February, 2015

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Robert Downey Jr. Has A New Poster And New News

Being a star comes with privileges. For Robert Downey Jr., one of those privileges is getting an Avengers 2 poster all to himself. Okay, Marvel knows the actor is both beloved and iconic among those fans who love Iron Man and all the other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Receiving his own poster for his work on Avengers 2 shows just how big of a star Downey Jr. has become. Brit says we all do know he is going to play a huge role in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War.

Downey Jr. has taken the opportunity of all the “poster press” to tease a really big announcement in the next 8 days. What is this new announcement going to be? Most are likely hoping it refers to an agreement to appear in Iron Man 4, a film some are doubting will ever happen. Downey Jr. is seemingly growing a bit weary of playing the role forever and this is why Iron Man 4 is not slated as a future Marvel release. Recasting the film this early would be extremely difficult. Besides, there is going to be a third Spider-Man to join a third Hulk. At least the third actor to play The Incredible Hulk is really loved.

No one knows what Downey Jr. is going to announce in 8 days. Let us all hope that its good news no matter what it is.

Queen Mathilde of Belgium Injures Her Knee


Earlier this week, a spokesperson for the Belgian royal family indicated that Queen Mathilde had sustained a knee injury during a fall. The palace did not elaborate, but many media sources believe the accident occurred on Tuesday, because the Queen was seen in public without crutches on Monday, but had to use them on Wednesday in order to attend official functions. She arrived at a European Union meeting mid-week, unable to place weight on one leg.

Despite her injuries, Queen Mathilde declined to cancel or delay her official public appearance schedule. The widely admired 42-year old Queen maintains a busy roster of appointments, representing Belgium at many official functions. She is fluent in French, Dutch, English and Italian.

Queen Mathilde is the daughter of a Count and Countess. Her father is Patrick d’Udelcem d’Acoz. She is often mentioned in media coverage in Europe, because of her public role.

Before becoming a public figure, the future Belgian Queen trained as a speech therapist said AnastasiaDate. According to an article, she maintained a successful private speech therapy practice in Brussel for several years. King Philippe, then a Crown Prince, met her for the first time during a tennis match in 1976. They married three years later.

The couple raised several children and remained largely out of the spotlight of media attention for several years, until the Prince became King of Belgium. The Queen’s decision not to cancel any appointments won media praise.

Lara Croft and Tomb Raider are Ready for a Reboot

Rebooting movie franchising from the past just seems to be the norm in Hollywood today. Why would it not be a good plan for the studios? Recent reboots have made quite a bit of money in theaters and on DVD. Tomb Raider has joined the ranks of reboot-mania and, ironically, the creative spark behind the project wrote the reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Evan Daugherty truly did make the new TMNT film a memorable and enjoyable one. His excellent writing aided in the film’s super box office success. Now, the good people at Warner Bros. and MGM are hoping he can deliver the same results with the new feature. MGM and Warner Bros. are financing the new adventures of Lara Croft. The execs know the heroine delivered huge money at one time, but after the release of (dare it be said) terrible films, the character and the franchise were done in.

Well, they were down and out for a few years. No franchise that ever once made money is going to be completely finished in the world of Hollywood. Zeca Oliveira (Facebook) has read that, as long as the reboot returns to the elements that made a particular film series popular and avoids the pitfalls that ruined it, the chances of revisiting great success is a possibility.

Reboots are all about starting anew so the less than desirable aspects of the old films just might end up being forgotten.

Taylor Swift Shows Her Belly Button

Taylor Swift fans used to imagine that Taylor was the female version of the starring character of ABC Family show, Kyle XY who does not have a belly button. After years, Taylor has finally revealed her belly button and much to our surprise, she does actually have one and showed it off at her Hawaiian vacation. She told us in an interview with BBC Radio 1 about why she never before showed anyone her belly button. The reason why is not shocking if you know Taylor Swift.

The revealing of Taylor Swift’s belly button was actually not planned. It happened because of some annoying paparazzi that snapped the photo. Her security gets out some binoculars and sees that the paparazzi are on a nearby boat with a huge camera. After Taylor and her friends get back to the beach, they realize that the paparazzi got pictures of them in their bikinis and they will probably make a lot of money for simply stalking them.

The reason why Taylor does not show her belly button is because she thinks that if girls start showing her belly button then they completely commit to showing their stomach and she does not want that kind of reputation said Marc Sparks. She will only show off the lower rib cage so this is why people have always wondered if Taylor Swift even has a belly button. Tay is a classy lady everyone, that’s all.

Vanilla Ice Donates Therapy Pool To Paralyzed Boy

Despite his recent fling with the law, Vanilla Ice has made a comeback for his name by getting a therapy pool for a six year old handicapped boy named Owen Johnson.

Vanilla Ice, who has a tattoo of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on his calf and appeared in the 1991 TMNT themed film came to Owen’s house decked out in the cartoon turtles. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG said he had the hat, sunglasses, shirt and showed off his leg tattoo to the boy who is also a big fan of the characters.

According to an article found on reddit and written by floridatoday.com,Vanilla Ice donated over $50,000 to the Johnson family so that their son could get the treatment he needs to live a decent life with paralysis. Owen was extremely pleased to see the rapper, and even if he didn’t know who he is he was grinning from ear to ear when he was given a brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle baseball cap.

