January, 2015

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Bruce Jenner Decides to Put Rumors to Rest


After InTouch photoshopped Bruce Jenner to look like a woman earlier this month, rumors about whether the 65 year old reality TV show star and former Olympian has been transitioning to becoming a woman increased around the world fueled by Internet social commentary and media speculation.

As a result, Jenner has decided to tell the world what many people have guessed. He has already filmed an interview about his desire to live as a woman instead of as a man. The E! network also plans to create an unscripted reality series around Jenner’s transformation and his struggles to come out to the public.

Of course, many people have wondered why the media and some members of the public have been so outspoken about Jenner’s physical changes through the years. Others wonder why some have been so adamant that Jenner must tell the public his story.

Members of the LGBTQ+ community understand how difficult it is to come out of any closet. According to Haidar Barbouti, it is extremely difficult to face family, friends and co-workers and then them that you are not who they thought you were. It is even more problematic when you are a celebrity hounded at all times by reporters, paparazzi and fans.

A lot of people today were happy to hear the news about Jenner’s decision if only because they hope that it will stop people from hounding him over the changes he’s made.

2015- The Year of Celebrity Babies


2015 seems to be the year of the baby for Hollywood! Many major celebrities are anticipating the arrival of their little ones. Some pregnancies are confirmed while others are just obvious. According to Fan Daily the following is a list of current pregnant celebrities.

Actress Jessica Biel, who is married to pop sensation Justin Timberlake, has yet to confirm the pregnancy rumors surrounding them however she has an obvious baby bump. This will be their first child together.

Liv Tyler, actress and daughter to Steven Tyler, is pregnant with her second child. She has one son with her ex-husband however her and her boyfriend Dave Gardner are expecting their first child together.

Latin pop star Shakira is pregnant again! Her and her husband Gerald Pique are anticipating the arrival of their second child together. They share a son, 18 month old Milan, together.

Tamera Mowry-Housley, best known as one half of the hit ’90s sitcom Sister, Sister, is expecting a child with her husband Adam. They have announced that they are having a girl to add to their family. The couple share a son, Aden.

A-dork-able Zooey Deschanel is expecting her first child with boyfriend Jacob Pechenik this summer.

Singer Carrie Underwood and her NHL player husband Mike Fisher are having their first child together this spring.

Vanessa and Nick Lachey are expecting a sister for their 2 year old son Camden this summer.

Slow Ventures stated yesterday that this is truly the year of the starlet baby.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: Talented Plastic Surgeon And Dedicated Educator

If you like celebrity gossip and news like me. You know they’re always getting plastic surgery. If you want to get cosmetic surgery, I recently heard about this plastic surgeon.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a talented plastic surgeon and professor. Rohrich has always had a broad vision and big dreams about what plastic surgeons could do. Fortunately for his patients and his colleagues, he has been able to bring many of those dreams to reality. His work has earned him numerous accolades and a wide variety of titles, but what matters most to Rod Rohrich is helping people to look and feel their best. To him plastic surgery is a tool to help people fulfill their dreams. And he uses that tool with precision and uncanny skill.

Dr. Rohrich has an impressive body of work. Currently he is a professor and Chairman of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (UTSW), Department of Plastic Surgery. He holds the Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery of the Crystal Charity Ball, the Betty and Warren Woodward chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and was awarded the Distinguished Professorship in Wound Healing and Plastic Surgery. On top of all that he is also the Editor in Chief of the American Society of Plastic surgeons’ official medical journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

While all those things are wonderful, but what has really set Rod Rohrich apart are his internationally recognized contributions to reconstructive and plastic surgery, his seminal work in aging and facial aesthetics, and his impact as an educator. The board certified plastic surgeon has written game-changing papers on topics ranging from medical education and patient safety initiatives, to concepts of rhinoplasty, body contouring surgery, injectable fillers, and breast surgery. Dr. Rohrich has also written numerous chapters in plastic surgery textbooks and co-authored “Navigate Your Beauty: Smart and Safe Plastic Surgery Solutions“.

Dr. Rohrich is a hardworking, incredibly talented individual from America’s heartland. Raised in rural North Dakota on a ranch, Rohrich earned the highest honors possible in his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from both North Dakota State University and at the University of North Dakota. He then earned a degree in medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, trained at Oxford University in England in pediatric plastic surgery, and did a fellowship in microvascular and the hand at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Rohrich uses his prodigious talent and extensive training to improve the quality of life of millions worldwide and support fellow surgeons through positions in organizations advancing, regulating, and promoting plastic surgery and education.

