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NexBank Features


– Online bill pay

Direct deposit

– Free checks

– IRA accounts

– Mortgage accounts

– Commercial accounts

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NexBank allows you to check your account from anywhere, at any time. You have the option of easily transferring money in between accounts to better manage your account. You can also get your complete financial information with a few clicks of any key on your device. You can easily become a customer and speak to a friendly representative 24/7, with your questions or concerns. You immediately have access to your money upon registration with NexBank.

Doug Levitt Walks With Us Through The Greyhound Diaries

Don’t we all love traveling, watching the beautiful scenery and meeting new people? We all do or at least most of us do. Traveling for most of us is a something we enjoy doing when we are on vacations and holidays which means we don’t struggle financing the travels. However, there are other travelers who move from one place to another, not for luxury but as a necessity. They travel from one country to another in search of jobs, some running away from their corrupt governments and so many other reasons in a series called The Greyhound Diaries, Doug Levitt takes us through the journey of travelers who travel out of necessity.



Levitt America’s songwriter began his 100,000 mile journey to investigate and try to comprehend the challenges that travelers face on their way through the public means. He talked and interacted with the travelers in the Greyhound bus and recorded their stories and messages. He also took pictures of them as they shared their stories which would then be used in the Greyhound Diaries.



His spirit and love for traveling and learning diversity began when he graduated with a master’s degree in international relations from the London School of Economics. After which, he worked as a foreign correspondent. He has worked in Africa in countries such Rwanda, he also worked in Iran and Bosnia. He later quit being a foreign correspondent and began his writing and song writing career in the states.



The Greyhound Diaries has been a great success. It now has a one man show and has a web series together with writings. It gives the people a chance to understand the struggles that other people go through. The experience is also humbling and reminds the public to always be grateful and not to take things for granted. He shares his work and performs at the Kennedy Center, University of Southern California and other places. He has also been a guest speaker on CNN and Reuters where he has spoken about his experiences on the road with people. The Greyhound Diaries continue to touch and change people’s perception on traveling.

Eric Pulier Helps Innovators Change The World

There are quit a few innovators around the world who have come into contact with Eric Pulier, and he is helping them learn how to change the world. He knows that he is capable of doing quite a lot, and he knows he may ask the right questions when he is on the X Prize committee. This article explains how Eric Pulier helps all those he meets when he is on the committee.


#1: What Does The Committee Do?


The X Prize committee has quite a few people on it who are attempting to find the next big discovery. The technology that will take people into outer space will help change the world. Eric asks questions of those coming before the committee often, and they want to know what is means to use their inventions for good.


#2: Eric Helps Kids


Eric has a record for helping kids, and he knows how to help the kids with technology that makes their education better. Kids who are trying to learn must ensure they are using the best tools, and Eric created tools for kids in schools using the People Doing Things name. He helped many children who were looking for a way to graduate, and he brought in as many tools as were necessary to help the kids.


#3: Quizzing The Entrants


Every entrant in the X Prize competition is welcome to hear from the committee, and they will take suggestions that help them improve what they are working on. The improvements that are made to the entries must be made with the good of the world in mind. The world improves when Eric is doing his good, and he believes the committee may push forward the next big piece of technology. He knows that a company or entrant who is learning from the committee will become quite powerful.


His own business is in enterprise technology, and he wishes to show as many people as possible how to make the world better. Everyone who is attempting to do fine work must think before they approach the committee as they may be a lovely discovery.

Who Benefits From The Lending Services Offered By Equities First Holdings Company And How?

Equities First Holdings is an international company that offers a variety of lending solutions for individuals as well as businesses. The company has a high net worth but who benefits from their operations and how?

Usually, borrowers who require urgent capital or individuals with a high net worth are the ideal candidates for the company. Other borrowers who do not qualify for the credit based loans also rely on the services they offer or benefit from working with Equities First Holdings. This is entirely possible because the company offers a wide variety of lending services such as equities lending. Many have the option of borrowing from commercial banks and other investment facilities, but the rules and procedures involved in securing a loan is a great challenge. Equities First Holdings come in here to help those who are challenged getting capital from elsewhere.

Businesses along with individuals can also benefit from Equities First by applying for a stock loan. In this case, Equities First will use equities as collateral for a given period, usually within three years. If an individual owns some stock in a company and is optimistic of their appreciation in few years, Equities First will accept them as collateral as well. One only needs to transfer the shares to the lending company and then receive their loan proceeds. This is why one needs to consider working with Equities First Holdings as long as one owns some shares somewhere.