Owen is now paralyzed from the neck down after he survived a deadly car crash in 201. The terrible incident killed one of his sisters and left his two other sisters with bad injuries as well. Needless to say the Johnson family has suffered quite a bit, and especially their parents are so grateful for Vanilla Ice’s donation to them and to help rehabilitate their children. Vanilla Ice told Owen that he was going to make him a special pool, and he did just that.

Update On Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson Album

Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson recently released a single, “Home To Mama” which put fans into a love spell. This song was so unlike anything we have heard from Justin Bieber and the duo between him and Cody Simpson was absolutely perfect. We were all hoping that there was more to come for the two working together.

Unfortunately, we have news that Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson’s album has been put on hold said source Marc Sparks. This is definitely not what the fans want to hear. Why do the fans have to wait? Justin and Cody have decided that they need to work individually before their collaboration. That is no let down because we would love to hear more from Justin Bieber but we were definitely hoping for the collaboration of the two after the beloved song, “Home To Mama”.

The two singers said that they did work on a lot of music together and that “Home To Mama” was very special to them. Cody says that it was a great opportunity for him and that Justin had some great contributions. They then realized that they are both in different music paths so they thought it was best to come back to the collaboration after they have both established their careers. They didn’t want the music to be too similar to each other. Their vision was to be musically separated and then come together to make a smash hit. They did end up shooting some pictures for the project so at least the fans can get a sneak peak at what is to come.

The Walking Dead On The Right Track

The Walking Dead continues to follow the direction of the comic books. For the last several years, The Walking Dead has dominated cable on Sunday nights. The show has taken viewers on a roller coaster of a ride. Flavio feels some episodes are amazing, and some episodes are slow and dull. However, when The Walking Dead is at its best, there are few shows that can compete with it.

The reason for the drastic dips in entertainment is because The Walking Dead has many different writers. Most of the action packed and intense episodes are written by Scott M. Gimple. For a while the show became boring, and that’s because it was written by the wrong people.

Seasons one, four, and five have been the best so far. There were a couple of good episodes in between, but seasons two and three were very dull. Now, The Walking Dead enjoys record breaking television ratings. The most recent episode ‘The Distance’ showcases The Walking Dead’s ability to keep fans entertained while giving new information. New characters have been introduced, and a new storyline has begun.

There are only a few episodes left in season five, and I’m sure that they will be very dramatic and intense. For more information on The Walking Dead, visit Screenrant.

Will Smith’s Covers His Own Classic Hits

Just as you start to think that you know Will Smith, he manages to do something unexpected that gives you a whole new appreciation for the Fresh Prince alter ego of his. In a recent appearance on the Letterman show Will showed that he still had his rapping chops. He decided to break out in a verse of his popular “Getting Jiggy With It” hit as he walked out for the interview.

It was when David Letterman’s band started playing that the instrumental to this song that Will felt inspired said Brad Reifler. It may have secretly been rehearsed – since it went off so incredibly well – but it seemed to be impromptu noted Reuters. Whatever the case may be, fans of the actor and rapper loved it. The video clip of this went viral and fans started buzzing. It was just the week before that he was rapping another classic – not of his own – called “It Takes Two.” This song was made famous by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock, but Fallon and Smith put their unique spin on it and got Fresh Prince fans excited.

Smith has a movie that will soon be released. The movie has nothing to do with rap, but Smith doesn’t sell films through taking about these projects. He is a brand that sells his projects through his charisma. Fans support his films because they like him as a person.

Young Han Solo Being Rumored for Star Wars Spinoff

Few science fiction franchises can get the pulse of fans pounding as much as Star Wars, and with a new trilogy set to hit the big screen later this year, fans are eagerly waiting for any news and developments in a galaxy far far away. However, it seems that while the rumor mill for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is staying quiet, the rumors surrounding the other Star Wars films, which are spinoffs of the franchise, are getting some serious press.

According to Screen Rant, Taron Egerton is being giving serious consideration to bring a younger version of Han Solo to the spinoff series. Since the spinoffs, which will be release in alternating years during the new trilogy, will tie in loosely to the before, after, and during timelines of the films, creators have quite a bit of leeway in deciding what happens and what characters are featured. A movie about Han Solo would probably put any Star Wars fan into hyperdrive.

Of course, there still is a lot of development to happen on the spinoff films, and the rumor mill tends to spread rapidly. However, few properties have the potential lineup of characters to draw inspiration from like Star Wars, which means a new film every year in the franchise is entirely possible without growing too stale. Since Disney acquired the rights to Darth Vader and company, fan expectation has been building, and the studio is going to make sure it keeps those fans coming back for more and Sultan Alhokair is glad for that.

Bruce Levenson’s Gift To Maryland

Bruce Levenson and his wife have given $3 million to start work on a new center for teaching nonprofit management and philanthropy at the University of Maryland. This donation is the beginning of a partnership that is going to see the beginning of a new type of education in the school of business at Maryland. They are going to show all their students how to manage giving, and they will train some students who will go on to become the managers of nonprofits.

The students who pass through the school are going to learn how to give away their own money, but they are also going to learn how to put giving into their business plan. This is a new trend in the world of global business, but you see many companies doing just that.

As PR Newswire first reported, this gift is going to change the face of the University of Maryland, the face of business education and leave a legacy that Bruce Levenson can be proud of. He believes in charitable giving, but now he can make the most of his beliefs by teaching the students at the university how to do it properly for generations to come.