Justin Bieber Prepares To Get Roasted


Justin Bieber has really never not been a hot topic, however over the past few weeks his name is everywhere. The sexy singer’s Calvin Klein photos and commercial have been the talk of the internet. From accusations of being airbrushed to rumors that his bulge was stuffed Justin can not get a break.

After insisting that his photo was not retouched, Justin took to his Instagram account to release a personal photo of himself wearing nothing but a towel. The photo was proof that even if his Calvin ads were doctored it wasn’t because he actually needed it.

Now it seems like the jokes will continue because Justin has agreed to be the guest of honor at one of Comedy Central’s celebrity roasts.Ryan Seacrest spilled the news via Twitter and seemed pretty excited about watching Justin get his fill. Of course one of the topics of his roast will be the Calvin Klein antics but the laughs won’t stop there, comedians will also tackle his fear of shirts claims sba.gov.

The roast is set to air in March on Comedy Central, but you can already feel the anticipation from people on the web, like Darius Fisher.

Christopher Cowdray: Pushing the Bar Higher

Christopher Cowdray is an award-winning hotelier, most famous for his work with the cherished brand, The Dorchester Collection. Cowdray has acquired an opened hotels all over the world, with respect taken for each location’s culture and individual character. While he nearly doubled his hotel ownership in a relatively short amount of time, Cowdray pays special attention to ensure his brand doesn’t grow too fast.

Personal Life and Education
Christopher Cowdray is from Zimbabwe. After receiving a degree in hotel management in Zimbabwe, he attended Columbia University for hotel management in New York City and graduated from the Business Executive program. His management dossier includes hotels in nearly every continent, including Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe. He has also managed hotels in the Middle East and the United Kingdom. He has over 30 years in the hotel business and has managed hotels, like the prestigious Claridge’s in London.

Dorchester Collection
Cowdray is most well-known for the work he has done as the general manager at The Dorchester Collection. In 2007, he was named the CEO of the company. Hotels Cowdray has acquired for The Dorchester Collection include Hotel Bel-Air, Le Richemond, Coworth Park, Hotel Eden and the New York Palace Hotel. Cowdray was tasked with maintaining the culture of the country or region each hotel is located in. In a few, short years, Cowdray had taken five, independently owned hotels, and transformed them into one, succinct brand that still maintained the individual character of each location.

Each hotel has a high standard of service, without sacrificing authenticity. None of the hotels have the same interior design. The abience of every hotel is very important to Cowdray. It’s not just the structures that receive this kind of care, either. The hotel’s guests are the most important piece of the puzzle; guest feedback plays an important role in the day-to-day workings of the hotels. They also have a 90 percent employee satisfaction rate. If the employees are happy, the guests are happy too.

Awards and Accolades
Christopher Cowdray has earned the most prestigious award in the hotel industry, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the European Hospitality Awards.
Phin Foster, Editor of Hotel Management International, said of the decision to give the award to Cowdray, “Christopher embodies so many of the qualities we want to celebrate at the European Hospitality Awards – ambition, innovation, imagination and individuality. It is a real pleasure to commend him for a lifetime of achievement.”

Kylie Jenner Won’t Be Seen On Tyga’s Reality Show

Tyga has been a hot topic for months, after embarking on what seems like a secret relationship with 17-year old Kylie Jenner. The two have been seen out and about on private dates, shopping sprees and Tyga even rearranged his birthday party arrangements to make sure Kylie was able to attend the venue without any age issues.

Over the holidays Kylie and Tyga attended charity events and even fed the homeless on thanksgiving. While they still insist they are just friends nobody is buying it for a second. While remaining discreet, Kylie and Tyga still can’t manage to stay out of the gossip blogs, and now it looks like Tyga felt it was time to get his very own reality show gig.

Apparently Tyga has signed on with MTV for a reality show and has already filmed an episode with his main man Chris Brown. The show is basically going to follow Tyga as he blows money, partying and hanging out with socialites and and his friends like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez. Of course everyone is hoping that Tyga’s show will give us a much desired glimpse into his love life with Kylie and his ex fiance Blac Chyna, however Tyga insists that his love life will not be featured and neither will Kylie and Chyna. Considering the consuming amount of time Kylie and Tyga seem to already spend together, it’s hard to imagine Kylie never being seen on the show, but time will tell. The show is expected to air in the spring and of course everyone will be watching.

