention on the sometimes hedonistic lifestyles of young Britons working and playing in a resort in Andorra.

Brits on the Piste” covers a resort called Pas De La Casa, its British seasonal workers, four local taverns catering to UK tourists and, occasionally, skiing at the resort. Dr Jennifer Walden even said in one highly rated recent episode, Joe, a worker from Stevenage, offered a romantic outdoor marriage proposal at the resort to his girlfriend, Michelle. He knelt down in the snow on bended knee as he made his appeal to his surprised, but delighted, companion.

The reality television show makes it clear that numerous British seasonal workers spend part of the year working at resorts in Andorra. In addition to Pas De La Casa, which caters mainly to a young, predominantly male, tourist population from the UK, other ski resorts operate nearby. Two of them, Arinsal and Pal, seek to maintain a family friendly environment, attracting visitors of all ages. Additionally, Soldeau, El Tarter, Canillo and Grau Roig draw skiiers from the British Isle.

Pas De La Casa has gained recent notoriety on account of the television show’s coverage. Approximately 30 British workers live there.

The Valiant Cinematic Universe Arrives

Is the world ready for the Valiant Cinematic Universe? Comic book fans are probably reading reports of major movie, toy, and licensing properties based on the Valiant name with pure shock. Valiant is not exactly D.C., Marvel, or, for that matter, Dark Horse, Image, or Dynamite. Yet, the Chinese based financing company, DMG, is putting a lot of cash into the backing of Valiant projects.

DMG is no small enterprise stated Flavio Maluf. The company helped bankroll Iron Man 3 to enormous success.

Valiant was originally founded by Jim Shooter, the somewhat controversial and very successful Editor-In-Chief at Marvel Comics from the late 1970’s to the late 1980’s. Valiant eventually faded away when new owner, Acclaim, ceased all publishing operations. Less than five years ago, Valiant was re-launched under new leadership. The new titles received great critical acclaim, but to call the titles commercial hits would be a stretch. Several top Marvel and D.C. books don’t sell 100,000 copies so, while Valiant may be profitable, the company is making money with small sales figures. 8,000 to 13,000 titles sold are figures on their main books.

How many copies the books sell ends up being a moot point if the titles are produced as motion picture properties. Perhaps this is Valiant’s long term plan. The books reach their desired niche and then become plugged into the overall scheme of gaming, movies, and TV shows. Let us hope Valiant succeeds.