Business expansion is a dream of every business owner and sometimes lack of capital can be a big challenge. Working with Equities First could be the long due solution for the expansion, payment of a high debt as well as fulfilling a personal need. Actually, for any capital flexibility, one can rely on Equities First Holdings because they aim at resolving any financial struggle. You only need to contact them and start enjoying the benefits that come from working with Equities First Holdings.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) has been offering their clients alternative financing solutions since 2002. They give capital to individuals and businesses as they receive publicly traded stocks from them with the aim of assisting them to meet their goals. So far they have managed to conclude over 650 transactions valued over $1.4 billion in giving their customers loans at a low fixed interest rate. The company has offices in different countries including London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

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EOS, The Green Queen of Lip Balm

Walking down the aisles of any store can be like walking through a mine field for anyone trying to make ecologically sound choices. It’s sad to say that it is now 2017 and it is still a challenge to find products that are responsible and effective.

Thankfully, EOS lip balm is there for us. Not only is the lip balm all natural and USDA certified organic, it tastes good too. Earth friendly products are often dismissed for not working as well as their chemical counterparts, we’ve all heard the naysayers compare hippie food to cardboard. That being said, there is nothing about EOS lip balm that is not absolutely delicious. If you are uncertain, I would recommend trying any one of their many flavors.

Vanilla Mint and Strawberry Sorbet are great places to start. If your lips need a little extra attention, Well, try the medicated tangerine that uses a citrus flare to offer additional healing in a natural way.

As if you need any more reason to love these Evolution of Smooth balms, EOS has a strict cruelty free policy so you can use your balm day after day knowing that you aren’t contributing to a culture of cruelty. EOS is the guilt free pleasure you and your lips will love.

For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page and website at

How A Business Lawyer Can Help You

When business misunderstandings or disputes occur between an organization and an individual or between two business entities, getting a resolution without resorting to litigation will always be a better choice for everyone involved. Where litigation ust cannot be avoided, a competent business litigation lawyer should be consulted in order to protect your rights and your organization’s business interests.

Lawyers help their clients run a successful business by protecting them from situations that might later lead to disputes and legal problems. A good, high-quality lawyer or law firm can help business people and professionals who are currently dealing with a legal matter and those who want to avoid legal trouble in the future.

To begin your search for a lawyer, use Internet resources like lawyers directories or legal associations. The local bar association is also a good resource for finding a lawyer. Some people find lawyer through recommendations from friends, family or colleagues.

Once you have obtained a list of potential lawyers in Brazil, the nest step is to to your research and a background check of any lawyer you are considering. Finding a good lawyer shouldn’t be a daunting task if you follow these steps. For a powerful lawyer in Brazil, consider getting in touch with Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a business litigation lawyer in Brazilian.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has a great reputation in the field and is a top rated lawyer. He specializes in business and corporate litigation and is one of the best in the industry. Peers and clients respect him because of his caring attitude and dedication to rendering top notch representation. Ricardo Tosto listens closely to determine the best approach to handling his clients’ legal problems. Mr Ricardo Tosto has successfully defended numerous cases for clients.

Ricardo Tosto has been practicing for many years and has represented clients from a wide variety of industries. Some of his clients include entrepreneurs, business owners, mid-sized businesses, corporations, multinational companies, politicians, high profile individuals, among others. He has wide-ranging analytical skills and is well versed in helping new and emerging businesses grow their enterprises.

Venturing Back Into Political Sphere George Soros Supports Dems in Election

This year’s election has been one of the most contentious and well-funded campaigns seen in recent American history. Both candidate’s ability to draw huge support from fundraising contributed to a race which was close to the very end. Though this year the Democrats found George Soros willing to re-enter into the political world after his disappointment in the previous administration’s lack of motivation in pursuing liberal policy changes.

Soros has contributed nearly $25 million dollars, almost as much as his 2004 contributions in efforts to prevent Bush taking from taking office again in 2004.

What could spur the 85-year-old billionaire to become so active in the political fundraising again?

Sources name Soros’ faith in a Clinton administration and fear over what a Trump presidency could bring as the driving factors behind his donations.

In addition to providing contributions directly to Clinton and Super PACs supporting her, the billionaire has donated to organizations involved in the fight against discriminatory voting practices and efforts to mobilize the vote in underrepresented communities.

George Soros Invests in America’s Judicial System Reform
With regards to George Soros’ donation made to democrats to support their push for the presidency it may be easy to overlook his work with local district attorney candidates across the country. An amount of $3 million seems small when compared to the $25 million contributed to the presidential campaign but the contributions made to six state’s campaigns aims to have a larger impact as a whole.

In supporting district candidates that have promised to reshape the judicial system, George Soros is providing much-needed funds to efforts to reduce racial disparity as well as pushes for treatment for instead of jail time for some offenders.

George Soros’ efforts in the smaller political arena may lead to longer lasting change than those made in the presidential election but with George Soros back in the political sphere it will interesting to see how future races play out.

Eric Pulier Uses Technology Wisely

Technology can be very beneficial to people who know how to use it. It was very beneficial to Eric Pulier. He has used it to help with health, education, and other aspects of life. For instance, in the earlier days of internet, he has built a few websites that could help children connect with one another. One website he has built, Starbright World, connects children who suffer from chronic illnesses. There are other activities that Eric is involved in that involves solving different problems. Eric Pulier is one very successful person that works well with those who are less fortunate.

