Tom Rothman and Edgar Wright Collaborate on Baby Driver

Edgar Wright created “Baby Driver,” an original concept about a guy who drives the car for a crime boss. Tom Rothman, who is the chairman of TriStar Productions, is collaborating with MRC (Media Rights Capital to bring “Baby Driver” to the big screen. The two companies are splitting the cost 50-50. Nira Park, founder of “Big Talk,” and Working Title films will be producing this project.

The lead character’s nickname is “Baby,” because of his boyish looks. He works for different criminals as a driver. After being pressured to drive the getaway car for a crime boss, Baby has to own up the responsibility of the crime he’s an accessory to. He’s involved in a failed heist that threatens his personal life. This film, according to “The Hollywood Reporter,” is going to be the greatest “rock and roll car chase film.” Tom Rothman couldn’t be happier being associated with TriStar Productions because of their support of writers with a unique perspective on their projects. Rothman thinks that MCR and Working Title will be wonderful together in this production. Tom Roth can’t wait to get started shooting. Edgar Wright will really be in charge of this picture.

Actor Ansel Elgort, who played Tommy Ross in the 2013 version of “Carrie” and most recently, Augustus Waters in “The Fault in Our Stars,” is interested in playing the lead role according to “The Hollywood Reporter.” Prior to appearing in “Baby Driver,” he will appear in “YA sequel Insurgent.”

Emma Stone is being considered to play Baby’s love interest. In the role of Baby’s mentor, there’s talk that Michael Douglas will be cast in the role. See the whole story over at the Hollywood Reporter

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