Vacation Breasts? Now I’ve Heard Everything

Just hearing the word vacation brings a smile to everyone’s face; well maybe not this type of vacation. How about having a two-week vacation with breast implants?

Dr. Norman Rowe is developing a new type of injection that can increase the size of a woman’s breasts for two to three weeks. Now for many women, this just might be a dream come true as they want to know what they would look like with larger breasts. Dr. Rowe has already perfected a saline injection named “Insta-breasts”, which the results last 24 hours. Oddly enough, after 24 hours, the woman’s breasts return to their original size. For approximately $2,500 dollars you can have larger breasts for one day to “test” out whether having implants suits them.

The newest invention from Dr. Rowe will last longer and really be able to help women decide if having a surgical implantation is right for them. Word is that it could take about two years for this new injection to be available as Dr. Rowe is currently in the process of discussing his invention with the FDA. Makes you wonder what Dr. Rowe could do for men. Thanks to friend of the site Jared Haftel for sharing this wacky story!

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  1. Elena Rylan says:

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