Having disadvantages can be very tough. Therefore, it is a nice thing for someone to take the time to find a solution that could help those that are less fortunate. Even if it is a platform for people to meet together. Often times, the one thing that people need the most is for someone to listen to them. This could give the person the encouragement to move forward with his life. Eric Pulier thinks a lot about the simple things that could mean so much to people who are faced with certain challenges in their lives.

Eric Pulier himself has taken on many challenges for people. He is an entrepreneur that has built quite a few businesses. He has created the Presidential Technology Exhibition. Then he was involved in the health care and technology that Al Gore owned when he was Vice President. He has also been involved in the Clinton Global Initiative.

Eric Pulier has not only been successful, but he has always worked towards a meaningful. Every career choice he made was with the interests of people in mind. Everything he does is meant to sole some kind of problem for people. His passion for solving problems has led him to sit on the innovation board of the X-Prize Foundation.

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Waiakea Water

Bottled water may not be well-liked, but it is one of the most popular drinks among consumers. This is where Ryan Eammons saw his big opportunity. A big hole in the market was waiting to be filled by a company that has a trifecta of socially conscious components. He nailed all three. Ryan created a sustainable product with unique health benefits as well as environmentally friendly packaging that gives back to communities in need.

Plenty of people in the industry are taking Eammons seriously. His waiakea water company has grown 4000 percent since he founded it in 2012. He was 22 years old at the time. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

The yearly growth rate was 170 percent. The company went from 2,304 cases to 122,400 cases sold annually. This was over the course of three and a half years. This success came as the result of local distributors and accounts signing on quickly, followed by bigger, national-scale players, such as Whole Foods.

According to Organic Authority, since its launch in 2012, Waiakea Water announced a 5,000 percent growth. The premium bottled water brand has added its product to nearly 2,000 stores in 30 U.S. states. It was founded on a triple bottom line platform, which focused on sustainability, health, and charitable initiatives. The company is launching a new manufacturing facility in Hawaii in order to meet growing international demand.

Part of Waiakea’s mission is to encourage consumers to “drink ethically”. They are in partnership with Pump Aid and donate 650 liters of clean water for every liter sold. The charitable contributions are only one-third of the Waiakea’s success. In addition to this, they tout a naturally alkaline, mineral-rich, electrolyte-packed product. This product is sustainably sourced from one of the purest places on the planet. It is packaged entirely from recycled (rPET) bottles.

As mentioned earlier, Waiakea spring water has seen an annual growth of 170 percent. The company is now valued at over $10 million. This premium bottled water is currently available in premier chains around the country. This includes Wawa and Whole Foods. It is also beginning to expand internationally.

About Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea water is filtered through thousands of feet of porous volcanic rock. It originated as rain and snowmelt on the Big Island’s Mauna Loa volcano and produces the most delicious alkaline and electrolyte-rich natural waters in the world.

Reliable Business Litigation In Brazil

If you are considering hiring the services of a business or corporate litigation lawyer in Brazil, it’s imperative that you get in touch with Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Mr Ricardo Tosto has a great reputation in the legal field and comes highly recommended.

There are reliable resources available to help you find an attorney that fits your needs. One of the most reliable ways to find an attorney is through word of mouth and recommendations. Recommendations from friends, family and colleagues are an awesome way to find quality legal advisor or law firm. You can also check with professionals like your accountant or physician to find out if they can recommend a good lawyer or law firm in Brazil.

The nature of your legal situation will determine the type of lawyer you will want to look for. Most lawyers focus their practice in a few legal specializations such as personal injury law, criminal law, employment law, family law, bankruptcy or civil litigation. For that reason, it is essential to select a lawyer with proficiency and experience in the practice area for which you require his or her services.

As a competent litigator, Ricardo Tosto has a good understanding of many of the business dynamics and other issues that can trigger an increased risk of litigation. He works with clients to assess business decisions, review contracts, determine appropriate legal structures, review customer, vendor, joint-venture and financial agreements, and delve into a broad range of other legal and business issues, all with an aim toward proactively detecting and preventing circumstances that may trigger future disputes.

Ricardo Tosto has represented clients in disputes involving, breach of fiduciary duty, general employment matters, including breach of contract, discrimination claims, contracts, fraud, partnerships, consumer fraud, restrictive covenants trade secrets, unfair competition, business dissolution, professional licensing, real estate, shareholder disputes, probate and trusts and product liability defense.

As a trial attorney and skilled negotiator, Ricardo Tosto focuses on the efficient prevention, management and resolution of disputes for individuals, businesses and organizations. Ricardo Tosto’s primary objective is to help clients identify their goals, and to advise them on devising business and personal solutions to achieve those goals.