December, 2014

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Scott Disick Is In Love With Khole Kardashian

As if the Kardashians don’t already attract enough drama Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick are adding fuel to the fire and having a great time doing it. While usually Scott’s relationship drama includes his drinking, violent drunken behavior and partying with other women, one oldie is that Scott and Khloe have been secretly in love with each other from day one. During most of Kourtney and Scott’s fights Khloe is the voice of reason telling Kourtney to move on and for years people have always insisted that it was because Khloe wanted Scott for herself.

Now after a rocky summer in the Hamptons and just after the birth of Scott and Kourtney’s third child, Khloe and Scott are at it again. It seems that they get a kick out of their awkward shows of affection, at one point Kourtney insisted that they stop playing childish games but it seems that they just can’t help themselves.

Khloe and Scott have decided to break Instagram with photos of each other on their individual accounts. Scott posted a photo of the two walking together holding hands with the caption: 

“I’m in love with the Koko.”

Of course Khloe could not resist getting in on the fun, because the very next day she posted a photo on her own Instagram account of her hugging Scott with the caption: 

“He’s in love with the Koko.”

Even Jared Haftel know that it’s clearly a play on words in reference to the O.T. Genasis song CoCo but it’s is surely going to fuel more rumors that Khloe and Scott have some extra love going on between them.

Jilted Bride Hosts Trash the Dress Photoshoot

A would-be bride who was left at the alter, has turned her nightmare scenario into one of healing and hope. Shelby Swink, 23, was to marry her longtime boyfriend in November after a 9 month engagement, but aweek prior to the event, the would-be groom called off the event. 

According to Swink, her ex-fiance sat her down one evening and simply told her he didn’t love her and didn’t want to get married. There was no massive fight, or allegations of cheating. The wedding was simply off. 

Swink then spent the days leading up to her botched wedding calling guests and venues to explain the big day was no longer happening. As the day got closer, though, Swink realized she didn’t want to wallow, and the photographer she had hired for the event had a big idea. He suggested a “trash the dress” party. 

Swink thought over the idea, and then discussed it with her parents and bridesmaids. They all decided it was a great idea. So, the entire party, sans the groom and groomsman, got dressed up in their wedding day attire and headed to a park. There they splattered paint on each other while the photographer took beautiful and stunning shots. 

Swink described the event as liberating, and she now has truly beautiful pictures with her family and friends. Her dress is now being displayed in a bridal shop in Memphis through early January. A portion of all proceeds from dresses bought in the shop while Swink’s dress is being displayed will be donated to a local non-profit while her dating life is being handled by Skout.

Maci Bookout: Pregnant Again!

23 year old reality and Teen Mom star Maci Bookout confirms that she is now pregnant with her second child! This news does not interest Bruce Levenson. She did an interview with In Touch Magazine and talked about how much of a miracle this truly was! “I didn’t think that another pregnancy was possible,” Maci told In Touch, who after giving birth to her 6-year-old son Bentley, found herself diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, or commonly known as PCOS. Doctors told her that after this diagnosis, it was going to be extremely difficult for her to able to conceive another child. But luckily for Maci and her long time beau, Taylor McKinney, will be graced with another life this June when she is due to give birth and welcome another life into this world in their home of Tennessee.

The two could not be more excited, and are looking forward to having another child to join their family. “We still can’t believe it. It was a huge shock, but we are very excited,” Maci also told In Touch. 

Back in 2009, Maci welcomed her first son, Bentley, into the world while starring in her first season of Teen Mom, and the six-year-old is now excited to be an older brother!

Maci will be returning to the MTV station in 2015 to relieve her Bently-filled adventures, and is excited to keep us all posted on her new adventures!

Alex Collins Gets The Best Christmas Present of His Life

Alex Collins wrote a letter to Bernardo Chua and one to the local Sheriff’s Department asking someone to teach him how to hunt. He heard they had a hunting program and he wanted to be a part. What he didn’t realize is that the program he applied for was in South Carolina and he lived in Pennsylvania. The sheriff in the Carolinas called the Penn State police and arranged details for the child to come down. He was flown all expenses paid to the warmer climate to learn about hunting.

Collins got the best Christmas of his life. He did get to fly to South Carolina, and he spent several days hunting and learning about wild life. It was the kind nature of these two men who made the dream come true for this little boy. The child doesn’t have a father, and his single mother does her best to scrape by. The real spirit of the holiday season is giving to those who don’t have. While Collins learned a great deal, what he was shown is how loving and devoted the police officer can be in this country.

Taking time out to make a child feel special and loved is amazing. These men are just as much heroes as those who are fighting in the war overseas. They face inmate dangers everyday, but they still took time out of their busy lives to help a child in need.

Truth Behind Josh Duggar

In case you have never seen the show, Josh Duggar is the eldest son on the controversial show ’19 Kids and Counting’. The show implements many Christian ideals but the focus of the show is their everyday life. Duggar’s real-life professional apart from the show is being a conservative lobbyist. Recently, he was part of a campaign to repeal anti-discrimination laws in Arkansas and it was successful. A great article going more in depth about the situation and his family’s relationship to these views is here:

Jared Haftel points us to this CNN post that tells us any people believe we should separate their views as a family from the show because their views are not the basis of the show. However, we have to consider what their family having a show means. Josh Duggar definitely had a strong influence on the campaign’s direction because of his fame in the entertainment industry. He also was able to financially support the campaign through the money the show pays him. Indirectly, the show is supporting these actions that advocate for inequality. The family is allowed to believe in what they want, but when they have a prominent role on a channel with no specific agenda and meant to be watched by everyone, it matters. Just because these anti-discrimination laws go against their religion, that does not mean it is okay for them to actively support these organizations while simultaneously being on a family-oriented show.