Bruce Levenson Grew To NBA Ownership

When Bruce Levenson was finishing law school, he started UCG with his friend Ed Peskowitz. The two ran a company that started out with a newsletter that offered information and news from the oil industry. In those days, there was not a free flow of information across any industry. However, Levenson was able to create a company that grew to run informational databases for the all manner of oil services.

That company was so large that he was able to team with a group of investors to purchase the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Thrashers and Philip Arena from Ted Turner’s Turner Broadcasting. The Turner empire had owned all these entities for years, and it was selling off these teams just before selling off the Braves to Liberty Media.

When Levenson purchased a portion of the Hawks, he did not know that he would one day represent the group on the NBA Board of Governors. The NBA Board of Governors manages all major affairs for the league, and Bruce has represented the ownership group there for many years. He has helped approve the sale of other teams, and he has been able to help other owners manage their own businesses for the good of the league.

The Atlanta Thrashers were sold to a business group in Winnipeg to recreate the Winnipeg Jets, and the Atlanta Hawks are currently on sale to the highest bidder. Bruce Levenson created a team that was so sought after that there are many people vying for control of the team. He has grown the fan experience at Philips Arena to include wonderful things for kids and adults. Also, he was able to hire Mike Budenholzer away from the San Antonio Spurs to run the team. He created this beautiful basketball environment in Atlanta that he will now rightly profit from.

MVP Award Winning Actress Jessica Chastain on Diversity

After the MVP award was given to Jessica Chastain this past week she thanked the audience and since it was Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday she decided to honor him by giving a speech to the audience on the importance of diversity in Hollywood. After the Oscar nominations were released this week many people were surprised and overwhelmed by the all white list of nominees. The list was also mainly male and has led some critics to question the validity of the voters choosing the nominees. The backlash based on this list has created some heated debates concerning misogyny and race relations in Hollywood. Some of the main points she reflected upon in the speech was focused upon treating everyone equally and accepting people for their common traits rather than differences. She said that it is important for everyone involved in the industry to stand together against racism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice. She also persuaded the audience to speak out about differences and inequalities and to avoid hiding behind silence. Many members of the audience were very impressed by her remarks including Oprah and other advocates of equality. Chastain also received many encouraging tweets after delivering the speech including one that suggested she run for president. The speech was very well received and it showed the amount of progress still needed in the film industry in terms of increasing and embracing diversity. North American Spine goes over diversity on their facebook.com.

The Red Carpet #AskHerMore Campaign is Years in the Making

The recent #askhermore Twitter campaign is calling for interviwers to ask women more than simply “what are you wearing?” Perhaps so engrained in the red carpet scene that it’s gone unnoticed, is the vast difference in the type of questions asked to men and women on the red carpet. This past week’s Golden Globe Awards finally brought that issue to light. It seems that while men are being asked to talk about projects they’ve worked on, projects they would like to work on, or the state of the industry, but according to Qnet female celebrities are simply being asked who designed the gown they are wearing or how long it took a stylist to fix their hair. The Golden Globe Awards even let it go so far as to allow E! to ask women to place their hands in a super high-definition camera box so that viewers at home could inspect their fresh manicure via “mani cam.” Sounds a little degrading, right? The #askhermore campaign is calling for reporters to ask the same well-thought questions to female celebrities that they consistently ask of male celebrities. It’s all about equality.

Chris Brown’s Probation Revoked Again

Chris Brown is always in the headlines, usually, not for a good reason. Recently, Chris Brown performed at a nightclub in San Jose, where an incident occurred, but that’s not the reason for the revocation of his probation. Chris Brown Probation. His probation has been revoked, because he went out of Los Angeles County, which was against his probation stipulations. Chris had traveled to San Jose, in order to attend a birthday show, and it was outside of the area that he was permitted to be in.

Not only did Chris Brown violate his probation, it’s possible that he may face jail time again, pending further investigations. Although Chris Brown did face a hearing, he was released, and is to return to court on March 20, 2015, in order to have another hearing about the case. If it’s found that Chris Brown deliberately violated his probation, he’ll be arrested, and may have to face a significant amount of jail time.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Chris Brown violated his probation and had it revoked. It was revoked once before, because he failed to follow the rules of a treatment program that he was in. Chris ended up spending several months in jail, because of his last probation revocation, which caused problems in his current relationship. The star also has 200 hours of community service left, which is the result of the domestic abuse case that Rihanna levied against him in 2009. Dr. Jennifer Walden and I are sad that we can’t listen to his music while he is incarcerated.