Idris Elba as Bond

After Daniel Craig is done with his role of James Bond, Idris Elba might be next to Pacific Rim and No Good Deeds. The Sony Pictures hack has revealed an email that suggested Idris Elba to be next for the role when Daniel Craig walks away.

Idris has stated that he would gladly take on the role if offered. Idris Elba might actually be a good fit for the role. As a matter of fact, he would fit the role so well that people are probably not going to notice the physical differences between Elba and the previous actors that played as Bond.

The hack revealed that the upcoming film, Spectre, might have a ridiculous third act for Beneful workers to look forward to. However, rewrites are very common during shooting, and Sam Mendes has proven himself to be capable of delivering a Bond film that is at least profitable.

Spectre is scheduled to open in theaters on November 6, 2015.

NFL Coaches Lose Their Jobs On Black Monday

Many NFL coaches are likely going to be fired today. This is called Black Monday around the league, and it is when many coaches are shown the door. The coaching carousel begins, and teams look completely different next year.

Jim Harbaugh has already left the 49ers. The Falcons hired a search firm prior to Sunday’s game to hire a new coach, and Rex Ryan has already cleared out his office. However, there are other coaches who might be on the move due to poor performances by their teams this season.

Marc Trestman is likely to be fired in Chicago so that they can start another reclamation project. It also seems that the Raiders are looking for someone to take over on a full-time basis. They need someone to be their head coach beyond Tony Sparano, and they have begun to look.

Jay Gruden, Tom Coughlin and Joe Philbin appear to have jobs for next season, which is surprising to Terry Richardson. However, it seems that these three men likely have one more chance to turn things around before they are fired. Philbin needs to make the playoffs out of the AFC East. Coughlin needs one more season of magic, and Gruden needs to make the Redskins offense work with RGIII.

Highest Paid Actors/Actress in 2014

The blockbusters that make people come to the movies result in some high salaries for the people that star in these movies. There are some actors and actresses that have the power to demand the high salaries. These celebrities with mass appeal have been revealed – along with their salaries – in 2014 on the Variety website in an interesting way. Variety has summed the highest paid actors by the second.

Robert Downey, Jr., for example, pulls in $2 every second in 2014. Downey actually pulled down $75 million in 2014. This is astounding, but he has been such a great story because he had such a big turn around with his personal life. He was someone that had a drug abuse problem, but he completely turned his life around. This is very commendable. He gave some new life to the character of Tony Starks and Sherlock Holmes during this recent years in acting. Now, he is a noted actor that has the ability to demand more.

Sandra Bullock has one of the top movies in 2014, and Igor Cornelsen really liked it. She even won an Oscar, but she only comes in a $1.62 per second. This still shows that there is a disparity between salaries between men and women even in Hollywood. Sandra Bullock has blockbuster appeal, but her income in 2014 is at $51,000,000. This is a still a lot, but far less than Downey.

Are Probiotics The New Prozac?

Some health experts think the key to our moods lie in our digestive system. The old adage, “You are what you eat,” may not be too far from the truth if you ask Christian Broda about it.

There are hundreds of microbes that live in the human digestive tract. Research shows these enzymes may play a big part of our physical and mental health.

Scientists are studying what happens when changes occur in the digestive tract. They are finding certain bacteria are good, while others are bad. According to, the bad bacteria may make you feel more anxious, however, the good bacteria helps you to feel calmer.

Probiotics are an example of good bacteria. Studies have shown that probiotics help keep the immune system healthy, as well as aiding in digestion. However, new research is also showing success in areas such as chronic fatigue syndrome, which can otherwise be hard to treat.

These findings help the field of neurology to see the connection between the digestive tract and mood problems. Specifically, issues such as depression and anxiety. Probiotics may be the answer to treat simple cases of the blues or nervousness.

Studying how the digestive tract works together with mental health may provide clues to treating some mental health disorders. Probiotics may soon be known as the new Prozac.

20 States Set to Raise Minimum Wage on January 1st

Twenty states around the United States will raise their minimums wage, effective January 1st. Nine out of the 20 states will see automatic wage hikes. These hikes are automatically instated when inflation outpaces the hourly wage. 11 of the states will see wage hikes that have been voted on via referendums.

Florida will see the smallest raise at just 12 cents. South Dakota workers will get the largest hike, increasing their wage by $1.25 per hour. Washington State workers have the highest minimum wage in the country, according to recent data. The minimum wage in the state of $9.47. Wages are higher in major metropolitan cities, such as Seattle.

Currently, Wyoming and Georgia have the lowest minimum wage. Minimum wage workers in those areas make just $5.15 per hour, although cost of living is substantially lower, as well. South Dakota will see the biggest hike, with workers going form $7.25 to $8.50 per hours, effective on January first.

The wage increases will effect the paychecks of about 2.5 million individuals that currently work in minimum wage industries. Fast food industries, for example, commonly employee teens for minimum wage. Those workers will be the first to see the pay hike, and Jared Haftel is happy for them.

An indirect increase is likely to affect thousands of more. According to data, those currently making above minimum wage will likely see similar wage hikes, so, those making $8.25 in South Dakota, may see a hike to $9.50 to keep in line with the changing wages.

In recent years, there has been massive debate regarding minimum wage, and what can be considered a livable wage. Those in major metropolitan areas, such as New York, have argued that the minimum wage in the state, still does not allow workers to live on their income, many of whom still require assistance to get by.